Thursday, September 29, 2011

29092011 morning rush!

if u want something to warm your morning stomach, you can try this soup combination purple cabbage + cashew nuts + red dates + black sesame powder + Sarawak white pepper + 10 grains = filling morning breakfast that sweat you up! :p

morning breakfast for bbb. this is a bit dry, so after the meal bbb need to drink some plain water. oil free fried wholemeal bread + egg + chicken floss.

Eva requested for the chicken floss bread few days back. so today I use this breakfast to ask her faster go to take bath and get ready :p she loves to smile and be funny recently - love it!

ok.. come to this angel, recently she became a bit lazier and moody. sikit sikit wu~~~ crying for no reason. then everything also very slow action. see, homework in the morning @_@

the boy grows taller and taller. now I am looking for learning center for dyslexic children. to teach me and him to learn to study in their more easy-absorb way of knowledge learning.

happiness of a mother comes from a harmony start of the day ^^

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday lo!

before I put on my jeans, I double check if today is Friday. sooo fast! today I am wearing red t-shirts, bbb are in their red uniforms too. then I said 'we are angry birds!' royee said 'we are not angry birds, we are angry human' ohhh.. I know english word 'human' when I was hmm end primary school or secondary school :p

today breakfast I have bread + oil-free fried egg + flaxseeds. I have own made mushroom soup too, added some white pepper, spice up my day!

2 gals have their hair braised today. my maid sis done it. so they look like old style village girls :p

growing up le, the dress also get shorter. they are 17kg 118cm for angel, 18kg 122cm for Eva ^^

latest family pic @ bagan lalang..

..and port Dickson tiara beach resort ^^ plan to print these 2 photos to my sponsored girl at Thailand

see, grow up as pretty teenager ^^ from the primary school to know secondary school, time flies~

ok, pen off here. want to start my office work and enjoy fresh soya milk :D

royee's bottle. I asked him to use another barney design bottle, so I can use this :D the colour combination is nice!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

to Mei Mei

happy birthday to you :)

beautiful pencils

received this forwards mail. the great creativity. love them so much! the message of this mail is great too!

can you see A-Z?







We all need to be constantly sharpened. This parable may encourage you to know that you are a special person, with unique God-given talents and abilities. Only you can fulfill the purpose which you were born to accomplish. Never allow yourself to get discouraged and think that your life is insignificant and cannot be changed and, like the pencil, always remember that the most important part of who you are, is what's inside of you and then allow yourself to be guided by the hand of God.

only time

before anything, Happy Birthday to Mei Mei, my very dear BFF :D 32 years old with 2 lovely babies and a happy family, you are in happiness track to success path :D so do I :p above all, wish you are always in the pink of health to enjoy each of precious happiness moments in life :)

done with birthday wishes. let's share my bbb wishes come true story. night before, royee slept with 2 AA sized batteries. reason being is he found my old time swatch watch, which is fit to his hand. but the problem is, the watch is not functioning coz no battery power. my mum told him we need to replace it with a new battery. so he went and removed his toys battery. my mama and papa felt amused :p my mama said she didn't how to do it, you wait for mama to help you. so he waited me with 2 batteries :p

after seeing this scene, so kesian the poor boy. I decided to buy him watch the following day.

I found these for bbb. cheap cheap one but I know I can cheer the children up with surprise! :D now they start learning about telling time, especially for royee, he can non stop asking ppl time and checking the clock.

see, so happy!

continuous posing with his watch. in fact, I wanted to snap the cute angry birds on his shirt :p

worth for money kekeke to buy children happiness ^^

beh tahan him. 'mummy, tomorrow 6 morning I want to go to school with the watch' siao! 8am class go at 6am!

gal is always tenderly soft n lovely :)

sweet sweet Eva in the cute cloth set that my mama bought from hatyai ^^ angel slept early last night (or I come back too late? :p)

my challenge to them - if they can maintain the watch in good condition till school end this year, then I will bring them to watch shop and buy better watch that they like. let's see :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


“The rule in every school is clear; every child needs to be educated.”

“Not everyone is born smart but they can learn. That is why we need education. No discrimination should exist in our education system.”

quoted from new straits time news reporting about a school at Sarawak locked 3 students in the class to stop them from taking upsr exam so the school can maintain good performance. so sad to see this :(

there is no child with inability to learn, but there is adult who doesn't know how to teach the child with the way the child can learn to the best level. the teaching method used is to suit the children learning approach.

am still find the best way to teach and guide my bbb. 3 children, 3 learning attitudes. parenting tips from some experienced tutors are important. parenting books can provide us ideas too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

children art exhibition

in saturday morning when laogong sent royee to the art class and I sent angel to ballet class, then the art class teacher pass the certificate from Taiwan to laogong n said 'your child won in the Taiwan drawing competition. laogong got surprise, and when he called me, I got surprise too!

this is the pic of cert that I asked laogong to mms me. can't wait to see what's happening hehe. by the way, we haven't seen the picture. the original piece had been sent over and the teacher has snapped the pic of the drawing. so, will wait for it to show us.

but still, mummy will be suspicious on the truth of the competition. very naughty guessing, what if the art school printed the certificate by themselves and fooling us around? so this morning I google the details.

oh! it is real! and the submission of the art works were few months ago! no wonder I asked royee what he drew, he said don't know oo. below are the details I copied from Taiwan embassy website.

