Thursday, March 29, 2012

28032012 special!

wonder why this is still in my draft blog folder.. repost on 29.03 :)


today is a very special day in my life!

my papa's birthday!

a drawing from royee ^^ can you see the very mini daddy at far away :p

ya, today is the day, my laogong asked me to be his girl friend back in 11 years ago :)

well, sis complaining no blog from me.. since last friday, I have been busy...

busy in work, busy in sorting out what I want, busy in recovering my feeling..

busy at home, busy this and that..

conclusion for these few days is I choose to be poor in the pocket but rich in the heart :)

btw, thanks Mei for the mms this morning ^^

sweet 28032012

papa 62 birthday ^^

we can't give back the ocean deep love parents given to us throughout these years, we can't pay back how much effort and money they spent for us.. what we can give is our little more time slots, to chat with them, to laugh with them, to listen to them, to let them feel we are here for them. any other thing is more precious and valuable than having a good and harmony family gathering and let papa and mama know, we love them and thank them for everything that can't be described by words :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

2303 Friday

this Friday is special, special happy and special down @_@

I love my lovely gals so much. they getting talkative, smarter, girlie, sweeter ^^

blissful blessing ^^

start morning with BAGUS mood ^^

comment I got for the beautiful morning :)

lunch time with home food lunch box. once opened, see my mum added some tofu and vege ^^ feel loved..

today company staff all wearing this shirt for our new top up card. my colleague got a pandan layer cake from vendor, so we shared it with the whole department ^^

I end the day with very mixed feeling. but better already, at least, now I have released my confusion and sense of lost.

good night zzzzz...

someone's belly...

budak ini punya kekekke :D

19W 2D

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21033012 wed

good morning sunny Wednesday ^^

today my 2 gals are good gals, they wake up early, get ready and we leave house early :D we sing together in the car to thank God for this lovely blessed day :)

having breakfast at subway kl Sentral. suppose to reach the office early to get ready for 10am communication session that going to be chaired by team member and I. but what is more important thing than a quiet breakfast time ^^ my sub is with more olives :) asked for black coffee, but I got nescafe.

last nigh I editing my papa and mama china trip photo video at digo's house, while waiting the video to save, I do some changes to my blog site. added my YouTube link too.

some time tickers added - my sis's pregnancy due date an my children age ^^ gonna do more to the site.

eva shows me these drawing - sunny day

not very sunny day :p

rainy day - she said this drawing not nice. but I like the big umbrella. feel protected.

no matter what, the most important thing is - a happy and complete family can be together with connected hearts :D

ps: I am sexy with bikini :D

ps: the nescafe is too sweet to me! didn't finish it..


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


polycystic ovarian syndrome

a life stone that made me think a lot, feeling and dream lose.. but at the same time, I am so thankful for what I am having now and be blessed for everything that I have being given ^^


Monday, March 19, 2012

sweet Monday

yo! let's sweeten our blue blue Monday with sweetness ^^

got the secret?

ta-da! sweet sweet brownies sunday for you! we have cream macadamia and mocha blueberry served!

laogong bought t-shirts for royee from tesco - rm5 each and they are in very soft and thick quality! nice drawing design too :D

after a weekend battery recharged..

can you see an angel flying? :)

yo! we are ready to be back to the school and mummy to work!

see ya!