Wednesday, January 18, 2012

non-violence in parenting

still cant forget how i got hurt last week when i saw laogong bought a cane to prepare to cane or warn my children. i got shocked when i see a new cane in laogong's car. it was on the way to company laogong go to the shopping mall for dont know what reason. i was so emotional, i just wanted to get down from the car. maybe you can say my response is too over, but i just cant accept, why we need to cane our ownself? we feel pain when we punish our own children. we feel regret sometime. then why we cant teach children LOVE?

i like this "forgiveness is giving up my right to hate you for hurting me". the power of non-violence is super! if you know how to tackle your children with their characters. some children you need to be harsh, some you need to be soft and sentimental.. i always tell laogong, whoever use cane to cane the children, means that he or she has no confidence to score well in parenting. we learn everyday, we need to learn our children and their feeling too. instead of reading so many books on financial money matters, might as well spend a little more time in parenting knowledge and sharing.

huhhhhh... you dont know me.. but i cried last weeks few times, because of the cane, because of missing my son, because of having conflict with laogong on teaching children... laogong said 'let me manage your income, coz i know you can give everything to the children' ohhh.. i just ignore him, coz i dont have much money for you to manage. and if i have extra money, why i cant spend the money on my children? anyhow they are my sunshine, they are my happiness. they come from me, if i dont love them, who else will love them in heart?

for the pass week, am so emotional. my period delay, so my body just feel not comfortable... can cry while driving because of ppl story sharing. ohhh... i just dont want to be sorrow during cny.. 

shone's diary 17012012

YouTube Video

on 05012012

YouTube Video

on 17012012

can you see his lose his chubby chubby :)

Friday, January 13, 2012


good morning Friday! a day I have been waiting for~~


a bit down last night.. cried in the prayer, cried while singing, cried uncontrollable after I hang up the phone... till I watched the video clip that my sis sent to me - how bruce playing the games using his samsung galaxy tab hahahha :D so funny!

I know laogong is doing good job in handling royee boy. many things laogong needs to do indeed. we have bought 3 uniforms set, means that laogong need to wash and iron the uniforms for Thursday and Friday. 2 pairs of shoes, but the boy playing happily in the school, everyday to white shoes became black or grey shoes :S pack bags, 2 water bottles, check homework..

because royee is having some difficulty in learning with common teaching way, so we get him to do revision on what teachers teaching at the school. besides, we need to prepare him in advance for what teacher going to teach, so he is prepared. now everyday he is memorising the multiplication table of 2. it takes times.. but by the time teacher needs it, he is ready.

weekend, I do revision with him too. just to make sure he don't minus one for his maths answer. hmmm.. 2+8 = 9, 2x9 = 17.. wonder why his maths answer most of the time, he counted as 33, but answer written as 34 or sometime, 43. 17=71, 19=91..

patience and love is what we can give to him. and he needs to give himself confident and plenty of time in learning and adapting himself in this 'normal' world. because, there won't be always someone, write words for him at his back or palm, to let him 'feel' the word instead of 'see' the word.

am looking forward for tonight gathering, royee too. he 'YES!' when I said 'tomorrow is Friday!' :p

Thursday, January 12, 2012


just wanted to say.. there is always dark side even the supposed-to-be guideline has set. the rule is not the rule, if higher authority can set the rule to wipe off the set rule.

sickening for unfairness. and am thankful that I am still surviving under these play rules. maybe, we have get used to it..


well, change a better feel..

this is cute right? application 'line' to chat and voice call. sis recommend me to use, so the cute!! many more stickers and emoji icons :)

this is from sis..

this is what I have for lunch. it is tasteless coz I am sick :( got the doorgift as well. but I didn't attend the communication session coz today I am late to work. very slow traffic.

talked about traffic, let's share something scary and yet funny! or I would say - silly me :p

yesterday I was so sick, can't even stay till 6pm+ I took 5pm train went back home. when I reached at nearly banting, there were so many cars coz of school students going back home. suddenly there was an emergency break for the cars to stop for red traffic light. and, I pressed break to stop my car and I almost get hit the front car!

huh~ this is so scary and I thank God for being safe! so I continued driving back home for about 15 minutes? during the journey, I called my sis to chit chatting and told her about the nearly happened accident and even sing song together with her!

when I almost reached the housing area, I found out there was a car followed me to the left and to the right. I parked my car in front of my house, and the car stopped too! this is scary! I told my sis this over the phone the I saw a guy came down from the car.

