Friday, January 30, 2015

It's the day 3001


This song has been playing since dawn. 'If you want to reach tomorrow, you gonna start your journey now'. Yes, am gonna be in aggressive and energetic mode to work hard till 5.30pm on the dot! Then I am gonna start my short tip to recharge myself in a foreign country and out from ordinary day schedule :D

Got this cert few days back. Such a motivator to encourage myself to grow to a higher ground :) till then, be a good gal ^^ learning new thing with different opportunities are exciting.

Luggage is in my car. I don't prepare cloths like day1 wearing this, day2 wearing that.. I just packed few shirts which I feel comfortable and just made thing simple. When I was 'young', travelling was a fancy and excited trip to wear colourful and smarts to have good photos snap for memory. Come to this 'matured' age, the purpose of travelling is to see people, the culture and embrace the amazing God creations and reflect all these to the inner me.

Till then, see ya, reaching office.
Happy Friday and Tata!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Marks of Grace

Singing this hymn in the journey sending children to school. There been up and down in daily life schedule. Feeling physically and mentally tired for hectic schedule. This hymn has comforted me. Wipe off the tears on my face, to start my brand new today with a good breakfast and spreading God love to people around me :)

Standby by the boundless ocean only I realize how small I am
Reaching the mountain top only to realize the sky is higher still
The vastness of the universe amplifies my insignificancy
Like dust vanishes and no one will even notice

Standing in the night sky seem to be smiling down on me
Whispering to me that He seen everything
All my strugglers, my weaknesses and failures
Becoming His marks of grace

In my cry
Jesus hears my prayer
Millions of people yet He cares about my needs
The path of life fills with laughter and tears
Leaving His marks of grace

In the midst of storm
Jesus embraces me
Reminding me that He is forever my refuge
The path of life fills with laughter and tears
Leaving His marks of grace

Ps: pic taken on the day I got my new spec :p

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The special 28th!

Today is a special day

Ya! Today is my sis birthday!

Nah, me and my sis. She is 31 and I am gonna be 36 soon. Hohhh such an old age numbers!

When many people have planned and gone for lasik eyes treatment, i pula got myself a new pair of spec after 9 years without one. I stopped wearing spec when my Royee boy was a baby, at least once a week I went to the shop to repair or replace a spec coz baby non stop being busy with my spec. So, been wearing contact lens with no spec as backup.

To have a same design spec with my sis is one of the gift of love to show how closed our relationships are, how much senseless wuliao idea to have something similar in you = something similar in me :p

So today is the day, my sis's bday. When we come to the age of - children giving problems, baby is sick, office busy schedule, Laogong is away... Bday is just a special ordinary day. Thing to make simple, bday gift is just grab from somewhere convenient... Bday note is written at the rushing hours of sending children to school.. Pic of memory snapped with the fully closed eyes ^0^

Something simple that send the very precious message to my dearest sis..

Have a blessed birthday! Sis is my best companion. What I can do is treasure her and love her.. Sharing Jesus love with her in return ^0^

Mie, Happy 31!

Thursday, January 08, 2015


The 8th day in 2015, I am sick, I feel exhausted, I gone to medical center for my skin allergy, my calendar schedule is pack till feb.

Well, can't wait for this weekend, want to have a mind free weekend, recharge myself. New year, suppose to have new hope and refresh spirit!

喜乐 我要喜乐 靠主常喜乐
喜乐 是信心的选择
赞美 我要赞美 高声赞美主
因他凡事掌权 凡事都能做

万事的背后 都有上帝的恩手
他在看 他在做 他又真又活
按他的时候 美好事必定成就
他全知 他全能 他又真又活

When I shared above hymn with my sis. Sharing with her the living God can do everything for us, He sees us, He helps us, He knows everything. I want to praise Him.

I got this! Am touched!

Nothing else shall pull be back, I got the wonder God, and a lovely sis!

Let's pen off here. Fever and flu made me headache. Overslept this morning, am late to work.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy 2015!

Yo! A brand new year for you and me! Today is 2nd day of year 2015, on my journey to the office.

How was my 1st day of 2015? I found it was a exciting start!

1.5 hours before 2015, I attended the thanks giving service at the church.

We confessed our sin in year 2014, we wrote down our thanksgiving note for 2014, then we lighted up the candles in the dark, counting down 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! We got the light on, we wished people around us happy new year!

So sis suggested for a movie show in the morning

1st family pic + 1st meal (I ate seafood and crab subway btw) in year 2015 :D

Ehh... Baby Shyuan wanted to join too!

Hehe - muka Macam too pula

Wait! Shyuan's ma wanted to be in the pic too!

Cinema no.8

We watched the hobbit: the battle of the 5 armies

My budak in the house ^^

Can out from the cinema, angel showed me this..

Her 2nd baby tooth dropped off of week.

Tada! The best presents for a mummy, would be the kitchen appliances! We surveyed and bought fridge and washer on the 1st day of 2015!

Wait a minute.. Not that laogong suddenly realized how he sayang his wife and reward her with something better and useful. It was because, our fridge and washer both went not functioning at the same time! They were the presents from my papa and mama during my wedding and new house warming in 2006. So, force to buy in order we can wash our dirty cloths and keep more foods for daily cooking. Anyway. I am excited with this haha!

So we got a cell group members gathering for dinner

Pot luck party! Guess which was my contribution? Hehe the sweet and sour sausages :p

黎明霞丽,燕瑩山水。they named the pumpkin soup and bird nest dessert with our names :p

Children gathering

Like this. When bbb got a group of friends who grow together with them, they learn many things and appreciate sharing too :)

These lovely couples are from US. 52 years of marriage, calling each other darling~ hand holding hands while walking.. we were saying we should do this to our spouse, dear darling honey.. To bring sparkle to our marriage. Need to learn from them, be a good wife to darling my laogong haha

Seen the 2 young children at the kitchen? I like this. Most of the time, when we adults doing our talking, the children clean the table and wash the dishes without the parents instruct them to do so. Especially they are 2 boys would do so.

Last time, when I was in the boy's house, after we all eating the supper, the 2 teenage boys were busy washing dishes in the wet kitchen, then their elder sis came back, pat on the brothers 'halo! Bojio! Washing dishes without calling me!' I like this touching scene so much. I hope, my Bbb will be like them in real soon :)

We were gathering and chit chatting. We discussed on this year cell group activities too.

A group photos are a must!

Notice the phone in the middle? The son of the house master are connecting with us from Russia. He has gone there for his further study, 'joining' us for this new year gathering :D

I got a joyful start of 2015. Hope 2015 would be a good and peaceful year for everyone ^^

Have a blessed new year!