Friday, February 29, 2008


happy birthday to u~~~ may all your dreams come true, may our family plan and future plans all running smoothly towards victory!! ^_^

on leave today, teeth broken :( staying with royee for day n nite. been coughing for 4 days, pity him, bcoz of the raining days, his asthma has tortured him :( wearing him the sweater n socks for the whole day. 1st time he skipped his class. hope he gets well soon.

happy to see the bao. he loves bao much. we shared the red bean paste bao :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

saturday nite

what a surprise to see your parents n brother n angels came to banting. very touched lo, coz your parents purposely came from sg buloh to visit me. not that serious when they saw me, coz i injured more internally. angels non stop crying didnt want to carry by others except your parents lo. then royee buat hal lo, only wanted me to carry him. so non stop can hear children crying in the room :(
eva with lots of bite marks on arm :(

they non stop crying, want your mama only

royee just woke up, blur blur look

shonejay angels

go back time, my mum sent your mama n angels back to the car. then my mum said in the car, angels crying wanted me pula. haiya these 2 gals. when i was around they didnt want me, when the time wanna left, then only crying for mama. i miss them much lo. really hope everyday can stay with them. again, thanks a lot your parents to visit me n really sayang me lo :)

waiting for papa

these are the photos taken by the web cam on friday nite. when we were waiting for u to get online. as u can see, my lip was swelling.

we miss u very much :~


on leave today, as your parents gone to taiping for your auntie's funeral. we woke up early, coz want to rush for sjmc dr foo morning session. angels' bodies a bit warm, so i let them play water in the pool to bring down the temperature. they were so enjoying the water and the balls in the pool. non stop kakakaka especially angel. now angel makes a lot of sounds. so cute~ i have taken video shot on this, next time show it to u lo.

eva is kakaka

cute cute angel n her hair :p
we reached sjmc at 11am, then we parked our car quite far. we didnt use the stroller, so we let both of angels walking by their own. non stop they all kakaka, very excited. in dr clinic, they didnt cry during injection time. as i told u, eva needs to further monitor on her left eye for another 1 year. hope everything will be fine n no eye treatment is needed for her.

after sjmc, we went to subang parade for our brunch. soooo hungry oo. angels were tired n sleeping when we makan. hehe so both of my sis n i can enjoy the meal. i spent on this meal, coz my sis took leave just to teman me in sg buloh. and really thank her help lo or else i also donno how to manage both of ange n eva. so agressive nowadays la both of them.

after makan, we went to hsl electrical necessity shop. we went to survey lcd tv for our new house. many choices la. then my sis also spotted sony digital camera, and planned to buy one soon. after jalan jalan in the shop, we went to parkson. on the way to parkson, we saw lion dance. 21.02.08 is chap goh meh. angel was exciting looking at the lion dance while eva was sleeping. i took some video clips on lion dance for royee. the lions were in red.

after subang parade, then we went back home. we sleep early that nite. happy with angels. they grow up liao. more interaction with them. and i found out that, they loves books. they were fighting for books in the car :p

Saturday, February 23, 2008

hard knock!

the world largest pewter beer glass

welcome drink with pewter mug

given the flat pewter plate

print our name

from flat plate to final creation of bowl~

royee with apron. so cute. he cleaned his own bowl

our certificates

early dinner at kl sentral chicken rice shop. royee finished the rice!

in the train back home. he didnt want ppl to hold his royal selangor pewter goodie bag!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


am so tired rite now. woke up at 6am, rushed to leave banting at 6:30am. stucked in the traffic jams from kemuning to hicom to batu tiga. no legal parking lot at batu tiga station around 8am. parked the car at the shop lot, worried my car to get stolen :( waited for 8:19am train. no seat during the journey, standing with tired legs and sleepy eyes. reached kl sentral station at 8:57am. very long queue to tap myself out from the station. the touch n go machine got spoiled one. reached the office 9:10am. far from my planned time: 8am. very tired on travelling to work. wasting time.
happy chatting with u last nite. happy to see your face thru web cam. can chat freely as u were with me. i dont bring my laptop with me, so for tonite n tomorrow, am not going to online internet. since i am on leave tomorrow, plan to bring angels for immune injection if they are feeling well. dont want to waste my leave just like that. really want to thank my sis to take leave n teman me to jaga angels. so i dont need to get afraid of sleeping alone at nite in sg buloh.

lots of work to clear by today. pen off here. i miss u dearly. i love u.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Dear sorry not sending you any surprise but just arrange the dinner.
Later have a movie want or not.
Very sorry for that. I love You.
Bonjji Thea..

as long as u love me n our children, no sorry is needed for not sending roses.. sweetie..

happy love love day~

thanks for last nite dinner at bukit bintang, n tonite surprise :) i love to stay with u, every single moment when we r together. u r leaving to jakarta soon, ya, 2 months, i keep reminding myself for not imaging what i gonna do and what' gonna happen in the coming 2 months when u r not around. i will try my best to take care children nicely, your parents, your family, my family, our household issues... i will try to upload as much chilren photos for u as possible, i will share all the stories happen around me thru phone calls, sms, blogs, emails.. i will miss u dearly.. i will feel lonely :~
for this valentine's day, I LOVE U!