Thursday, November 29, 2012

2911 dropping by..

21:34 in the train..

tired and sleepy..

tomorrow will be the 1st class to see coin purse with my officemate, hope everyone finds the fun from the handmade ^^

preparation for tomorrow class :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

26112012 Monday

been waiting for today coz today is salary day! this month I have spent quite much on my handmade stuff. foresee to spend more in dec as we gonna have year end sale everywhere!

let me share my last weekend.. the purple flowers are from my partner ^^

Friday after work, we have a farewell makan makan in the office. farewell for the no.10 lady :D organiser is the one in purple.

a simple food gathering but we have joy in it. I like this gathering, have fun chat with the team too. I am not very closed with all of them, but together chatting in big group, gossiping together, karaoke with YouTube :p

harmony gathering with 2 big pieces of roti telur I took ><

reached bkt31 at 12am+

..and my mama asked me out for supper! crazily gained fat in the midnight. have a nice chat with mama, we talked about men bad words hahahaha :D

from small I like to share stories with my mum. stories about me, about my school and office, about other people. hope this habit continues till my mum old age ^^ and hope my gals can do this to me too!

my mama and bbb. for 7 years my parents taking care my bbb day and night, meals time, kinder transporter, day care and night care.. very soon we will move to our own house, for sure, everyone gonna miss the time staying with grandpama :~

last Saturday sis and I went to summit usj. don't know for what reason, but my sis said she just wanted to go out.

1st station is for dinner time! baby shyuan is quite obedient :)

my sis is doing what I have done for my children :)

sometime. when I look at my sis 1 family, all those past days memories flashing in my mind :)

stroller, bottles, milk powder, diapers, wet tissues.. to all the new mummies, gambatte!! you may feel tired or frustration for your sacrifice now, when time goes by, you would smile and miss at what your are doing it now :)

after meal time, we started to walk around. been wanting to visit the craft store and finally I can make it.

bought this yarn dye fabric from the store, for my online sewing class year end lucky draw sponsorship.

we went in this bookstore too. I bought 15 English children story books!

they have a big range of books.. but bcoz of the shop is closing soon, so I can't take my time to browse through and look for books I want to.

will pay a visit next time.. the bookstore is having year end sales!

sunday morning we went to eat chicken rice with my mama then we went to the church. when children were having their Sunday school classes, I went to supermarket to buy then lunch.

burger, wedges, apple juice for bbb ^^

ini baby dah besar sikit :)

after 3pm, I started my handmade stuff..

making this purse as well as preparing the material kits for my colleagues. as we all want to sew purse together in the office free time. preparing all the kits till nearly 12am. then laogong came back from his 3 days team building. hug hug kiss kiss then we went back to my mama house.. tiring..

my sis is busy too! she came out with all these cutie clay stuff, hopefully one day we can sell our handmade stuff :p

days are busy in the office and at home. with dreams in the plan, with the new year coming, I am thankful with what I am having now :) simple but yet heart touching moment everyday ^^

blog completed on 27112012 am

Friday, November 23, 2012

23112012 Green Friday

there are lots of Malaysian are in green lately and this weekend, gonna be at the peak!

appealing for a more peaceful, clean and transparent country to allow people in the country to be heard, to allow our next generation have what they suppose to be gifted from the Mother Nature. the people voices can be small, but the roaring from the hearts are strong and firm!

last night I couldn't sleep. bcoz of the cup of Nescafé for my lunch, and bcoz of the thinking of, women happiness. so many roles holding by a woman, not all the roles you are satisfy with who you are or good at it. but no matter how, as a woman, put yourself as priority. since the happiness is not solely can come from your man, then just searching happiness from other sources.

find for your happiness and enjoy your life to the fullest! :)


Monday, November 19, 2012

19112012 rainy day

good morning :) supposed to be an easy morning, woke up in the rainy day, wear myself in purple pink, driving with lovely evergreen songs playing.. reached the train station, my ticket got problem, gone to the counter, the officer investigated the prob in the '1min left', and the train coming... so I got myself running to the gate, got down the staircases... hmm what a day start @_@

ya.. life is full of surprises, you won't know what's gonna happened in the next sec. I am trying to live my life to the fullest, except my weight lose program, don't know when it shows result as I don't put in the real effort >_<

seen this in Facebook. so inspiring and encouraging. according to the wording here, the before and after pic taken after 3 times usage of the product . wow.. I have many of the lines like the pic shown, especially after I delivered my twins hmmm..

today we will have departmental deepavali celebration. supposed to wear in deepavali mood, when I put on my Indian style tunic blouse, hmmm, my big belly part a bit tight :( angel said 'hmmm how you going to sit for the whole day?'

