Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Some facebook updates since yesterday.. Few posts a day as I am going to transfer my photos to computer hard disk ^^

Last Sunday we went back to northern for Ching Ming prayer. A tiring long day trip but meaningful experience. Got to meet up with relatives, let children catch up with their great uncles and aunties.. On Ching Ming, you would realize the importance for you to trail back the root of your family generations. So you know where are you coming from.. Ya, from the bible, we know, Adam and Eve are our ancestors.

This is my boy's history subject homework. I like this. Wondering how to family tree would be turning up.. How many tree branches gonna build up the family tree..

Found this in Eva's English exercise book. She loves banana. She can hide in the room and finish off all banana. In the trip back to Northern hometown, we got to eat very nice banana :)

Parents in law saying me looking tired.. And lose weight ^0^ they asked me don't work too hard until I forgot taking care my health. Laogong told parents in law i am stressed. Ya, my body has been tired, even for now, I force myself to stay awake to write this post. Looking for a good full body massage..

The new corner of my room. Got myself a new desktop - my bday present from my dad ^^ the colour printer belongs to my digo, helping him to do some design thingy. Bought the table from ikea. Ikea was crowded last Saturday, same goes to Machines store, Harvey Norman.. Seen like people are rushing to buy what they been considering...before GST implemented.

So what's you preparation for the GST big day? I bought another set of skincare as backup, I bought a heavy use printer for children, helped my digo to buy iphone6+...today am gonna order some on board menu for my upcoming flight journey.

This coming april, gonna be a month with uncertainty and pressure to many of us. Still, I am feeling hopeful for salary increment, upcoming family travel trip, of course, the day when I turn to a new age ^0^

Happy pre-GST day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Burning stick

...being snatched from the fire


Last night I slept at 8pm+ remembered I did wake up few times - to stop my boy from playing phone games; asked laogong to turn off tap water in the bath room; asked the gals sleep early and stopped playing don't know what games.. Woke up at 5am, then continue the office work..

Period has been late for a week, guess my body is physically tired. Hope things get on track soon. One thing at one time. Looking for april, there will be a family trip planned and hope, I got myself reenergised before I am officially announced myself as 36 years old auntie :p

Wonder why, for this year bday, I been thinking of having myself a lamb or sheep pattern bday cake. Remember my Aries mehmeh?

Maybe I got myself a mehmeh bday cake :D or plan a bday party for myself? Hehe

I have got myself a bday gift last Friday. 1st seen this watch in putrajaya alamanda. Told my bbb I liked this watch, my 2 gals were so sporting to sponsor me this watch as my bday gift. Except for the boy... 'Mummy you can take rm60 from my ang pow money, for another rm5, let me save from my pocket money..' Can I say my boy has better money matters handling? Compare to my gals 'mummy, never mind, we exclude gogo, 2 of us pay rm97.50 each' haha cute children. Anyhow, I bought this using my own earning money ^^

What is that special about this watch? 1st I fall in love with the watch colour combinations.. Then I came across this..

Seems like this is watch series of adventurous dream ^^

Well, stop dreaming, reaching office.. Want to work le.. Tata!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Midnight songs

Got message from sis..

Hahaha bro in law told my sis - your sis didn't sleep but singing :p

Yes, I been waiting for this song book for 2 years, finally I got one with me. It is only rm6 from the church, but I didn't know where to get it..

Guess, next time bro in law might tell sis this - your sis didn't sleep but playing piano..

Coz now I got a book of hymn and cords :D

Ok good night ^^ feeling great as I got got a good fellowship with my cell group members after 2 weeks of cny gathering break :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dream live

Well.. There is always some advertisement or on going promotion touch some people hearts. Say, if you don't drink coffee, you don't feel much on Starbucks buy 1 free 1 promotion; if you don't fancy about LeSportsac brand bag, you won't be bother to grab their limited edition bags... This goes to, if you haven't found the passion towards travel, all those airlines midnight sale are just another slumber sweet dream night to you...

However, to some people, airlines promotion is a golden opportunity to our dream-come-true moment! From airasia sales to now, sis and I are eyeing on airlines that provide flight scheduler to western countries..

Yes, we are currently talking about visiting Paris or London :p 'don't let your dreams just be dreams' we do know about this, as a working salary paid employee, budget and annual leave quote is the limit ><

So.. Let's plan things one by one. Let's realize dreams one by one.

Life is beautiful especially you have what to be done by today, and you looking forward to what is coming ^^ many plans and destination I want to work out with my children. Many events of life I want to realize them with laogong. Many lie down and doing nothing previous moments I want to have them with my sis.

