Tuesday, August 31, 2010

happy merdeka day

before showing some flag drawings, let me make complaint about my bon-srei :(


by royee

by Eva

by sis

angel was sleeping, no drawing from her. I was busy guiding bb, no drawing from me too.

happy merdeka day ya!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

student of LIFE

"you can decide whether you smile or cry when you leave this world one day" - like this!

pikachu vs Picasso :D

this made me hahahaha alone in the room at this midnight :D

haha funny sis n Bruce :p

well I have to sleep now, need to wake up early, to make sure royee reaches the kinder in time for his exam. I don't know what time actually, at least don't let him kelam kabut rush to kinder lo. somemore he gonna bring his new school bag :D

grandma bought this new bag from hatyai :D royee requested for a new school bag

angels got these pencil cases, coz my mum said, angels told my mum 'gogo has pencil case, we don't have pencil cases' so pity hor, in fact, I always tell them, mama will let u bring your new bags n pencil cases when u r in 5 years old class. I don't want to spoil them, n I don't want them to spoil the things @_@

I bought 4 containers for bbb n myself. so we can bring food along with us. previously they have a smaller one for bread n biscuits. in the pic, inside the container - homemade chicken floss cup cakes :)

ok good nite..
ps: mie, I shared with ma the pikachu story, both of us hahahaha :D btw, ma said the 'pikachu' drawing can hang on the wall before entering your room. good idea lo.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 weeks anniversary :p

been practicing eating healthy in the office for 2 weeks. now we r get used to the simple lunch n healthy tea time.

this is for today menu..

vege salad! + Italian lemon juice dressing n olive oil

this is 10 grains + potato + corns + carrot

on top of the above, I ate a pack on nasi lemak :p very yummy, they got it from training session. tonite dinner at le meridian hotel ^_^

message to dearest j13219

Last weekend, when I attend the kinder prize giving ceremony, I saw this picture which is one of the winners’ art pieces. This made me stopped n looked at it. It made me think of J13219 – my best friend group. I feel warm n look at it, all those school time memories, what we did in the past came in my mind. Miss those days, happy n sad together. Exchanges diaries, shared beautiful songs, handmade gifts to each other, then from morib beach to mamak stall, then from phone calls to emails. Time flies, but our friendship connections are still there. Am waiting, waiting for the crossroad, where 3 of us can gather again, and continue our journey with each other like what we had in our ‘young’ time ^_^
got this from mei mei this morning ^_^

Yes, miss those good old time..I still keep all the letters & gifts... hoping one day when we get together again we can read those letters & have a good laugh of our young & naive days..:)Another fren i knew since I was in aus 10 years ago is moving interstate & I cried at work after she told me the newsI was a bit suprised why I even did that. I don't normally cry. Maybe the older I get the more emotional I get..The older I get, The more I realised the lesser good frens I got..Sometimes, i do wonder, if I didn't go to Aust, wat we will become? It maybe be a whole different stories all together?Anyway, with the distance & family commitment between us, I really hope that one day "like wat Seew said 3 of us will cross path again..back to the good old days, And better still, just like my favourate song, "let us grow old together slowly....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

sub of Wednesday

feeling hungry so I went to subway for sub of the day. expected to get my tuna sub..

I got a meat ball sub! ohhh today is Wednesday ar? I Thoth today was Tuesday :S time really flies oooo..

just post a comment in maxis facebook page, a question asked 'anyone entertain the kids with smart phone, applications to share? below is my comment..

I don't install any games in my iPhone, this n previous replaced units. I don't want bbb to get addicted to the games or fight for the iPhone because of the games. but we do enjoy with the default applications as what I mentioned in the comment :)

can't wait to share with bbb this new picture book. quite interesting story n I myself enjoy reading it :) '100 levels underground homes'

n this Saturday I may try some recipe in this - vege fruit juice book :) or jelly mooncakes too!

the cutie clips are for bbb :)

just now officemate asked if I wanted to join them for buka puasa dinner, my reply...
'A bit paiseh to say, I know it is just a kindergarten exam, but I will go back early next week for my son 1 week final exam, try to do some revision for him.. n make him to sleep early, coz every night he waits for me.. hehehee.. so u all pergi makan la.. :D'

guess that, the exam made mama stress, royee boy didn't feel anything, still begging me to allow him to go Thailand with grandpama in this weekend :S I told my mama, later he gets sick then how? later u all can't come back on time then how? hmm baru kinder @_@

message to arpu

"I am doing ok. recently angel n Eva got award in drawing competition. royee didn't enter the final of singing competition but I am proud of his performance on stage :) bbb growing up each day, can really feel time flies. year end coming, next year we gonna be age 32. hmm. still can't accept the number :p

how I wish to catch up with u, but we r both busy with our own life. I went to visit shi yi n her newborn, we r all getting matured huh? still remember those days when we were having fun at school with no worries :)

hope u r doing good over there, if u really need to talk to someone, can always contact me. if u need someone to listen to your secret n feeling, u can always close your eyes n share the stories n prayer with God :) try to look to the sky everyday, u would feel universal is huge, so don't look our problems big :D good care ya! miss u.."


