Sunday, June 05, 2011

mini holiday outing

decided to bring bbb to cinema on Saturday - 1st Saturday of 2 weeks mid year school holidays.

reached aeon bukit tinggi :D bbb know to wear long jeans n jacket if need to go the cinema ^^

so excited! running in..

happy in the lift :p

with their favourite cars. our next movie outing title :)

today we are watching - kungfu panda2.

at cinema 6. can pose at mana mana saja :p

lunch time. while waiting for our seat.


at Kim Gary. angel n papa.

mummy n royee n eva.

well, they are on the table @_@

hero! hero! they want to take pic with papa hero.

time to go back after 3+ hours.

royee n his new Thomas set

gal gal chose their Disney puzzles too. we went to jusco for toys (I have rm100 gift voucher) then popular book store for angels colouring book an royee activity book.

reached home, take bath, drink milk then sleep.

sing to make them sleep coz night time we have wedding dinner to go.

I enjoy the outing. can feel bbb really grow up and am not that difficult to bring them out. but still, even near or far, expenses for children won't reduce. so, papa n mama need to work more harder to earn more ya.

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