Tuesday, October 30, 2012

luxury noon

in the train now, leave early from the office so I can get on time to the ballet trial exam. hmm not me to ballet, but my angelina :p

am full.. just now I have heavy lunch..

at chilis @bangsar

with a group of 20+ ppl to celebrate the successful launch of the integrated system. guess what? this automation can save a lot of human errors and time taking in doc processing. so in another words, headcount can be slashed @_@

this is my order after flipping the menu so many times. compare to chilis, sis and I prefer TGI Friday, coz there is something we are ok with.

the starter is quite big portion. other than this platter, we have another nachos platter.. in fact, the starter appetisers have made us half full.

then here come my mushroom jack fajitas. hmmm rm46? feeling quite sinful to eat this set, coz the cost is high for lunch.. even it is a free lunch, I have the though, I shouldn't come here for lunch @_@

this is the fajita

and something to mix with my grilled mushroom + chicken + beef. besides this, I eat half portion of the mashed potato and small piece of salmon from my colleague's plate :~

sis is talking about lose weight. guess that, this time she is A BIT serious. hope she can reach her target weight soon. frankly, lately she really eat a lot! hmmm the appetite seems no change from pregnancy till now ^0^

for me, I avoid those oily food or eating much. I check my weight often when I go to aeon bukit tinggi. insert rm0.40 for a overweight check :p weekend morning wake up early, take bath and when I about to go out for jogging at the park, then I think of this - since children are still sleeping, might as well I clean the study room or do some other housework without disturbance. so, lately I sweat bcoz of housework and not jogging :p

ok, reaching station, want to pick up these 2 gals from banting and to klang ballet class. hopefully everything runs smoothly :)

posture of angel is better than Eva. Eva is taller. Angela's bum is bigger ^0^

something to share with.. message conversation of eng and I..

hahahahah :D I laugh about her reply to my message ^0^


30102012 Tuesday

good day!!

Halloween aaaa.. cute cute aaa..

last Friday - hari raya haji holiday I brought bbb to the cinema for this movie. I like this movie too. black and white and grey, artistic animation with meaningful storyline :)

Halloween deco at green box ktv.

macam macam Ada oooo..

while waiting for papa to withdraw money :p

children big already, no more the baby cuteness but talkative killing ness >_<

see them sit on the of the bench hmmm.. to make then at least behave and sit still I snapped pic for them. before this photo session, they climbing here and there :~

the abang - gone to the primary school now talking style really like a BOY - loud and rude :~

the kakak - her 2nd child syndrome I am experiencing now @_@

the adik - quite obedient in most of the time. she knows what she is doing and what need to be done except those kuli works @_@

stop here. today lunch time will go for luxury food :p the thank you luncheon for the completed project. then I will leave the office early, tonight angel is having her ballet trial exam.

officemate asked me if I can do this with fondant for cake. hmmm challenging ooo.. may do it together with her in the office :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

29102012 Monday!

something I post in fb this morning..

this is the pink ruler ^^

this is the boy finished homework last minute after 5 days holidays.. sleepy then..

this is the message angel written for papa when papa away for the full day class "papa, where are you? I am so worried about you. my name is thea roinn" be thankful coz angel doesn't use mobile phone, if not this girl will keep calling the whole family or SMS day and night. a thoughtful girl who always reports to me what is happening at home when I am in the office eg mama, gogo fight with mei mei ooo.. mummy, Eva is not feeling well coz grandma given the cold porridge to Eva lo.. macam macam ada..

today I start my 1week gall stone remove course. now I try this handy packing 100% apple juice, it is cheaper than my organic apple juice and most of all, it is easy for me to carry to work an finish it in the office compare to the glass bottles. this is the 2nd time I do this. my papa done the 3rd time, my papa uses all fresh apples, lemon :) sis done once and she said she not going to do it anymore as what her friend said 'horrible' hahahaha :D

tata. to work now. today laogong is doing the school transfer for royee. so next year my bbb can e in the same school and the best of all - we will stay in together in bkt31!

ya.. I am at the beginning of my happy ever after :p

Thursday, October 25, 2012


ya, finally I can start the long weekend! :D so the happy ya!! this morning I suggested to laogong, tomorrow morning we go outing, see the green, get ourselves sweat! then.. come to afternoon, I changed my plan. called up laogong 'I feel to have a good sleep tomorrow.. if we want to go out, then we go out in the afternoon' .. ya, my headache is not ok :(

tomolo.. this going to happen to me..


...sleep as I wish to! hopefully laogong and bbb don't disturb me >_<

ya.. talking about blog giveaway, sis said she dare not to post about it 'later no one email me then I feel depress then no mood to write post..' hahaha :D I suggested to her, 'maybe you can everyday post this to your blog "due to no email receive today, thus, I have no mood to blog. bye" kekkekek.. sounds like we are threatening our readers :p


we got the 1st mail ^*^ I smiled when I see this mail, coz the green little cutie is really cute!! I like it so much! well, thanks to Mei Mei, we have at least one gift to work to :p because of we need ppl personal info eg home address and phone number, ppl may not want to provide. or, there are no blog readers who care about this :p don't need to be long years followers la, just a friendship appreciation gesture to make our days special ^0^

so far I have no plan for this weekend. I guess I gonna spend time in bkt31 study room. hopefully I can come out some handmade stuff ^^ or, go in the kitchen? long time I don't cook and bake already ooo :p

still prefer to spend time in the study room in my new workstation ^0^

tata la, want to nap a while before reaching the station. heavy rain tonight. maybe, I will overnight at my mama's house. tomorrow morning only I drive to bkt31 with bbb :)

happy weekend!