in these busy days, sometime we feel tired on our daily routines, the email notifications, the SMS tones, the phone ring, ppl talking, our inner voices.. last nite on the way back home, I just feeling inside my mind is 'so noisy', all sort of sounds made me exhausted. I decided to switch off my phone for at least this 1hour journey. listening to my young time favourite songs, n driving slowly back home.

date with Mei to meet up n let children meeting each other, but the plan is yet to be realised. this week am full with workloads n month end closing. ya, this long weekend national day holidays east coast trip has been cancelled! royee is having his final exam on Monday. 1st exam for me n him.

am in the train now, going back to the office from klcc. gone to klcc to activate my bank account so I can withdraw my salary. this mth we change our salary bank in bank. I went to kinokuniya bookstore, bought myself a fruit+vege juice reference book, n some cute stuff for bbb. am using retail therapy to release my stress :)

winners of drawing competition

last Saturday I went for kinder prize giving ceremony.

angel with her giraffe :)

Eva n her pink fat ant :p

proud of these 2 gals. can see angel improving, from last year she needed to be forced to get up on the stage, to now, a smiley angel with her nice bow on the stage :)

angels' on stage video @

eva's on stage video @

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday nite

just after the raya buka puasa dinner from kl Hilton hotel. I am full!

today lunch- energy porridge mix + carrot + sweet corn + scallop + sugar. it tastes great! then tea time we have red bean + pulut hitam ^_^ starting falling in love with the simplicity of the food/soup taste.

in the train, can't wait to see bbb. miss them much. slowly royee is attaching to me, last nite he himself requested to sleep with me, pack all his stuff in my room n sleep with smile :)

funny nite~

Eva was sleeping.. these 2 bb were still active. royee teach me his class year end performance steps, do I do exercise with him. then angel shared her stories. few photos taken before I get them to sleep.

angel: mummy, where is my mouth? snap a new pic

aiya very blur.. the final one is nice, but I accidentally deleted it :( facebook has it.

royee told me, teacher said if we performance well for the year end ceremony, then she will give us pop corn to eat. then I said 'hah, u practice hardly because of the popcorn la, not because u want to show it to papa n mama la' no la, teacher promised this by her own, we didn't request for it, got it? ^_^ 'ok la, tell your friends to practice good good, mama will make them cake or cookies, u want cake or cookies?' anything la, power rangers cake will do.

hmmm up to me to decide, but 'power rangers cakes' will do :p sound like so easy going..

Monday, August 23, 2010

super hungry :(

am super hungry now 20:10 can't wait to reach home n have my dinner! mama just called, she telling me she asked my Digo to buy me fried carrot cake n tau fu fa. hmmm I am now a bit giddy coz feeling too hungry. a long journey to go :(

today mama's homecook lunch. very delicious

officemate made - 7 mixed beans + black sesame + sugar

guess that I am going to stay back late for this week for month end closing. need to prepare backup food in the office, or else I tak larat to drive back home. oh!!! Tuesday n Thursday I have buka puasa dinner at hotels oooo. don't need backup food then :p

buy now, am feeling so hungry :(


hmmm laogong going back home, me still in the office working hmm...

Friday, August 20, 2010

improvement :)

last nite royee was sleeping when I reached home. normally he waits for me to check his homework. since last nite can't make it, so this morning I get him to complete all his homework before going to the kinder.

he colour the picture nicely. although the sun is not suppose to be black, the hen shouldn't be blue. compare to the previous colouring n effort he put in, this is good :) so I given him a shining LOVE as an encouragement ^_^

when I checked the 2nd work book, this is much better! right colour for the picture :D n from the photo frame picture, I know he put in effort in the colouring, so, another shining love from mummy :D royee was so happy :)

this is what I designed for royee's class teacher. a lovely teacher who take good care of royee this naughty boy ^0^ this pic is a print screen from my iPhone, so it is a bit cacat. plan to print it out n give a copy to the teacher. a appreciation note to thank her very much :)

organic tea break

ya, we went out for lunch yesterday n today, something more filling, n we have our organic healthy tea break.

