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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Love love facial ^_^

Yesterday received call from Banting herbaline, asked if I wanted to go for facial at 7pm+ this is because last month I did ask them if they open late week before cny, coz from kl to Banting, earliest for me to reach Banting is 7pm+ the gal told me their last appointment is 5:30pm

So since they purposely stay back for me, I got laogong to go with me for facial, at least ppl can got business for 2 n pay overtime to the beauticians :p another point is, bring laogong together, then laogong can pay for me hehehe

About 9:25pm we left herbaline, 1st time yo for me n laogong do facial together ^_^ I feel happy for this 'date' but wondering laogong got feel anything or not :p maybe he just concerned about the payment kekeke

Nice color cny deco in the saloon
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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

1st leave of the year

Took leave to bring bbb to the kinder, at 1st my plan was half day on Monday, then another half day leave on Tuesday. Since bbb were having no prob in their 1st class, then I spent my leave for the 1st day.

When children were back, then I took afternoon nap with them, mummy slept 1st :p think to do something benefitial on this precious leave, then decided to go for facial to replace my this Sunday appointment at klang. Asked laogong to search Banting Herbaline for last appointment which was 5.30pm.

Went there before the time, beauticians were busy. So I spent more than 20min for fish spa after my 5min foot spa. 1st time I found total relaxed in doing fish spa. Maybe the environment is quiet, cooling, soft background music, n I was alone. Playing with the fish too! How nice, if our house has pool n pond that bring total relaxing.. Maintenance would be headache la :p

I supposed to have more pic on the saloon interior design, very simple n nice, well plan on the space using but i have accidently deleted them when i was deleting the pic that royee snapped :S Compare to bukit tinggi branch, which is more spacious, more facial rooms, comfortable but u would feel it more commercialised with many of staff n customers come one after another. Banting saloon let me feel home sweet home. I feel warm in my heart, or maybe, less customers in the evening, I feel more relaxed. The beautician is sort of caring type. She asked me to go back in 3 days time to handle my yet-exploded big pimples 'we won't charge u, u come for the service only' as she expected, the pimple got exploded this morning! The 3rd day hmmm pro is pro :)

My recommendation to Herbaline, the cost is competitive, the service is good, n the body massage is nice too! Maybe there r difference between branches, but the ID n concept r similar. Can try :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

herbaline beauty house - body massage

went to the body massage at herbaline beauty house, bukit tinggi branch. we been there few times for the facial, this is the 1st time for us to try the 1.5 hours aromatherapy full body massage. currently the beauty house is having promotion, 2 pax = rm118. normal price is rm118 for each. so we went to the massage room after our foot spa (with sea salt + warm water) and fish spa.

in the room, sis syiok sendiri :p

love the room, having natural sunlight n look natural :)

after the massage.. battery recharged! ^_^

flu started coz of the rain n i got cold :(
so i was a bit busy with the tissues n my nose while enjoying the thai therapist massage

the essential oil n the paper panties..

the bed sheet

sis n her muka baru bangun :p
recommend friends to go ooo~~

u will enjoy the treatments there.. :D

Friday, July 17, 2009

treatments at Tanamera Wellness Spa

been wanting to do hair treatment after my bali trip. my hair dropping problem getting serious, so i was looking for scalp treatment. friday lunch time went to check at sooka sentral, the gal told me after doing the scalp treatment, my hair would look oily, so better do it after work. so i went there at 6:30pm.. after having tea session with head of department - sempena to celebrate achivement of staff who got spot award :D very happy eating la me.. hehee.. surprises coming along with this small but meaningful award :D so to thanks myself for so called 'good work' :p lagi dont feel guilty to spend money in the spa house ^_^

nice~ waiting for my herbal tea

the oils n powder.. 1st time, i heart to coconut oil :p

the room for facial - ya, i taken facial work as well :p

the cabinet
maxis employees entitle for 20% discount, so i pay rm144 for both facial work n hair work. ok or not? not bad la.. relax in peaceful environment, the ID is quite nice, i like it. i may go for the hair work in the future :) for facial, i would much prefer to go for deep cleansing treatment :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

guardian face masks

gone to guardian at kl sentral this morning, i got these colorful packaging face masks. nice color :D dont know which to choose, i i bought 5 of them, try 1st then see which one feels the best. in fact, different colors for different purposes.
red wine - promotes skin elasticity
lavender - helps to relax n soothe skin
chamomile - for delicate skin
pomegranate - intensive hydration
green tea - helps to whiten skin