I have children who always comment about my wearing, my hair long or short.. laogong doesn't say much, just that day looking at me sleeping, with 'lovely cute' voice tone 'aiyo.. sleeping like a pig look' @_@

just be yourself. laogong said he wanted this from me, when I asked him 'how to make you happy with me' :)


happy Monday!

Friday, November 16, 2012

16112012 Friday

good morning aaa!!!

today I go to work with this..

bcoz of this..

the burns on Monday >_<

got fixed by the doctor..

Ai.. accident and unexpected things happen and stop you from moving forward, it is good somehow to let you pause and think. life stone wakes you up.

my new Facebook cover and profile. at last, my Facebook belongs to me :p always put my family and bbb. lately, always think of ME time, time for myself, time for things I want, activity I can do for myself.. now in my plan, I want to buy a treadmill, so I can get myself sweat at home.

take a nap before I get back to work after 6 days offday.

happy Friday!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

08112012 ^^

hehe.. today is 08, not 09th as I mentioned this morning :p

20:35 am in the train. my shirt is having the not very ok smell from the restaurant. was hungry. was feeling cool coz of raining day..

so I ordered this curry laksa ^^ feeling warm now :)

in the office, boss said boss's boss wanted me to join in a project team to do some system stuff. I told my boss, am having many in my hands, just worried if too many I am holding, later on the whole ship sinks - my existing business as usual work and the project stuff. I would prefer to focus in one, especially now is year end, there are many things need to be completed by 31/12/2012 and no turning back allowed.

before my boss inform her boss about our final decision, just now my boss's boss pass by my workstation - so, later on if you do the system you will know more.... "no, we are not agree to take the project.." this is not you all agree or not, you need to do it, coz it is good for you.

hmmm.. am a bit down. I thank for the opportunity, but I am not a robot. I feel guilty when children are sleeping when I reach home. I feel not energetic for housework or outing with laogong and bbb during my rest day. I am willing to try and learn new things at not so peak season. hmmm..

it's alright. I will do to my level best for the big project or small daily task that assigned to me. flowers blossom after winter chill :)

deepavali is coming. the festival of light brings HOPE and cookies!!! :D

today is 09112012?

not so sure today's date, but I know today is Thursday. angels kinder having children day celebration ^^ suddenly think of, ya, tomorrow will be last day for angels to be in the kinder, after this, we may not be able to always visit the kinder and the teachers. I feel down. thinking of doing something for tomorrow. but no idea as of now..

yesterday I had happy good news in the morning that made me shedding tears of happiness. I thank Lord for this :) I learnt new skill in the office too. I am glad about this. I experienced how my online class teacher working procedure too, I am thankful for all the opportunities ^^

nothing much these days, my angels are devils lately, always make me gone mad :~ I talk loud to them with serious tone, the next day, I got sore throat >_< I would wonder, how all the teachers in the school to stand with all those monkey alike children? would they lose their voice after class? not easy aaaa.. especially when children are at the age of - killing parents with their bombastic words @_@

as usual, working like an octopus in the office. day in day out. so, I decided to take a short break before workload tsunami is coming. I will be on leave next week - Saturday to Thursday ^0^ the plan is.. bring angel to see eyes specialist, buy school uniforms for bbb, setting up the study rooms and children wardrobe.

this is something happening in my online sewing class. I like this design much! especially the blue sky look :) ya, thinking of sponsor 1 Christmas gift for this event. lets more gifts to cheer ppl up in welcoming the new year with hope and love ^^

tata. reaching station. today I am late because of my 2 girls >_< I don't know how to handle them in next year - to reach the school by 7am!!