Tuesday, April 30, 2013

end April 2012

good morning :)

hope I can have time for all these creative breakfast set designs. i believe nice and warm breakfast is always brighten up one's morning :)


always sing this song, always get sentimental with this lyrics. it tells about, really hoping there is a companion during loneliness, no matter how busy the days are, together taking breakfast. this is a simple thought, just hope for a companion no matter how tomorrow turns to be.

morning argument with laogong, on heart catching small daily stuff. was sad, crying in the car. what a weak start for this busy day :< 2-ways communications are the essential ingredient to strengthen ppl relationship. if we don't share or ask about how other ppl doing, then we have no right to jump into conclusion and judge the situation. still learning to balance up the expectation towards partner in daily life interaction, as needs of love for everyone is not at the same level. nearly 10 years marriage, long way to go! keeping faith for every better tomorrow.

today is the due date for month end closing and project claim. gonna be very busy. good. brain and heart can rest for a while, no time to be moody. will go to cyberjaya in the afternoon. then starts the labour day public holiday ^^

happy Tuesday!

Friday, April 26, 2013

2604 dialogue









Tuesday, April 23, 2013

23042013 Tuesday

good morning!!

colourful stones = my workload
the white flower = me!

ya how to stand still and beautiful even thought there are so many works that needed to complete by you alone? I take it easy.. slow and steady. don't want to make myself on stress. anyhow, company won't close down because of me, but my children are definitely need me most!

lately, put much time on the household and to have quality togetherness moment with children and laogong. hopefully children grow up happily and laogong would love me more :D

many things to share but most of my family activities photos are in the camera, guess what? I can't find the camera usb cable :( so nothing much can do but got lots of fun in Facebook!

see this in many places lately..

cute one is in Facebook daily. ya, these few days I always on Facebook to enjoy laughing on our general election stories. some are really funny! :p a way of releasing stress too when you LOL :D however, I better dont talk about who shall I vote or I support which party with laogong, later sure I will sleep with anger or frustration @_@

tata! share more stories with you next time! want to start working, 2 team members are on holidays, so work harder lo!

ps1: breakfast for bbb ^^

ps2: breakfast for my beloved sis!

hahhahaha :D
happy 'blackie' Tuesday!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

17042013 Wednesday

good morning to you! ^^ had a bad dream last night - I found out royee being punished in the school, no recess time for him because his performance was too bad. so he told me he was hungry. I went to complained to the class teacher, she ignored me and teasing royee boy in the class. I went to see higher management and they teasing me and ignored me... so sad and angry.. then I heard 'you raise me up! so higher in a mountain..' ya, my alarm rang. wake up, a morning prayer in sadness :(

when I was ironing children uniforms, I told royee about my dream. because it was so real so I worried it happened in real life. he smiled 'mummy, all students have their recess time, only some are early some are late' do you eat? 'yes, I eat very fast and play with my friends' :)

guess, I am very stressed in taking care children, in building good characters of them, in fulfilling the expectation of my children' father and teachers. in very early morning, I have lost spirit..

laogong is at home and going outstation this morning. lately we argue frequently on his and my expectation towards children and family household stuff. I asked for a stop, don't like to have the disturbed feeling, especially when parents are not close enough, children might get the negative impact. one friend told me I got a very good 'gentle spirit', keep it up so I can handle my family well and one day, ppl especially my laogong can see my effort towards family. keeping faith :)

true. guess I have been knocked down, coz I am in super happiness stage with all I am having. God always find way to remind us, to be more better to have what He planned for us :)

today. as usual. prepare breakfast for bbb.

sandwich of hazelnut chocolate + cheddar cheese and vitamin C candy. royee commented the sandwich tasted like fedora rocher chocolate. you may give it a try :)

finally I have came out the time table for weekday. of course there are special request and condition allow to not fully the time table. but basically this is the main guide. they need to sleep by 9.15pm.

1st night, they asked for excuse, coz want to watch 'adult movie'. in my house, when bbb mention about adult's movie, you don't need to get panic - though of they are watching 'those' censored adultery movie :p the rule of me is, they can only watch those rated age <13 movie or best still, those children tv channels. permission is needed if you watch adult movie which talk about love, violence, spiritual and religion topics.. coz they need adult to explain to them if they have mistaken the message.

there is a quote mentioning, if parents don't control and monitor what program children are watching, then you don't complain your children misbehave or having belief system or mindset your children having. of course, I can't control them in every minute, so you can see girls like to see kissing and loving couples scene and boy likes the non-stop-bullets flying scene. when mummy comes, very fast they switch the channel to children Cartoon Network @_@

btw, if you noticed my living hall furniture arrangement, we have changed the tv cabinet and sofa from this position (look at the poster as guide)..

.. to this. reason for being so in one fine good morning - I want to ease my daily sweeping and mopping effort. I don't need to get myself blocked by sofa and the wall corner when I doing housework. besides, the hall looks bigger now with the new arrangement ^^ more spaces to walk around. good for baby shyuan to learn walking and running later on :p

tata! wanna take a 5min break before I reach the station and starts my tight schedule in the office. millions ringgit claim submission due this month end, so everyday bosses push, we rush >_<

trying to make this lately. fail to do so as of know, my bum is too heavy I guess :p

happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013



frankly I am quite down and directionless at the moment, thanks to this note from mother Teresa :) heart comforted. I should remind myself, what I am doing now is between me and God. so accept all the challenges and waiting for the bigger surprise that prepared by Him :)

today I tell my colleague I am happy everyday. every night sleep with no big regret. ya, I shall continue to be like this, don't need to get down because of life stone. pick up the challenge and let myself go through the obstacles, gain the experience and grow wisdom ^^

good night . 23:53.
Tuesday 16.04.2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

15042013 Monday

today I want to be happy! ^^

to set new time table for my family.

to set private time for myself.

to set new rules in the house.

to smile and laugh from the heart everyday.

to be a good mother.

give thanks everyday

happy Monday and happy new beginning !