Thursday - red bean + black sesame + sugar. this is smooth n yummy!! really great taste, nice to serve it warm.

same as above, in different mug. colleague said everyday I post the pic in black mug, can't see it nicely :p but this pic taken angle not good, can see the texture of the yummy dessert :p
Friday! we have orange, apple, carrot, celery juice. this is nice :) shall do it for bbb to help them taste more vege n fruits.

taking train now, tonight I am not going back to bkt31, tomolo need to attend prize giving ceremony at kinder - for angel n eva :)

the invitation slips from the kinder. drawing competition.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

when ppl told u..

this is the story..

hmm.. my opinion in this case is, we shouldn't punish the kid when we didn't witness the happening. what ppl told us can be the true story, but they might not know the reason behind of the negative behaviour. maybe, our kid wants to tell us the true feeling or actual story. but are they given the chance to do so?

1st, when we listen to ppl story the we punish our kid, then the kid might have 2 thought - mummy trust other ppl n hurt me; the CCTV (the story teller) sells me. trustworthy seems to be challenged.

2nd, why don't we 1 to 1 talk to the kid, let her has the chance to voice out her feeling n why she wanted to do naughty stuff? dislike something? hate someone? this is the great chance for us to know our kid feeling n inner heart, n at the same time, we get bonding, the kid feel the respect n care from the mummy n understand mummy feeling - sad, hurt when they are naughty.

3rd, in the future, the kid will get smarter, avoid CCTV when acting bad, so no story for CCTV to tell the mummy, so mummy won't punish me. as parent, we will slowly lose story from outsider about what our children doing when we r not around. then slowly, we lose the connected connection.

there is always some reason for children to act naughty, some reasons are acceptable n in fact, they are doing good thing, but the outcome seem to be negative to us.

eg pour a cup of water for granny who is coughing, accidentally the kid break the cup, n all mess up. if we come in at this stage, we might say 'how many times I told u don't come here n play with water? u see!' then the kid being canned.

well what I am trying to say is, when our children doing naughty at outside, we might lose face, feel embarrassed. but don't lose children trust to us, don't let them feel parents are not approachable, parents don't trust n understand me. try not to lose the chance for children to share with us any happy or sad stories, n even naughty ideas! sometime naughty ideas = creative thinking. don't u think so? as long as we don't hurt ppl n our own then it should be fine.

when my parents or brother complain to me how naughty my baby did when i was not around, how serious they punish them, I always bring my kid to the room, lock the door, switch off the light, let baby sit on my lap, n start the one to one heart talking counselling session. if the child being canned, I apply healing cream on the small wound, n tell the baby, this must be very hurt, mummy's feeling hurt too, u shouldn't do this, n try not to give chance for others to hurt your body by being a good baby. u should protect yourself. sometime, u get this 'mummy, I was naughty lo, so grandma get angry, I go to say sorry to grandma ya' :)

we would prefer our boss to talk to us, listen to us, before the boss downgrade us right? :p ya, mid year performance evaluation time, today is my 1-1 session :)

good luck mummies~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

tue or wed?

am still recalling today is Tuesday or Wednesday har? should be wednesday, coz I joined the cooking class in tuesday? never mind la, don't need to bother much :p left few hours more for today hehe..

today lunch

the energy power porridge - mixture of grains actually. it taste ok naturally, so no salt or sugar added. I suggest to add in few scallops, it would be taste better then it won't be this plain. may try it next time with ikan bilis or scallops.

after the hot porridge, we have organic dragon fruit. a silly question, dragon fruit is not white in colour? coz normally I eat white isi de, n try few organic dragon fruits, all pink colour de. stupid question I asked to myself, organic dragon fruit different colour? :p different species kot.

in fact, I have many stories to post n share, but these few days am a bit busy with all sort of reporting n mid year performance evaluation. anyway, I am feeling good :) beautiful day to me everyday, feeling children love much much much :*

day before I saw very beautiful rainbow at putrajaya. I shared with Eva about the rainbow, she looked disappointed, she said 'now is dark night, of course i cant see rainbow la :( ' this is something I can't cheer her up immediately by giving her a rainbow to see, I hope 1 day soon we can spotted a rainbow together ^_^

God is LOVE :)

organic lunch

officemate brought a maker n we started the organic lunch plan :) they have their diet plan too, monitoring the weight everyday, I didn't join them, coz what I need is to eat n live healthy, KG is not so important now. if body healthy, I guess that my weight would be slowly going down :p lazy ppl theory hehe..

this is the maker. made in china. rm500+

with these functions - cool n hot, for beans, fruits, vege, rice..

this is our day1 meal: 10-rice, pumpkin, almond, walnut. I like the nuts taste ^_^

2nd day lunch: mushroom, potato, carrots, black pepper with charcoal bread. can add in salt, it is nice to eat without salt, u can taste the natural sweetness. I like it without salt.

