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Monday, December 14, 2009

royee - papa's helper ^_^

sis n i wanted to go out shopping :p then this royee boy non stop wanted to follow us. so i asked him to help laogong washing the car, 1st experience for royee, so he was so excited. changed the cloths then started the 'man work'.. then me n my sis, go gai gai shopping at aeon bkt tinggi :p

look at the smiling face :D

reaching high~


boy boy n papa

Saturday, October 10, 2009

bbb into coloring now..

angel's drawing - mama n papa
she said, mama is slimmer, and papa's hairstyle all stand one :p

bbb doing coloring, guided by ah yi

1st time for royee, put 'heart' in his coloring :D

angel seems loving black and yellow colors~

from royee boy! i like the RED

laminate the pic and paste them on the fridge
but bbb non stop went and removed them..

so i stick the pic on the boy's room..
royee brought grandpa n grandma to visit the pic.. he was happy about that :D

Monday, September 07, 2009

messy fun~

swimming pool or messy fun? bbb chose COLOURS! lesson learnt from previous messy session, this time, let them wear only the cutie panties :p children n kakak felt funny with this half naked look, coz bb always in their appropriate suits one. sleeping time with pjs, swimming at home also wearing swimming suits.. whoever not wearing cloths, the other siblings would say 'shame shame' :p kakak non stop 'hahhaha.. tak pakai baju'

warming up..


so the happy~


from fingers painting to hands print


shone jay

he is on diet now, dr commented royee was slightly overweight

angel. like this :)

eva. ya, another bb slightly overweight..

hohoho started buat hal

cute eva :p

tummies pun ada

roinn. royee. robei.

back pun ada

no final painting done. coz the paper gone to the dustbin

time for mama to wash the body painting

not easy. sis asking 'mie, is this your so-called education?' :p

as long as children are happy, a little mess am still ok with it. only some times and waters are needed :p from this session, children got to know eyes would be not comfortable if kena soap. angel few times tested this out, by rubbing her eyes with her soapy hands. then wawawawa :~~ good explosure. no harm, but good memory n experience.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

edu corner

children grown up. they play together and create many things out from their imagination n creativity ^_^ mummy is not that tired compare to last time :)

wall charts, bought from the book fest

5 wall charts for rm10. good deal!

gal gal were playing puzzles..

got surprise on this. royee built it..

would like to thank my papa n mama for helping me taking care bbb and helping in homeschooling. mama teaches bbb good manners, speech, singing, body parts n much more! and last nite, i got surprise when i saw each bbb carried the small pail with the clips. n my mum was shouting '1.. 2... 3 start!' then bbb busy with he clips, then mama said 'STOP!' then bbb brought their pail to mama n mama counted '1, 2, 3... 9! eva has 9 clips! yeah, come, lets clap hands for eva!' then gal gal happly smiling :D appreciated it ^_^ such a blessing to have my parents to love n take care my bbb :)
they made it a hat ^^

royee and eva


^_^ happy to see them grow up

aiyo, cant get them to sit still.. non stop hahaha hohoho :S

bbb happy, mummy happy :*

Monday, July 13, 2009

bbb n my iphone

most of the applications in my iphones, have been downloading for bbb. educational games, stories, coloring books, flash cards n lots more.. all for bbb. no wonder ppl says 2 years old bb can play with iphone much better than an adult :p now royee can remember shapes quite well, and some music instruments + transportation. angels play more often on animals sounds and simple spelling eg cat, ship, bird, wagon. i tell bedtime stories with iphone too! so less headache to think of ideas to attract children attention. downloaded few bible stories for children, so almost every night, i tell noah's ark story :p
maybe, i can consider to buy wii then.. hehehe :p

Saturday, July 11, 2009

have fun with dough

now only i know, not easy to make a smooth dough. bbb were so active n noisy in the morning, i cant get a good sleep early in the morning. so i told them i make them dough then they can do something from it. so bbb were waiting for the plain dough. i thot, as long as i added in enough water n flour then it would get done. TIDAK! no no no.. i tried n tried, it was sitcky, n not smooth n light as i thot. then.. 'ma~~~' me asking help for my mummy.. :( mama said, aiya, u need to pull it with your palm to give some warm temp n need to let the dough rest for a while.. then i standing there n see only.. royee started 'mummy, why na me jiu de' ya ya ya.. mummy tak pandai ma :(
after 10min rest, the dough got smooth n not sticky :D wahhh so the amazing one! :p then mama said 'u can do mee hun kueh next time...' ya hor, mee hun kueh sounds so simple, but i didnt know how to make the plain dough.. :p so i gave the dough to bbb.. n they started playing with it, n i took my breakfast :D

got surprised when eva showed me the hand gelang :o so the creative!

royee with his watch n ring


eva.. so the dirty her mouth coz of the lidi :p

Friday, June 05, 2009

slide show - bangun pagi

a bit silly, but bbb like it. i printed them 2 slides in a page, front n back, in black n white. they non stop singing the song with actions, then do coloring. i describe to them each of the pages for better understanding and with nicer storyline. u may print it at half page, and make it a booklet.
leave your email add, if u want the powerpoint file :D