'I followed you till here!' 😱 oh I didn't know I have being followed.. 'your car hit my car?' what? I thot I managed to stop the car to avoid the bang?! 'I heard the sound.. so I followed you.. your car ok?' then 2 of us walked to see my car front part - nice! nothing got scratched! then 2 of us walked to his car backside - wahh, nice metallic colour, nice car and it was still being shining without any scar!

but.. the guy still looking at his car 'it looks alright right? but why I heard the sound..' well come on, what you expect me to answer you, and I can't believe ppl can follow me for such a long journey without horn loudly to stop me.. can together waiting for few traffic lights and drive slowly back home :p

the story end with I asked him 'have I scared you? sorry..' but this made me hmmm 'I saw from the mirror, you were shocked when you stopping your car' and e smiled. wahhh.. I was recalling my expression, presentable or not har? or if I have any ugly pose along the way.. wahh there was someone followed an monitored me and I didn't know!

anyway, both of us smiled and bye bye.. waved hand like friends :p silly us. in fact, he is a good looking guy in his office wear. just wanted to let him know, if he happen to read this post :p am not purposely avoiding you, I continued drive back home coz I didn't hit your car. dont come to revenge or anything since you know my house oopss..

a long silly story, hope it didn't bore you. somemore, recalling this silly story, made me forget about the not very good feeling when I started this post.


Thursday yip yip!

everyday cant wait till Friday and holiday so I can have all my children stay together >.< today am wearing WHITE, angel said mummy is an angel :D

just showing you the white, and very light beige colour short dress. don't want to show you my face, coz me been having flu and fever, my look is so x.x can you see my red nose? hmmm...

night before bbb meet up at klang, my papa mama bring angel to the ballet class on Tuesday night. Saturday class is for beginner, which I always send angel to the class. Tuesday class is for those who chosen and registered for the exam.

well.. hmm 3 days not washing the head, even my papa complained about the smelly head :p

ok, yesterday the boy felt down in the class... every morning, when I receive call from my laogong or sis, I whispering to myself 'what is happening? good news or bad news' or evening when I receive message or photos from my sis 'good one or heart attack one'.. if you ask me, how's the boy doing at school or staying with papa.. hmmm.. below are something that attacking my heart almost daily :p

 fire on the stove is not switching off the boy left the wallet on the room table (without money how to wat neh?)

lose the water bottle forgot to bring the school shoes!

1st week, change the sitting in the class twice! too talkative!

2nd week, teacher asks to push the tongue to the teeth, so the boy dont talk (this is what I disagree, to further investigate) 

the inner white singlet became colourful :( 

the white shirt is with colours! 

the school uniform shirt is with hole! coz felt down the bag is with a hole.. 

the colour pencil case lose the cover.. 

the water bottle hanger is going to break.. 

......  well, I should be happy that..

talkative, coz he enjoys the new change and make new friends.. 

so many things hole and dirt found out and reported coz my laogong is checking the boy stuff everyday.. 

the boy reported to me what he eat, what he does in the class - everyday! :p 

macam macam ada ooo.. stories at klang and banting to cherish my everyday day :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1001 Tuesday

am having flu, sore throat.. coz yesterday I eaten nuts in the office and I finished the super delicious baked marmite crabs with my mummy :p so, no complain on the sick now keke..

wahhhh! is my 1st response when I see this pic. a Japanese shifu sew this patch work. this type of project, not only challenge our sewing skill, choices made of what fabric to use, colour matching and most of all - patience in spending time and effort for beautiful outcome. so far, I prefer to work on 1 piece stuff, learn and practice different type of hand sewing, or try on my sewing machine choice of sewing pattern. still a baby in this sewing stuff.

today is the 1st day of my sewing beginner class in patching work. so, the above pic shown what I need to complete in 1-1.5 months time :p I don't know of I can make it or not, but I gonna be a hardworking and not-easy-giving-up student la :p if I can get it done very well, then I will make one for you :) whoever you la, as long as you don't mind my handmade stuff, then I can 'gift' it to you :D well, other than my own interest, I am still a mummy to my lovely babies..

last night I wrapped for them the 1st batch of new activity books from the kinder. everything comes in double, coz I have twin girls :p

checking their homework.. hmm Eva is having mirror eyesight too.. according to the parenting book, young children have these kinds of symptoms, some gonna be ok, and some are not (royee boy case). so I hope Eva gonna be alright soon.

this is the sick boy at klang. after school. bbb are darker lately, coz they gone to the waterpark the final weekend of school holiday.

this is funny when royee told his ah yi he brought 2 brief to the bag. so my sis asked him 'you got 2 bum bum ar?' :p well, royee thought I wanted him to pack his own brief, but in fact I have done with full set of uniforms. heart attack almost everyday, that day forgot to bring wallet, today forgot to bring school shoes! ohhh... these papa and baby, my 2 BOYS, when they gonna be independent and concentrate on what they are doing. hmmm...

Monday, January 09, 2012

love note

from royee :) can see the mirror eyesight symptom in this simple note. can feel also his love to us ^^ see royee boy takes key and go out the then come back and tell me 'eh, mummy, there is a letter to mummy oo.. and it is from shone jay' the surprised facial expression and voice tone touched me ^^

my reply to him, put in his pencil case, when he is asleep, and before I left bkt31 at sunday night.

new daily bag for royee to carry to the enrichment centre. I promised to make him 5 bags, now only done 2. I practise new sewing skill in each bag.

prepare 3 bags of uniforms for Monday to Wednesday. a set of school uniform, brief and handkerchief. the Thomas and friends bag is from auntie Arputha, christmas gift years ago. kept all the stationery set for royee standard1 class ^^

prepare 5 sets of shirt and short and brief for 5 days enrichment centre wear.

