Monday, June 27, 2011

monday drizzle

cooling Monday. raining n raining then ppl drive so slow. again am in the train station, when I suppose to be in the office at this time 9:26am :( traffic slow, then I miss the earlier train.

made myself the pumpkin + tomato + onion + 10grains + black sesame and steamed chocolate cake for breakfast. the cake is moist n light, no butter added. I use the cocoa powder that I bought from Indonesia bali, tastier? can't figure what's the different, but I know the price is expensive :p

over the weekend, seem like a long weekend to me :) feel like not doing much thing, but still many activities done ^^ our Saturday morning routine 9:30-11am is bbb weekend classes. royee-drawing, angel-ballet, Eva-music.

bbb always rushing for the classes, always 'u take bath 1st, u first..' @_@

last Saturday, there is something different.

I tried new bah kut teh in this restaurant which is quite famous, even in credit card promotion list. 1set shared by me n sis while waiting for angel finishes her class. hmmm I prefer the ordinary restaurants that I usually go :p

after angel finished her class, poor girl, she fast grap the sandwiches in the car that I prepared for her breakfast. tired n hungry. we go to a close friend's house..

tada! Normah n her new born princess! got so surprise for this news, as I didn't know she was pregnant! her baby is pretty n I feel to have my new baby :p again congrates to anor :D

go to subway pyramid after anor's house. nice dessert at honeymoon dessert :)

ya got to see mob dance. so fun to see a group of ppl dancing together under hot sun ~@~

ya, megasale treat when u spend hundreds in the mall. I bought blouse and pants for myself. my usually wear shorts koyak ooo!! don't have many pieces, so normally my shirts n pants n even shoes are worn till spoiled >.<

we got this rm14.90 3 scoops new Zealand ice-cream for free with the voucher :D 1st time try, ok la, I prefer the ice cream in aus gold coast :p

Sunday morning, I prepared vege soup for laogong, maid sister n myself; then homemade soybean hot drink for my sis before we go for Sunday service at the church.

children having performance. teachers n parents are the one busy and pressured :p normal la tu.. children playing around, adults worry this n that :p

having our lunch at aeon bukit tinggi Vietnam kitchen. can see 5 of us in the pic? :D

guide bbb in completing the kinder homework, then I be the teacher mummy, teach them english n do English n math activities books. then.. don't know when I fall asleep! when I about to wake up, I heard bbb huhu haha preparing themselves to the swimming pool with laogong.

then me went out with sis to buy baking stuff. then go jusco supermarket for vege n dinner. then I make the chocolate cake and another round of hot soybean to bring back banting for my papa n mama. chit chatting with mama, then I slept at 12:30am.

ya, Monday, month end closing week.. another 5 working days before I can enjoy my weekend again!


Anonymous said...

hehehe.....many activity....anak2....visitn fren....go 2 shoppin mall...havin ba kut teh.....tired!tired!.....*_*

Anonymous said...

ops!4gt 2 tel u sumthim.....try 2 get new bb ya!bole jadi kawan.....^_^