Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Wednesday cheer~

got this from doreen ^^

yummy fried mihun n colourful candies :D feel warm when you receive surprise in your super busy hours ^^

at 1st we planned to customised the candies like above for my sis's wedding. but when you kira kira, customised on what you like, there is a minimum order. if buy those ready made one, in small amount, then it is relatively costly. to us la. so we don't prepare any candy, not even the cheaper one ^0^

in the train, going back home. finished the fried bihun as my dinner in the office. month end closing always made ppl stressed. after so many years, now my sis doesnt need to be busy at month end and 1st day of the months. so, she keeps calling me to disturb me. n me this itchy mouth wants to be busybody but then, reports are in my hands >.<

miss my nikie so much this morning. with wettie eyes I drive :~ cute honey boy of him.

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