Thursday, August 30, 2012

3008 holiday eve


am alone concurred the whole coach ^0^ in the train going to the office, before that will I will have lunch with my officemate :D

before everything, I would like to thank laogong for all the housework done lately. my body is tired, the schedule is tight up, the an hour standing everyday in the pack train is torturing my back :( so once I got in my room, I just don't feel to do anything except sleep and sleep.

me yawning all day long even I take the brown sugar nescafe. above pic is baby shyuan yawning in my cradle :)

yesterday me! in purple.. the playsuit seems big too me. or, I have shrink down? ^0^ so I use colleague's purple shawl to cover my bra top :p

my lunch yesterday. homecook by my own :)

tomorrow is merdeka day. I have got plan what to do with my bbb. we will go for learning @outing. hope it gonna be fun to bbb. but, I havent prepared anything @_@ today is month end closing, wonder if I have time for the outin preparation during lunch time. no other plan for the long holiday, except laogong ask me to settle some housework >_<

got this from Facebook.. yoga light exercise for the day

when you wake up..

do this for face water retention.. I do something like this forum the morning, but it is mean for rolling my large intestine.

slow breath taking when you reading emails..

before presentation.. to ease the body tense..

when you are sleepy.. I always do this.. :p

after the meeting..

when your wrist is not feeling ok..

doing photocopy.. I dont do this but I do the legs stretching and steps walking :)

when watching tv.. I seldom watch tv, I do this when I free talk to my children or listen to their sharing..

before sleeping. I do this in the morning. for bed time, I do abdominal exercise. ya I know, this is not convincing, my belly is so big.. if you have chance to touch my inner abdomen muscle, you can feel the strength. of course, I don't allow you to touch kekekke..

in life, go for what is really needed and important, and don't let those not so important things to confuse you and burden you.

happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2908 Wednesday

For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people. Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.
(1 Peter 2:15, 16 ESV)

good morning ^^ when I got in the train, I nap. 30 min. I wake up, my head was on someone's shoulder ^0^ good man who sitting beside me, coz he lend his shoulder to me, force too heheheh :p

wake up at 5+am, I cook fish bah kut teh with mushroom too. pack myself and royee lunch box to eat in the office and the school.

last night I brought royee for pizza as dinner.. happily he enjoyed the cheese and soft drink. we took 1/4 glass of the drink only.

then we went to supermarket for grocery.

the habit of love sharing from the kinder till now, royee always ask for some foods to share with his friends :) yesterday he bought Oreo cookies.

decided to change the school for royee as we prefer the time table for the school that Angels got in. all morning session and co-curriculum scheduled on weekday. I asked royee how many good friends he gonna miss, he said one - very good friend. since we don't know he gonna be in the same class with the good friend, and he can get new friends in the new school, so devil mummy persuade him for a school exchange >.< don't know good or bad, but what I can see is, we gonna have quality morning session if mummy sends babies to the school every morning :)

we took the above pic for my girls . miss them much..

must be busy preparing a practicing for year end concert. happy story is, this Friday is a national public holiday, so we can all stay together in longer weekend :)

time flies.. my girls going to be standard one. in year 2008, when I moved to bkt31, and this of year 2012 a transition year for angels and royee to be in 2 different locations, I got headache all the time. how to handle? good or bad affect to the children mental development? how are my parents feeling? how to stay 2 different locations and cope with the separation of children and parents?.... and now, we left 3 months to cope with all these.. then we gonna stay together day and night :D

'I hope morning wake up call is not by the alarm clock, but DREAM' ^^

happy Wednesday and today I am in playsuit :p

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2808 Tuesday

'take the journey.. fall in love.. and experience the titanic.. like never before..'

the trailer of the 3D titanic playing in the train. to fall in love we need a journey, build a relationship from zero, the time taken, the effort and passion putting in, make the love relationship stronger and long lasting. only time can tell the true love is..

am in wet. quite heavy rain this morning and I don't use umbrella. wearing white blouse, sweet orange colour skirt, and flowery sweet sling bag. you can see my bra after the rain coz the blouse is light and thin ^0^

last night after dinner, I guide royee to finish his homework and 2 activity books for final exam preparation. at the same time, I build bonding with baby shyuan :p

cute girl.