rm5.90 each

instruction : 3 masks a week

Friday, May 01, 2009

拔罐cupping therapy+火龙

click >>> here for my sis ba-guan's story

mei did ask me about ba-guan, it is painful? let me share some pic of the ba-guan process. according to the massage shifu, she told us ba-guan can help us to suck the air, the wet, the heat, the dirty blood (detox) so our muscles feel relaxed n light. to me, i did it twice, i feel lega after doing ba-guan. not 1 or 2 days after doing it, but after continuous 1-2 or 3 time (1 week once), then my muscles feel ok. my problems are at shoulder, back, waist line, n knee back. always feeling pain or stressed. so this ba guan helps.

warm the glass cup with fire

this is my left knee back. after removing the cup, u can feel there is some water released (the air from the body release n meet the warm temperature in the cup) cooling..

on my back. btw, doing this ba-guan after acupuncture point massage

ba guan. did it in feb 09

talking about hu0 long (fire dragon), the picture below was my 2nd time. 1st time i did it at my back, this time, it is more on my lower abdomen n private part. the massage shifu said there is air in my womb. so when she pressed my womb, i can really feel the pong pong pong sound. i think this is bcoz i was having ceasaren twice for my bbb delivery. n of course, i am super modern stuborn mumy, didnt follow all the pantang during my confinement month, as what the shifu said, 'wondering why u dont love youself, now u need to suffer doing treatment' :(
if there is the air inside the part, so when the fire is on, u wont feel the heat. slowly feel warm when the air emit out slowly after few times or minutes of burning. shifu covered me with few layers of wet towel after applying some of the chinese traditional medic, then pour some alcohol, then put on the fire. so when u feeling the heat, u inform the shifu, she would put off the fire with another wet towel. then, she did massage to u. mostly pressing n rubbing so the medic can absorb to your body. u can really feel the heat go inside your skin inner levels. then the same process starts again until the result reaches shifu's expectation. this therapy is about 45-1 hour. before doing this, 20 min massage to warm up your body.

huo long. did it last week

Thursday, April 09, 2009

night exercise

well, as I told my sis, this time, i am really putting effort in losing my weight. Cannot be lazy anymore since angels are going to be 3 years old, then I cannot always tell ppl, ‘ya, just after delivery of my twins’ this excuse, ppl wont entertain anymore, n I also feel embarrassed to tell la :p so what I want to do now, try to do some exercise n I am more prefer to detox my body toxin compare to stop eating those yummy food. I would go for more vege n fruits, fresh vege probably. Actually all these years I am not fancy much about oily food, sweet dessert.. so am still ok la.

Talking about exercise, after I got my sis exercise plan, I choose to do some of the exercise before I sleep. Started from Monday I been doing leg up n down 2 sides x 50 times. then sit up la, cross legs la, cycling la.. so last night, when I was doing those exercise on bed, royee looked at me ‘mummy, why your leg up n down up n down?’ ‘come la baby, we do it together, u follow mummy’ then royee followed, after few times, ‘mummy, I already stopped, u also stop la’ ‘ we need to count until number 50’ then he also counted for me ‘1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 789587..’ his counting, made me kelam kabut :p

Then I start some abdomen exercise, then the boy started to buat hal. He put his baby barney on my belly, then cover by my shirt. ‘mummy, u gonna deliver baby~’ so when I started to count 123 he was jumping up n down next to me. when I counted 40+, then I need to make those sound like I was having contraction n baby gonna came out, then doctor royee came, ‘5 already?’ ‘...50!’ ‘wawawawawawawa:~~~~ see, got a baby barney!’ @_@ honestly, I was tired because of those exercise, this side 50 times, that part 50 times, n need to counted it loudly for this boy to learn numbers. Then final one, I did cross legs. ‘mummy, now u have 2 babies har’ royee put 1 doggie n 1 baby barney on my belly. Then he continued his jumping, I continue counting n exercising n then, delivered non identical twins! @_@ this time, I betul feel tired n sleepy already. ‘mummy, one more one more, I bring my barney papa come already’ ‘don’t want la, mummy is tired la, want to sleep already’ ‘then tomorrow we wawawawa again har’ thanks for this cute boy.
Last night, he slept with grandma ‘mummy, tonight I sleep with wai po, wai po is alone, midnight only I come here n sleep with u’ ya, he might be tired, he slept from night till the morning :p