Thursday, November 06, 2014

For the great journey

These 3days I been joining company big event in promoting unmatched customer experience. From the new network testdrive to midnight express delivery of brand new iPhone6, I got engaged to my company vision - admired for excellence. Although I do feel down some negative comments in social media on these events, but I do believe that, there are many customers out there, keep our great service in their hearts rather than posting on social media. For instance, my last night delivery has shown me customer satisfaction with her cheerful face and pleasure thank you note :)

maxis tower + our CEO and CTO^^

1000+ employees joining this great event

Engaged with customer, test the network quality..

Experience the differences and new change..

Fun time in the treasure hunts games..

All in on go :)

After the 5.5hours lrt train and walking journey.. We have cooling Aircond room with delicious nice foods served :D

Paint the town with green!

I like this!! We have foot and shoulder massage too!!

For yesterday.. We have another event of midnight express iphone6 to our customers. 2 employees to 1 customer. Reach the customer doorstep at 12.01am :D

I got laogong to teman me :) customer staying in kajang. Meet up my colleague in kajang before we heading to the customer house..

Continuous 2 nights not sleeping well, but I am feeling great with these 2 big events. Happy to be part of the journey from ok to great on this company :) see many new changes, new way of working at the same time, I learn and I grow too!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Nov start

Don't rate me as a failed mother - as you are not my children.
Rate me fairly as a wife - by considering my roles contribution and time schedule.

What a start for month of November post. Hmm.

Anyway. What's up for November? An exciting month!

Week0 - doing some network test for the company + treasure hunt. Joining iphone6 delivery too! See if I can grab one for my sis :p

Week1 - project kick off and series of workshops in the schedule. Need to get rid of the pimples on my face before I scare end users off from the workshop presentation :D

Week2 - church having psalm reciting competition. Can't wait for the full rehearsal and on stage performance for my cell group. Competition like this, fellowship enhanced, creativity goes wild too! Again, I am in the role of sound effect director :p

Week3 - conduct workshops for 3 days. Attend external training for a day. Then.. Hula! I am flying off!

Week4 - call me as sweetie traveller! :D

Time flies. Children started got their final exam result. Eva dropped a class - competition is the 1st class is always stressful to cope. Haven't got angel and royee result. Can see royee's performance improved. Anyway, I told them I have to remind you for not dropping class again in year 2015, I am not scolding you, but you need to put in effort to make sure yourself are excelling in your school performance. I can accept you are not smart, but I can't accept you drop class because of your laziness. anyhow, Eva commenting - why you scolded me! I am only drop to a top performer class too ma :~

Not only putting pressure to my children to move forward in the next year. Me too pushing myself to improve my skillset at work too. But I realized that, I pick up new thing a bit slow now. Age concern? Or I fear for failure? Or I just being not good in the field? Hmm..

Till then. To close november this exciting month. Then welcome december jingle lingle month :D

december -
christmas celebration for Sunday school children.
Mummy and daughters christmas outing ^^
Haagen Daaz celebration with bbb

Happy November!

To show new shoes :D