"The 42nd World School Children's Art Exhibition
25 August 2011 - 27 September 2011
14:00 - 21:30
Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Venue: Nanhai Gallery (南海藝廊)

The Taiwan's World School Children's Painting Exhibition offers children a platform for creating and appreciating paintings. In participating, children can be immersed in free, open, and playful culture. With an open mind, they can express themselves through painting process, break the language and word boundary, create symbolic situation and master their inner desire. Meantime, they can overcome obstacles about social communication. These become the main reasons why such a kind of painting exhibition has become profoundly popular for many years. We welcome people, especially those who care about and feel interested in art education, to come and watch this exhibition.

Focus: It will put on display works from 42nd exhibition decorated with outstanding honor, and others that won gold, silver, and bronze prizes from oversea competitions. Through the paint-brush of these children, we can then travel around the world and view about these wonders, so that we can have appreciated the diversified and rich world of marvel."

the exhibition is for age group 6-15. so, hopefully royee can work harder, think creatively to get more selected merit in future :) the award can build up children confidence level too!

he loves to draw and write. so, my mama house and my house, lots of piece of papers flying here and there. good one, creative one, heart attracting one, I laminate the art piece and keep in the 2-rings file.

this one, is in my office, love the windy feel ^^

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mid sept

so fast! come to mid sept then another few months to year end!

can start planning where to go for Christmas :p last time, every Christmas we go hatyai Thailand. then when we go singapore. hopefully very soon years, we can go foreign countries to celebrate White Christmas ^^

few good stories to share. our online @sunny Market got 1st customer :D well, we didn't put much effort and waiting for customer to come, so now we got the surprise :p another one is, my er sao's baby can see the heartbeat le! yesterday my Digo was a bit worried coz got pink spotting. wish for best health for the cutie little one and my er sao can eats well. serious morning sickness, poor girl.

another story, this morning sis shared at last she and her hubby have mutual agreement on having a baby :D hopefully they got their baby soon, then I can become yi-ma to the little one :D excited! in fact I have packed some 2nd baby cloths to give out to friends, since now gonna be new born in my family, I will keep the cloths 1st. al are my favourite oo :)

well, reaching office, another busy but peaceful day (hopefully). yesterday can listening to songs while completing a big stack of documents. life is about how you choose the best out of the worst. dont you think so? :D


Monday, September 12, 2011


today is 15th of month 8.. ya, happy mid-autumn festival! miss to eat mooncake now! ya now! but where to buy har, lazy to go to the supermarket when the time I reach banting. hmm..

tried this mooncake. the only mooncake I had this year. not buying n baking mooncake this year, coz want to avoid eating too sweet.

gone for pesta tanglung last Saturday in 1 of the church members childcare center. bbb enjoyed it! 1st time for 4 of us to celebrate this festival with Christian brothers n sisters.

bbb sing very loud :D 让爱住你家

I let them take their own favourite party foods. is time to let them learn to serve themselves ^^

everyone is waiting for this - go around the neighbourhood with their favourite tanglung.

unfortunately, when everyone is ready, then raining! hoh.. children are ao disappointed. and they walk the tanglung in the house compound.

they do enjoy the night ^^

me too learned about the meaning of this festival, how parents love their children, their great love.. and how children suppose to contribute to the family and love the parents. it is all about reunion and LOVE

today, I edit my blog skin. previous one was about sunny sunshine hope. this time, I would prefer some inner peace and enjoying life and love feel ^^


few wedding dinner marathon coming on my way. and I involve in my digo's wedding preparation too. so, am everyday, swimming in the love sea of happiness :p

love my er sao smile :)

and ya! my er sao (2nd sis in law) is pregnant :D so excited for this. and I myself few times dream of my baby is kicking in my big belly! oohhh how I want to have another baby to experience pregnancy, breastfeeding, new born again!

well, big no-no from hubby, so keep the imagination in dream. laogong is working outstation now, so don't worry, I won't be naughty to do some tricky stuff like steal sperm :p

wish my laogong, happy mooncake festival yo! if cant get to see the round moon tonight, or tired to go out from the hotel room to see the sky, can go to Facebook and checkout my pictures - round big face like moon yo!