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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

master children room

as mentioned in previous posts, i have moved bbb beds to my room. since i hadnt done anything to my room, so i am ok to turn this master room to be a children fun area. i think, for these 1-2 years, i need to continue using cute n colorful bedsheet covers :p anyway, am enjoying this, coz after few years, when children only stay in their own rooms, n always say 'mummy, can u pls leave me alone?' then i would be so wu liao lo..

from picture left - royee, eva, angel, mama, papa bed :D

temporarily set up for bbb dvd showing

toys n diapers sini sana

Sunday, April 12, 2009

bbb in the room

i have brought in children beds to my room. according to feng shui, this is not good, many beds in a room. but, they want to sleep with me, then, always sleep on the floor, n the bed frames would be keeping in their own rooms. wasted money. they are happy with this arrangement n i hvae strong feel, the bed frame gonna kaput soon, coz they non stop jumping here n there :p

see, started got sis's posing :)


they were watching tv actually..

eva posing, angel cute ^_^

my lovely shonejay angels~

love them...much!

my angels ^_^

Saturday, April 11, 2009

messy fun corner

laogong was angry coz we didnt keep toys nicely. marah n marah, then he went up n down to send the toys back home :p 'just dump everything into the baskets, if i give u all these toys, do u play to play?' i said, 'u tell kakak la, i jaga anak, she picks up toys one ma' in fact, i did train bbb to pick up their toys after playing, they did. but before they left the room, mesti cari pasal one.. messy the room again :(
see, usb adapter also in the children room :S

laogong took nearly an hour to settle all the toys..


1st day in taman

tell u, this time i betul betul want to lose my weight one, see, even i slept at 3am+ night before, i woke up at 7am+ to go to the butterfly park for my 1st jogging :p 1st time i went to the park, bbb went there many many times with uncle or papa. very big park, was so excited about the exercise facilities :) asked laogong to bring bbb to the playground, n i started jogging. eva followed me, so when i started to jog, she running. super cute!!! she ran like duckling :p running half way, can hear angel non stop crying at at opposite side. then i stopped down n do some sit-up. what i did, eva follow me :p heart break when i saw angel running alone on the path towards me :~ 'mama~~ mama~~ mama~~~' laogong said, she non stop wanted, cannot control her.
so, failed to jog for 2 big rounds as per my plan. i stopped n played with them at the playground. then can see their smiley faces lo. told laogong, next time, i would go early to the park with my sis, after 1 hour, only u bring bbb come. nie bersemangat nak keep fit meh.. :p

mummy n bbb

nice scene hor. if mummy is with nicer bodyline then much better the outcome of the pic :p

eva. start buat hal. all want to go right, she wants to go left

moody face

angel. another one buat hal

we all want to go back, she doesnt want to!

royee n the tree :)

angel still hugging her tree even gogo sweet talk to her :(

Sunday, February 01, 2009

cny day-7

cny day 7, everyone's bday. what a crazy nite for us.. in bkt31 :p read the short story >>> here
i dont censor those crazy photos, just showed the photos to mummy, n read sis's blog, we were non stop laughing here hahahhaa.. see la, later i showed the photos to kakak, let us gila again :p

' yee sang' without fish

'will do this every year' told sis

bon n mich n pooh n bruce

me n laogong

i looked guai guai de


the only cny deco in bkt31

crazy sisters :p

asked kakak to join us, she chose the bakul

sis told kakak 'huat is kaya, u mau kaya, cakap HUAT AHH!'

kakak was so paiseh :p she must thinking why my majikan ini macam punya kakaka

me n pooh switched..

this pic, kakak kena NG by sis. 'macam so takut'

tuan rumah bkt31 yang wu liao :p

Monday, October 27, 2008

bkt31 housewarming party

would like to thanks all friends n relatives who came for the party n thanks for your presents, wines, vouchers, ang pow. no tunderstorm rain on saturday nite ^_^ thanks bruce's mummy for vegetarian foods, thanks mama for additional fish curry n ikan bakar, thanks digo for seremban sao bao, thanks kakak for keeping the house clean after the party. terima kasih banyak banyak ^_^ will upload more photos at online photo album soon.

my sis's 1st guest. joyce + hubby + bb gal
they witness the mess in the kitchen :p

prepare angel for the party


my 1st guest. hairi + asmiza
they offciate the catered food

eva n ayra - as's princess

royee + ayra

my sis in law n the prince - yu jet

BIG head n small head
my digo + lil jack
susan + her niece + me

me + anor

me + normah + mei mei

royee + me + susan

our angels~

lil jack is sleeping zzZZzz
my sis's sporting officemates
my sis forced them to do this 'siapa tak buat flower saya takkan approve dia punya OT' :D
banting lang
hehehe flowers~