3rd day lunch: azuka bean, pulut hitam, sugar. this is thick n filling, a cup each with the fried meehoon twin sharing ^_^

feeling good to have a gang of frens preparing food n eat together. cooking ideas sharing, home stories sharing, patenting tips n of course, tiny slots for gossiping :p

they asked me to continue don't give up, in fact, what I am being bothered is my another Malay lunch gang friendship, if I everyday eat with this group of organic friends, then pula I miss my Malay gang friends.

about the food, maybe ppl thinking I am big size n always fancy about all those yummy n high flavour taste, in fact, My food intake is quite simple, drink tea without sugar, eat plain porridge with only marmite, no ice cream, no susu pekat, mostly on warm plain water only, no milo no coffee. very rare chance of eating red meat, mostly fish, chicken now also reduced, only take chicken breast, can't take the meat taste. I bake cakes n cookies, but I seldom eat them :p

met a nutritionist once, she checked all my daily food intake n like n dislike, she said 'your food intake is good! but why u r heavy weight?' ya... this is the question lo.. maybe, my food quality is good, but my food quantity is heavy :D kakakaka..

btw, I am planning for a specialist visit, my stomach or colon or whatever organs in my tummy need to be checked, the uncomfortable symptom getting worse especially at nite, bloated like 7mth pregnancy :(

I am sailing

I am sailing, I am sailing,
Home again cross the sea.
I am sailing, stormy waters,
To be near you, to be free.

I am flying, I am flying,
Like a bird cross the sky.
I am flying, passing high clouds,
To be with you, to be free.

Can you hear me, can you hear me
Thro the dark night, far away,
I am dying, forever trying,
To be with you, who can say.

Oh lord, to be near you, to be free.


sang this song many many times in today journey to the train station. shall teach bbb this beautiful nice song :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

when a child is born

heavy rain, stuck in the jam, journey back to home. listening to ch-yi's 'when a child is born' patiently wait for my turn to reach home :)

A ray of hope flitters in the sky
A shiny star lights up way up high
All across the land dawns a brand new morn
This comes to pass when a child is born

A silent wish sails the seven seas
The winds have changed whisper in the trees
And the walls of doubt crumble tossed and torn
This comes to pass when a child is born

A rosy hue settles all around
You've got the feel you're on solid ground
For a spell or two no-one seems forlorn
This comes to pass when a child is born

And all of this happened
Because whe world is waiting
Waiting for one child
Black, white, yellow, no one knows
But a child that would grow up and turn tears to
Hate to love, war to peace
And everyone to everyone's neighbour
Misery and suffering would be forgotten forever

It's all a dream and illusion now
It must come true, sometimes soon somehow
All across the land dawns a brand new morn
This comes to pass when a child is born

All across the land dawns a brand new morn
This comes to pass when a child is born

When a child is born

robotic boy






creative bang-srei

came back from 15082010 Sunday school, I got this..

different ways of folding up my bed quilt by maid sister. I smiled when I saw this :) yup, it might not that special, but it is different idea from ordinary ways she did it. I like to see this, same case when I see my office cleaner use their own creativity to make up the pantry or deco to breakout area. I like to see creativity in daily routines. this inspired me!

my maid sister getting much better, started following out steps n daily routines. like her attitude n I hope this continues. work performance is not 100% but good attitude wins ppl hearts ^_^

Friday, August 13, 2010

simple thought

got this out from the busy but easy friday working hours..

ya I found my hair getting longer, n I always think to cut it short. in the office, few ppl tells me I look better with long hair. sis also tells the same, n she wants we to be in long hair in her wedding. so I make up my mind, no matter how itchy hand is, I will only cut my hair short after my sis wedding :)

that day when angel lay down next to me, 'mummy, your hair is long, you are beautiful' her voice soft n clear, it feels sweet ^_^ now royee likes to sit behind me when i watch tv or reading book, then he touches my hair, comb the hair with his fingers, smell it, trying to tight the hair. my maid always smile when looking this. my heart feels sweet n loved! how nice it is, when mummy is in the boy's eyes n heart. (hoh... if laogong can do this, how nice it is...)

today is a sweet Friday the 13th, I just feel good today. I am a Friday 13th baby, n today is my officemate doreen's bday. bought something for her, I always want to do this, now I have a chance to thank her. a caring auntie to me (she definitely will get angry for 'auntie' this word :p) I always tell my mama, Doreen in my mama in the office, a caring big sister to me ^_^

Doreen, happy birthday ya!!