Continue to live today life and waiting for airlines promotion hahahah :D

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to fly

Been being confused and mixed feeling lately..

Pray for the peace in my heart so I can stay focused and move forward. Keeping faith.

From cny till now, everyday I stay in the love of family ;) healthy children and lovely laogong. Family is in the happiness mode. Enjoy watching movie in the cinema lately, so almost every week, we bring children along for movie and popcorn. For 2 packs of pop corn, cost rm28.50. Start getting myself to adapt to the lesser money value especially when government service tax starting soon in April.

Although we been saying 'as long as i am having a job now is good enough, don't talk about bonus.. Many people jobless now...' Still, I am hoping good salary increment at least 6% to cover the gst expenses. Dream big and hope we can get big in return :p good thing is, my children are quite behaved in term of money spending for food. Most of the time they don't ask for fancy foods and fast food. In the event of 'mummy has only Rmxxx so spend in this amount Ya' then they would remind each other on food selection and menu pick :p

Another thing I enjoy being a mother is, now I can share my up and down with them. I can share the frustration or pressure i face in the office, I can ramble on their papa complaining me not doing housework.. Children laugh with me, comfort me, give problem solving idea or best still - release the frustration or unsatisfactory together then close the session with easy heart feeling :) children have grown up. Getting taller and taller. More clear on what they want. Harder to control now, but more friendly if you choose to be buddy with them.

Last night I shared with them, am thinking to help out the praise and worship session in the alternate Saturday good news club. Handle the action song singing session with the children in about 15min. Children said they wanted to help out too! I told them about there was a new preaching center opening soon by our church in our housing area. Surprisingly children said - mummy, you can go there be a Sunday school teacher and we can incharge the praise and worship session.

What a blessing to have children to serve in missionaries with me :) we can have bonding time together as well as serving our God ^^

When we reaching out to more circles of people, we see more, learn more and appreciate life more. The joy in us is like a river, flow abundantly ^_^

Last week, 1 of my boss's birthday wish is - 'in 2015, hope you all grow healthy physically, spiritually and humanly'. So my understanding to this would be, body get healthy, keeping faith in living, then live as a human - don't over work, be concerned, be kind. Not easy to always stay positive as we always got insulted by jealousy and depression.

Last night I sang this hymn in the journey for our dinner
I told children, these few days mummy pray for peace in my heart. Got nightmare and anxious feeling. Not easy to have a humble heart and willing to learn soul. Seeking God's help so I can walk on his path, live my life like Jesus Christ life.

Till then, have a great day!
I believe I can fly :D

Ps: I regret to do my hair treatment with apple cider vinegar. Now my head smells so 'sour' and I am gonna have a sit side by side morning discussion with my end user aaaahhh!

Friday, March 06, 2015

Love is..

Came across this from facebook this morning..

What is love? Tasted like? Shaped like? Feel like?..

The Bible indicates that love is from God. In fact, the Bible says "God is love 神是爱." Love is one of the primary characteristics of God. Likewise, God has endowed us with the capacity for love, since we are created in His image. The gift of God's son as a provision for sin was given to all humans, regardless of who we are. God's love is unconditional.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
上帝爱世人,甚至将他的独生子赐给 他们 ,叫一切信他的,不致灭亡,反得永生。
John约翰福音 3:16

To me, love comes in different forms..

Mama - cooks and brings warm homecook to my house, pick up my children from day care, helping me to clean my house when I sleep peacefully at night

Papa - reminding me on 'my best' is not 'the best' yet for getting the result I want, so continue to put in effort than sitting and complaining the unfairness of this and that; return my angpow money but keeping my blessing in the empty Angpow packet

Love is when my boy friend hold my face and looked into my eyes asked what happened to my sore eyes when I woke him up in the midnight.. Love is laogong went out to pick gold chain and cross pendant as baptised present when he was a non believer. Love is my children father wake up in the morning to iron children school uniform no matter what time he felt asleep in the night before.

Love is my angel cleaned the kitchen and brings me warm water when I am sick. Love is eva smiled and lay down beside me then wait for my eyes open from my sleep. Love is my boy saving 5 ringgit from 5 days pocket money so he can join his sisters to buy me a watch.

Love is someone special told me love is affirmation of love feeling. Love is to let go the one you loved.

恒久忍耐,又有恩慈;爱是不嫉妒;爱是不自夸,不张狂, 不做害羞的事,不求自己的益处,不轻易发怒,不计算 人的 恶, 不喜欢不义,只喜欢真理; 凡事包容,凡事相信,凡事盼望,凡事忍耐。 爱是永不止息。 ~哥林多前书 13:4-8

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. ~1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Not forgetting..
Love is someone sharing with you the same name and company you for all those crazy moments and realize all the devil plan.
Yes, love is mehmeh too :D

Happy Friday!
Let's love and be loved!

