Friday, February 21, 2014

1st hair cut

So, price hike in year 2014, suddenly just feeling why I want to spend extra for the same thing. So we start looking at living style and habit that can be changed to maximize our money, since we been taking things for granted.

Once we change the habit, we can see the effort do bring us benefit in one and another way. Eg we are now not sleeping with aircond, as children commenting the room temperature is cool in the midnight. So I got laogong to clean the room fan often, then we are ok to sleep with the fan only. Now I don't see my night asthma royee boy, having difficult in breathing in the midnight. This is great right? ^^

One day, when we did our grocery shopping at hypermarket, I saw the hair clipper. After reading the user manual, Ya, why I want to spend rm5-10 for royee's hair trim say 3 weeks once and taking time to send him to the saloon, since I can do it by my own?

So, now we start the adventurous part :D I watched few YouTube video clips before I started my 1st cut!

I told royee 'don't worry, mama watched YouTube already, you must be proud to be my 1st customer :D' am trying to build up his confidence to mummy :p

Eva snapped all these photos. She was excited!

Lesson learnt, next time must cover his body with newspaper

Ada Gaya tak? :p

Very itchy oooo

Hmmm not easy, but few more round of practise, I know I can make it better ^^

So this girl also wanted a hair trim. Wahh suddenly children are confident with mummy's skill ooo ^0^

I want to buy a hair cut scissor next time.

Or else you see, kitchen scissor also came out :p

Hmm not so ok, I finally use hair clipper to do the trimming. Not so balance huh. But my customer was happy oooo :p

Tada! My satisfied half naked customers :D

Next week I will be away for holiday, so laogong needs to do something extraordinary.

'How lah, why the braid is not tight enough?' Hehe this is the 2nd try.

So I showed laogong a simple way. Another round if training then I can be off for holiday ^0^ am having confidence, laogong can handle bbb very well :)

Pic of this morning, Eva sharing the night before haircut experience with papa and angel.

Angel said very nice hor :p

I love the siblings touch! See royee enjoying love :)


Thursday, February 20, 2014


Last year, when we started the year of 2013 with a brand new togetherness - one family finally staying together under one roof, 3 children going to primary school, half day care, working mummy rushing back for the family, non stop housework, school homework.. Most of the time, we packed foods for weekday dinner.

This year, with one year adapting to this hectic schedule, now we are settling down. So children have time for tv, comics.. Mummy has some time..

..for church ministry..

..trying new recipe..

.. grow plant too

Trying my best to prepare breakfast for children, sometime it is just a cup of hot milo/horlicks with oat/nestum. For weekend, I prepare some fancy breakfast - to attract laogong too! :p

This is breakfast for my children and lunch for myself. We have salmon spread + black olive sandwich in the baguette - a long thin loaf of French bread. Normally we get the baguette at rm 2-5 in hypermarket, for the round, I got it at rm0.25. What a big saving huh! Lately I do my grocery shopping at tesco with laogong and children, normally we drop by the bakery section to grab the special promotion bread varieties :p wise wife right? ^0^

So normally I do next day dinner preparation after I wash all the dishes and clean the dining room.

For the next day dinner - eg taufu porridge

Keep this in the fridge. The next day morning, set the timer to cook porridge/rice to cook after 11-12 hours.

So when children reach home, take bath, mummy get the dinner ready..

Sometime if mummy take longer time to prepare the food, children eat some junk stuff too >_<

Prayer together and eat together ^^

Sometime sis and baby shyuan join us too! Not all the meal sis joining us, although I prepare for her too. Sometime sis wants to go out have a quiet moment with shyuan for nicer food + dessert to gain more weight. Oppss! To release stress and reward herself :D

Sometime, I bring some simple stuff to the office as lunch too. Enjoy the quiet moment in the office :)

Today is 20feb, been cooking dinner for most of the weekday since new year of 2014, although sometime it is just a tin mackerel fish in chilli sauce, often we have soup to drink, hot meal served and harmony dinner hours :)

Hope this can be continued so we can have more happy moment together and eat what we feel to eat and try to eat healthier by adding in more natural food ingredients to the meal :)

'I love you, you love me, we are happy family~'

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Magnetic love

Last night sis showed me these..

Photo magnets :) what a great surprise!

Flying family - my dad's nick name is apple (flying in hokkien) hehe

My dad - we deal!

So I made joke in family chat room

Me: papa, next year we go New Zealand to see sheep, then go to see Northen light and lying down on the snow field. Ok?

Papa (in the pic) : done deal!

My digo used this song to 'tackle' my er sao :p

Cutie gal family :D

Touched to see this!

And my happy sunshine too! Plan to put this on my office workstation whiteboard ^^

Nice pieces right? I like them so much!

Thanks to my lovely sis :D

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Just got a gift from my officemate
Souvenir from korea.

Been not picking up this souvenir for months. Just now when I got it, attracted by the red packing bag :)

Feel happy with the though as we were not so closed officemate.

I got this from the office mate from the previous japan trip ^^ feeling is great when you were remembered.

Today, I got this.

"God is Love" came in my mind when I saw the gift! Seldom see people prepare religious gift unless you are sure the receiver will like the gift as well as the religion.

This is from a muslim's colleague. God's love make us respect people's believe and belief.

Will continue to look for a nice heart catching cross ring for myself in my upcoming travel trip ^^ gambatte!

Simple moment

Last sunday, we went back to sgbuloh to dc31 and my in law house.

Main purpose for this trip was to send the ceiling fan to dc31.

My boy helps much in the household stuff now :)

Hopefully very soon I can sit down and relax goyang kaki (day dreaming :p)

Grandchildren of my parents in law ^^

Like the flower background

Royee loves baby! Especially to nephew Jen eu and song song

Royee didn't want to let go the little brother once he got the boy. Hope royee can be a good father in the future with his caring heart :)

Royee had a walk with grandpa in the evening..

When dad in law came down from his room he asked me 'do I look smart?' Hehe my reply was 'wah~'

We dropped by 2nd brother in law house too

They shared the calligraphy art piece that brought back from china. Laogong was trying to read all the words ;)

1 big family went out for dinner. Sitting with my mum in law and we chit chatting. Simple gathering that made up quality meet up. Love the smile of satisfaction on everyone faces ^^