she smile she play by her own if the poo poo is out..

if not she non stop bising this and that :(

mummy and baby. the best thing in maternity leave is, you do nothing but bonding with your baby, and you still get paid from the company. the 2nd month is the sweetness begins :D

after fullmoon you can move around more easily, baby has gained weight, more easier to take care.. so everyday, enjoy the precious moments ^^

well, confinement rule is only followed by someone for only 1 month. after 1 month, no more long pant and sweater. you don't see socks and patient look anymore :p

once laogong reached home 'have you done your homework? go and practise your piano song' father is so practical. for me, the 1st thing I always ask my children is 'hey baby~ how are you today? good girl / boy ma? have you taken your meal?' then allow children to hug to smell to manja me.. this is more human being talk ^0^

papa teacher guiding royee boy in piano playing. sweet lullaby they playing :) after practicing, royee and i lying on the bed and i read the kids magazine for him with all sorts of high and low cartoon voice. royee non stop laughing, we were having great story telling time :D then laogong went and do housework.

..then started complaining me on this and that.. everything seems not right :( I don't bother continue lying on the bed.. royee non stop asking me to sleep first 'you sleep 1st then only I sleep' he was so sleepy look.. I guess he is worried mummy will leave the house coz papa scolding much.. hmmm bad nursing way in my house, coz laogong always talk seriously.

thought of completing my sewing purse after royee sleeping, but look at laogong was on fire, I switch off the light and pretending sleep, let laogong complete everything :p now the house is clean and tidy. laogong iron me a blouse too ^0^ I am do thankful to have a laogong who does housework, good training from mother in law. for the mumbling, I can just ignored :p

many ppl are not happy because they have lots of unneeded things and lacking of needed things.

happy Tuesday! cup cakes from my boss to all of us yesterday.. I given mine to the cleaner kakak ^^

Monday, August 27, 2012

good Monday ^^

good morning Monday :D am in the train be like a sandwich, squeeze in between 2 ppl in a 3 seated bench. so now am blogging with strong perfume aroma on my left and another don't know what smell at my right :p

my latest children pic ^0^

suddenly got extra one without pregnancy hehehe. btw, see my angel's panty? ^0^

from the pic, you would like royee likes baby the most, then angel, then Eva..

Eva not really bother about babies.. hmm wonder when she grows up she would have her baby or not >_<

anyway, just hoping my little man can be a good father and husband to his future family. I always lecture him to be a responsible and caring man.


well, last night when I wanted to leave my mama's house, Eva was moody. she wanted me to stay. now I am stuck in the middle, one of the reason for my to stay in bkt31, I want to do housework and be with royee. then at the same time, helping my sis to take care her baby so she can rest. but I know my girls can really feel I have neglected them :(

angel can now smiling and looking at me when I am sleeping. how she miss me this weekend mummy hmmm...

have the plan of doing revision with royee from September. so he is more ready for the October final exam. been neglected his study.. besides, I want to clear all the activity books that I bought for him. to me, I don't really bother about my children academy result, but my limit is - not the last few classes. I want them to be middle or middle up. this is to show, they absorb at least half of the total knowledge that teacher sharing.

these 2 new mothers have shared their feeling - not easy to be a mummy aaaa.. ya true, once you become a mummy or guardian then you feel your life is a total change. you gonna be more alert and sensitive all about your children. milk price increase, milk powder is not safe, the price of the new theme park tickets, when is the school holiday... not only looking at our own children, we directly or indirectly tend to see what other ppl children doing and having to do a benchmarking to our children benefits..

jia you lo.. long ways to go. am everyday learning to be a better mum. always plan to have more activities to do with my bbb. but plan is plan, ad-hoc schedule always disturb my initial plan..

keeping faith everyday :)

happy Monday. a brand new week ahead!
below are something I wanted to do with my children.. but don't know when >_< day before angel again asking about their 2nd sewing project with mummy teacher :(