Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday dream

am thinking of this.. selling my own stuff in my digo's restaurant. my digo is going to have his own restaurant selling some Chinese and Vietnamese foods ^^ so, I he is ok, I can sell muffins, cookies and even handmade sewing stuff. don't know how digo think about this.. don't want to crack my head now, coz now I have no time on sewing projects @_@ 3 homework on hand. can't wait for laogong to be back so 2 of us can share the burden of taking care the family.

morning breakfast for angels. the easy and relaxing pose. I like to see sisters showing their love and care when bonding together. beautiful scene :)

last night I was helping to take care this guy..

1 sec smiling :D

1 sec crying @_@

me and mama non stop passing the baby to each other.. he was non stop asking for milk!

hehehe.. we having fun by dressing the baby :p if you do remember, this is the cloth set royee wore on my wedding ceremony :) from royee to yujet, and now baby song song :D

see generations..

tomorrow morning eva will have he reading competition at the kinder. thinking, shall i bring along back to banting to attend the ceremony? how about their weekend classes? tomorrow is royee's music class concert too! hmmm early morning already having headache..

happy Friday!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday night..

where should I start? in fact, my brain is blank now @_@ just rushing to clear the document on my desk till final minute, then off the laptop, lock the cabinet, gone to the toilet, then walking fast to the train station. just got the seat phew~

whole day on job, don't call sis and laogong too hmm..

now I work in meeting room. this is the entrance. nice office interior design but once I got in the war room, you feel stressed when see those project managers working. they work day and night. salute them.

hmmm well, what's next.. oh, this is the 1st pic of my mama's iPad. I test the iPad last night when I activate the pad in my digo's house. hehe digo is a bit shy. wanted to get baby song song to be the model, but he was drinking milk.

when I stepped in digo's house, I heard digo was talking to baby ^^

digo sing 'twinkle twinkle little star too' :) ersao was cleaning the house. I like to see this scene. lovely family :)

well talking about the new toy of my papa and mama..

last night after work, I went to the customer service centre to get the multi-sim card

1 sim card for the iPad, mu phone sim card needed to change too.

spent time in my digo house to activate the pad, then 1st application I installed was - Facebook ^^

mama is in Facebook ^^

chatting with her son. my gogo la :D well, it was nearly 12am. so settled with my mama, only I went to take bath. came out from the bathroom, again, facebooking tutorial with my papa and mama.

1am, my mama knocked my room door with her iPad on hand 'why I can't find your photo album?' then I told her, she needed to check the Facebook photo album and not iPad photo album. ya, of course, iPad photo only the 1 with my digo half naked pose :p just now at noon, my mama called me when I was going to have my lunch 'where is the iPad charger?' :p hehhe luckily there is no baby to take care, if not, wonder my mama can handle iPad and baby well at 1 time kekeke :D

a tiring day week. can't wait for tomorrow. maid is leaving in next sunday. so this weekend I will bring her go shopping, buy whatever she wants, and I will deduct her salary hahahaha :D plan to have a farewell party with her. oooohhh haven't print her photos hmmm.. tired weekend I guess.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

where did I come from?

very simple and yet informative sex education for children ^^


Wednesday lo~

good morning!

well, how shall I start my today post?

hmmm many photos and stories to share..

but, don't know where to start..

heheh let's start with this la! early morning I see this chubby song song aaaa!! he is heavy, guess 6-7kg now. digo said, must be DNA issue :p limited time to play with him, started warm up then I need to leave the house to work le. today breakfast is a cup of fresh soya milk ^^ papa served it to me :D then a sardin bum, mama bought it and reminded me to eat. to express my thanks.. I help them charge their new iPad :p

ya, gogo got mama a new iPad :D

3 of us went to the shop, and less than 30min, we spent rm2k.. see, earn salary needs for 1 month, to spend money ... just a second thought @_@

see, acting bro and sis. shake hand somemore :p

my gogo was happy all the way :)

I like this! happy from the heart.

gogo bought iPad and the casing. am supporting the monthly network data fee. this morning digo said he wanted to sponsor the iPad screen protector :D sis said she would share more pic and stories in her Facebook and blog :D

I love my family. i love the siblings love. I love my papa and mama love us.

to show out love to our parents are very easy, just loving yourself will do ^^

Monday, June 25, 2012

hectic Monday

how I feel when I seen this in the morning start? @_@ Ai.. just hoping my sis can listen to me, bed rest herself at bkt31 ground floor, don't walk here walk there and get everything stable. another month to go till baby delivery - pls be a good mummy ok?

just got call from the kinder, today Eva needs to stay back for Chinese words reading competition. her Chinese is ok, now I start to focus on her English reading. bought few interesting story books lately ^^

games like this is helpful too. but mummy needs to sit with them for spelling guide if they know how read the word but don't know the spelling.

for royee, the games reward is - 1 word rm1, the max is 10. no hint and clue given. and he got it 10, I reserved a rm10 popular bookstore voucher for him. since he knows more words, next time I should reduce it, rm1 per word gonna killing myself :p but then, this is just for a day deal or sor of bonus, coz I don't like to use 'money or reward challenge' to ask my children do thing.

just realised, i haven't posted this blog in the morning. now is 22:37 am doing face masks my face is dry. reached home around 9:30pm and angels sleeping.

today is the 1st day, after many years of working on the about the same job scope, I stepped out from my comfort zone to do something different. this temporary attachment to a project team allows me to see the behind the scene job. how the project managers sitting together to come out solutions for problems. interesting. besides, I got the chance to call up the real customers - so I am my 'company' :)

9am to 6pm I am with the project team, 6-8pm I do my own job scope. ya, am tired. but the challenge-myself excitement is there :)