Friday, April 12, 2013

12-13 April

counting down...

to the new state of..

34 years old happiness :P

thanks Mei Mei for the surprise birthday counting down ^0^ talking about wish list, hmm just let it be like this - I gonna accept all the good and not so good coming along ^^ what I really want is what money can't buy. so, continue to grow wisdom and patience to work for what I want to have in life :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

you and me ^^

Taking a trip down memory lane
Things have changed, one thing remains
That they will always have each other

And even though those days have gone
They know here is where they belong
There's some kinda magic in the air

Feel the warmth
That only summer breezes can bring
Sweet little notes of spring begin
Nothing to fear

Taking one step at a time
Walking hand in hand
1, 2, 3, 4, cheek to cheek

And they're learning how to do that dance
Let this love be forever more they say
I wish for this to be true for you and me

Holding her close, he leading the way
Out at the park, enjoying the day
And you can tell they'll be okay

Feel the warmth
That only summer breezes can bring
Sweet little notes of spring begin
Nothing to fear

Taking one step at a time
Walking hand in hand
1, 2, 3, 4, cheek to cheek

And they're learning How to do that dance
Let this love be forever more they say
I wish for this to be true for you and me

"believe there is forever love in this world? believe.. more happier!"

hand written note from Mei in once upon a time :) that describe my thought now ^^

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

pyjamas office wear

big boss came to see my neighbour, after few minutes of office talk, then he talked to me..

"michelle, why you are wearing so casual today? wearing pyjamas to work! this looks like pyjamas right?'

so i have the feeling of working from home, then I can do work faster :D

'some more wearing short!'

I stood up 'hey! this is skirt ok!'

'oh, skirt aaa, so short, I thought you are so daring wearing short to the office'

doh! is my fashion taste downgraded or this uncle boss doesn't know fashion? ya, I know price doesn't mean - "I am fashionable" but at least my rm120 skirt and rm159 shirt are from trendy boutiques too @_@

reason wearing casual coz thought of bosses would all go for managers meeting, manatau, this boss not going @_@

by the way, today i find this shirt is a bit loose. am I shrunk down or the shirt became bigger after washing? hmmm.. sis asked me to go for body checkup, she said I seemed loosing weight but i didn't do any workout lately. 'maybe you got cancer' @_@

feeling warm and touched when someone special who I been thinking was thinking about me too ^^

yo! am going to have dinner with my sis who pushed me for medical checkup or in another words - to see you got cancer or not! ^0^

am counting blessing everyday because of Him ^^

10042013 Wednesday


taken your breakfast? :) my breakfast is in my bag. suppose to eat the breakfast in the car, today busybody chit chatting with sis while driving..

we were talking about this devil doll! she likes to make dinosaur roar @_@

she cried when you removed thing from her hand! dasyat! can cry and smile in a sec! and her crying voice is very loud >_<

this morning I made breakfast for myself and my beloved bbb. having improvement from yesterday, we reached the school on time! once they went in, then only the auto-gate closing @_@ well, am ready to get warning letters from the school coz we are late almost everyday!

yesterday I lectured bbb in the car. what normally parents do is, sharing those old stories la.. me too!

"I was 7 years old when I was standard one. same with you all. not that I was smarter than you, stronger than you, better than you.. the difference between you and mummy is - mummy be responsible for myself and my study and my future! grandpama never wake up early to prepare mummy go to the school. mummy set alarm and wake up, prepare everything, then leave the house and walk to the school. the journey is nearly 30 minutes but mummy can reach the school early and do some study before the class. night time mummy set up the table and do homework. mummy dont have a static workstation like you all. for words that mummy don't understand, mummy check dictionary. when there is art class or sport day mummy prepare necessary things night before. grandpama don't need to shout and rushing for everything like now mummy is doing. mummy dont ask 100% or all As from you, I just want you to be responsible for your ownself, if you get C for your writing, you are telling ppl you are not doing things with your heart and concentration."

bla bla bla...I am everyday building my children character. hopefully one day I can see some good achievement and one day, they are proud of themselves. 'please do things that make yourself proud and be Lord's witness'

lots of outing activities coming up, my house calendar is full of activities marked. yet, I can't fulfil all the request children asking for. lately royee boy always talking about Legoland. will plan for it.. looking for cheaper entrance tickets too. 1 family go out for a simple outing, the expenses is high too. at last I have set date for bringing children to ktv for karaoke singing. they been asking me to bring them to ktv whenever sis and I go there or we pass by the ktv. many things and schedule we need to set and do with children, before they can be independent by their own. this is part of parents responsibility I guess, coz my parents build great childhood experience and memory for me too!

capture all the childhood memory..

keeping children laughter..

in their hearts.. forever ever :)

long way to go.. but I know it is worth to putting in effort and enjoy the journey along the way ^^ best wishes to all the mothers out there, you are great! although sometime eg I get comments from laogong 'why you don't spend time with children?' hallo! to make sure them in one piece and not being naked and not in hunger of food and care, that is my TIME spent' hoh!!

well talking about laogong.. when I called him this morning, still in his slumberland ooo.. hmm I had done ironing, preparing children to school, homecook breakfast, lecturing them, F1 driving to school on time...' hmm this is the difference from a mother and a father and man vs woman - at least in bkt31 = sickening stories of my sis and myself :p bising is for sure, but everyday we are hoping for early back of our 'lovely' husbands lo ^0^

tata! happy Wednesday :D