Thursday, March 05, 2015

I would rather..

Sis shared with me a link to beautiful places where you must visit in life. Out of few places, below are my choices

Pulpit Rock at Norway

Ukraine tunnel of love

Sky of stars at Egypt

Sky of stars at Iceland

The world is so big, the beauty of amazing God creation, for us to visit and witness all seem impossible. Still, I hope I can visit as many places as possible hehe

This morning in the journey to the school, I played a small games with children. Children to pick their choices.

I would rather..or..

Travel around the world alone or stay with your loved one in a no man island

Win the true love or win lottery

Go above the sky or go down to the bottom of the ocean

Go back to see your great great great grandparents or go to see your great great great grandchildren

Go up to the mountain with knives or go in the deep fryer with burning fire

Stay in a magnificent house alone or a small village house with family

Children answers and reason for their picks are quite positive. Not like me la, the choices made are not so simple and pure like them.

So my some answers and explanation to them would be..

Go to the bottom of the ocean, as I know I will go to the heaven when I die.. I may want to win lottery cause with lots of money you may travel around to find your true love who you love the person and the person love you too.. Stay in no man island with loved one and find way to get out from there then continue travel around the world with the person :p I told them, if you don't want mountain of knives or fire flame.. Then follow Jesus

马太福音 13:49-50
This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Like the ice breaker games, will do the same games for today workshop in the office :D

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

0303 rumble

Last night, eva asked me..

Eva: mummy, what it meant by 平时不烧香,临时抱佛脚

Mummy: only to clasp the Buddha's feet when danger arises. You only make a hasty last-minute effort eg during your exam..

Eva: it's ok, I won't clasp Buddha feet, coz I am a Christian haha :D

Mummy: same case, you don't pray everyday, but to profess devotion only when in trouble, then complain God doesn't listen to your prayer..

Eva: hehe where got..

Today is day13 of cny. Again I checked my cny photo album when I was having my cup of teh-c in the coffee shop this morning. I like this album, the photos shown my cny celebration, family and relatives bonding, children festive moods and RED!

Then I stopped at this pic..

Spot the different lengths of angel's hands? I been neglecting this. Few years back the ballet teacher told me this. I brought angel for a chiropractor checked and adjusted this. Then no more follow up on this as the distance and cost of treatment caused burden. But now, this pic has alerted me to do something on this.

As a mother, been realising it is not easy to raise children and meet all the criteria as a superb mother. Children may have the thought of mummy loves brother or sister more, mummy doesn't care about me, mummy doesn't prepare nicer meal for me compare to my classmates' mothers..

Today my colleague taken leave to collect her daughter's SPM examination result. We chat about this yesterday, 'last time my parents don't care much on my homework and result, still we put in effort to get better result and there was no issue on missing books, incomplete homework.. Less pressure from parents, better result children show' colleague agreed with me. Looking at children nowadays, my another colleague grabbed a quick lunch, then headed to the bookstore during lunch time to buy few activities books for her boy quarter year test. Same for my family, Laogong sometime spot check children pencil cases, colour pencils, school bags... And yet, we always get teachers concern sharing on our children for not behaving good at school hmmm..

Give thanks to my parents for being good parents to us. Give thanks to Lord for giving me children to help me be a better man :)

Today children are having test. My effort was - before I went to sleep, I reminded them to check their pencil cases to ensure they have pencils and eraser for their test. You might not be surprise, they don't have colour pencil to colour the answer on their papers :~ not feeling these few days, body has been tired, plan to be a better mother and better me has been paused :p

Thanks to laogong to complete this happy family ^^ and of course, tolerate my imperfection :D

Monday, March 02, 2015


单单相信你, 深深敬畏你,

诗篇 37:12 但谦卑人必承受地土,以丰盛的平安为乐。
But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace.

Like the above hymn lately. Sing the hymn everyday. Seek help from God to make me a more humble person, enjoy what has been given and share what I am having to the needy.

A slightly change of me lately, when I see bread of life is more important and needed than the food for my body. The more I know about God's words, the more I know Him; The more I understand His greatest love, the more I know about myself. When I got to know myself more, I know, change is needed to make myself a better man.

For this cny, I think much on I been putting myself in my comfort zone in many areas. At the age of reaching 36, thinking has changed, soul need is different.

Sis sharing the same thought with me. She has realised something too during this festive season.

Well, maybe you would say 'again the 2 sisters are talking the same topic - change change change but see no result' i would say, better than we don't realize anything right? Haha

Happy day 12 of cny!