something for you~

u-hu~ this post is for you, who been reading my blog post ^0^

I know there are friends and family, someone who I know or don't know in real person who cares about me (or dislike me? oopss..), like my sharing on all sorts of my diary, or like the photos sharing or most of all, fans of my shonejay angels :p some of you have chatted with me in Facebook, the feeling is great when I read this 'I am your blog reader' or 'I know you from your blog' or 'I been following your stories since few years back' :D thank you very much and you have made my face red red - shy shy oooo :p

I am just a nobody in this net world, blogging is just a space for me to record my stories so I can check them out when I want to go down to my memory lane :) initial idea is to tell my laogong what was happening at home when he was away on business trips or when we are staying apart. slowly, this space become a space where I keep my feeling and life stories :)

there are some ppl come to Facebook to add me without introduction. not in my mutual friend's friend list too. I seldom add ppl if I don't know where are you coming from. maybe, for those readers who ignored by me, I am so sorry, and don't think i am too lcly ya! coz I have set my Facebook privacy from public to private. I experience not so happy incidents when my account was public. I received disturb call too in the midnight @_@ I have no idea why, since I am just a small nobody..

well, lets come to the main purpose of this post, ya I know my introduction part is quite lengthy, but this is what I wanted to say lately but no time to blog about it ^0^

we, my sis and I, plan to have a 2012 year end gift for YOU, who been following my blog or her blog or our blogs. just a small gift of friendship :) how blessed we are to have ppl cares about us, worry about us, laugh together to our silly stories - especially for years! and who don't know us in person from the different corners in Malaysia and foreign countries ^^

my sis worried 'what if there is no one send the details to us?' hmm.. never mind la, not many ppl join this giveaway, then we prepare a bigger gift, many ppl join, the we make simple and meaningful gift, if no one join at all.. then we may private our blog hahahahah :D just kidding :p we don't lose anything either if no one come to us, but we will gain a group of 'virtual friends' if we can really 'touch' them :)

hehe.. this pic a bit too dark.

just email me your details - name, mailing address and phone number (for posting requirement) to this email address

hope to receive mail before end November :) you can share stories about you too! ^_^

tata! need to work dah~

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


21:31 managed to catch the train back home. am hungry, tired and having headache. I guess, I am stressed. my body starts aching, and my headache hasn't been going away for few days. hmm.. stress because of work, it is a good sign? means that I have work to do? or I am overloaded with various types of works that I can't cope with it?

this morning I went to klcc office to collect important documents. snap this pic in the elevator. my sis said why I looked so swollen? ya, been having water retention whole body. even my lower part of knees are painful when I drive. I know, I need a full rest to continue the hectic schedules in work and at home. can't wait for the long weekend coming..

always ppl say, retail therapy can help us release stress. so, I dropped by bookstore kinokuniya to pick up few books that I wanted to buy last week, but didn't bring enough cash and credit card. feel relaxed for a while when I holding the books, but when I reach my office workstation, then slowly, the headache came and can't smile anymore @_@

royee is back to banting ^^ I am sooo envy his holidays from wednesday to sunday! morning he went to the market with my papa. thinking of last time my papa always have a walk with royee in the stroller, now royee grows taller and big already :) times flies~

these 2 gals too. few weeks more, they going to complete their kinder syllabus and get prepared to the primary school.

one by one, their baby teeth dropped...

just hoping, they continue to be happy girls in the bigger world :)

when children grow bigger, then mummy gone aging too.. last time looked sweet..

now, with all sorts of commitment and things to think of and busy with, to have the same sweetness with worry free mind, not easy ooo... but I will continue to TRY to make myself more presentable, as long my look or image don't scare ppl off then I am ok hahhaha :D

just now sis called me, said she wanted to start her never ending diet plan. or lose weight plan. she said this time, she needed to pay to the officemate if she didn't follow some rules. I said 'wahh, you got money ar? you gonna increase your expenses!' hidden meaning is, I foresee she going to pay to her friends coz of rules breaking kekeke :p

better spend the money to this little cutie. aiya.. as long as children are healthy and good girl and good boy, I don't hope sexy body line. coz.. I don't think I will have one ;p

tata! 10pm and I am in 1/2 of my journey back home zzz..

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2310 Tuesday

ya! cute cutie ya!!!

am using this handphone casing. sis bought me this and finally I got it a change. I like rubber casing. yesterday was the 1st day using, a guy end user came to my place and non stop touching, holding my phone. he likes pororo I guss kekekke...

9:07 now. boss asked me to reach office 'early' so I can be punctual for the 9.30am meeting. me small working level to explain summary reports to 2 senior managers. lets see how it goes..

super headache right now. since yesterday I was not ok. in my life, as of now age of 33, I very seldom get headache. can't recall it but less than 10 times. so once I got it, I don't know how to cope with it. since I can't take pain killer, allergic to it, last night with the heavy head I asked help from my mum. then I applied some heat oil.. but now, I am so not ok. maybe, I am stressed :(

may get myself a cup of tea before my working machine starts again for today. no more milk tea for today, gained weight aaaaa..

ya, my head gonna burst like the egg.. wonder if there is a chick inside my head ^0^