muffins for royee boy. hope one day I can bake nice and soft bread for few days supply ^^ well, I just miss my boy so much. don't know how long I can stand on it. but I keep reminding myself 'don't sacrifice the sisters because of the brother'. angels are so happy in the current banting kinder. they wake up early and get done in the morning, so they don't get late to the kinder :)

put all the wishes in my prayer :)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

rambut I ^^

the reason why my sis made noise in the saloon before we made payment. oh ya, when I ran to the ladies after 6 hours hair do!

coz I do hair rebonding just now.. from 1pm to 7pm! which initially they told us the whole process was going to take approximately 3.5 hours. we are ok to spend time to do the hair if you tell us how long it suppose to be. coz I am ok to wait, but if they give us the wrong estimation, then people who waiting for me for the next program gonna be affected. today, my digo and ersao came to have dinner with me, which, they waited me from 3pm till 7pm+ together with my sis too! hmmm...

well, my hair is not very healthy, so I don't get expected result. and I really hope for the hairstyle maintains as it is after washing.. or else, my heart will break and crying :~ cny is coming, nothing much to do, coz I don't take many cny leave. want to reserve leave say royee's sport day? angels passport day (they will go travel with my parents)? parents oversea trip? ok, good night. my royee boy is coughing seriously :( afraid his asthma coming back...

helping hands

yesterday, 11am till nearly 5pm we were working with the boxes.

60 boxes of 500 sets/box = 30,000 envelops to be working on for our office floor.

the organiser showing us what to do..

it is a voluntary job to help Malaysia association of blind to prepare the donation note to te public

insert a reply envelop to the leaflet then put in a bigger envelop with the mailing address pre-stickered.

this is small team of us in the office are.

very big team of our floor mates, project managers and end users (always ask her to do work, now we seek their support :p) at breakout area.

what we gained? self satisfaction, spiritual satisfaction, calorie burned (I stand for few hours), ponteng from work, enjoy team spirit and group of ppl hit chatting and won't get boss complained :D

our helping hands, seem to be a nice and yummy tiramisu piece to ppl in need and let their hearts feel warm and let their smile be sweet ^^

Friday, January 06, 2012

06012012 friday

today is Friday, a heart-beating checking day.

gals reading newspaper.. this habit started lately without me asking them. I like them sharing news together, when one wrongly interpret the story, another one corrected it - with their limited words reading and understanding capability.

Christmas has been over, am still listening to christmas song in the car. when I want some happy tunes, I shake my body with 'feliz navidad' and when I want some tune to blank my brain, I listen to 'oh holy night'. yesterday morning I listened to cny song, and I cried in the car.. guess that my mental and soul are tired and burdened :(

miss my royee boy much. this morning 7:15am I talked to him, he is sick, on the way to the enrichment centre.

last night sis snapped royee's pic and recorded what he wanted to tell me and the video sent over. I watching it non stop then sleep. I told my parents, i worried I can't stand with this kind of separation - when I am at klang, I think of angels; when I am at banting, I miss royee and keep wondering, how's him doing. hmmm.. a challenging year.

children grow up everyday, I need to move forward too. can't do much but work hard and show better performance this year, hope for upgrading myself by promotion and recognition. I have decided not to go study as of now, but I gonna study bible and learn sewing skill, bread making this year.

we always ask things from God, want God to listen to our prayer.. So we need to spend time to learn God's words in the bible. this is what came to my mind at last year end, would it be too late? but I am serious and working on it especially during weekend, when I have more quiet moment :)

very nice one by a Japanese sewing shifu. hope 1day I can make something like this. I have registered an online sewing class on patch work :p this sunday gonna be 1st project for beginner class. see how many project I can complete ya.. this weekend, I will see few bags for royee and gal gal, this one I learn from reference book.. I believe practice makes perfect!

am reading this now.. laogong asked me what else I wanted to learn? hmmm no idea, coz my children needs and demands always inspired me for more creations and ideas. I am learning to be a good player in motherhood ^^

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 FAQ

yup, today is 3rd day of 2012, for the 1st 2 days, the frequent asked question to me was - are you sure you don't want to have another baby? 3 are enough? your babies are beautiful, why stop? you really can't afford to have another one?...'

when ppl around me are pregnant here and there, why I share and read more about other ppl pregnancy, when I recall about my pregnancies so I can answer some new parents questions.... I want to have another baby!!

in iPhone, you can have so many application to track your pregnancy day by day.. when you can snap your photo in more handy way.. when your children are asking you how the ovum and sperm meets.. share with you how baby turn his head down so mummy can deliver baby more easily... yup, never stop the feeling of, how nice to experience pregnancy again!

just now, read about someone's blog on the topic 'I want to have more babies but my husband doesnt' hehe.. they are some funny part about it, and there is heart aching part that describe my feeling.

advise received is - pray.

yup.. praying.

2011 has gone..

2012 is here. year by year, when laogong think there is a right time to have baby, I guess, my body age, my mental age, my bbb age doesn't allow to..

ahhh.. come on, don't be greedy.. forget about it.

let's sleep... today is 1st working day in 2012. better be back to reality. caiyo!