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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dinner at hilton

after the siaran langsung post from kl hilton, few ppl have been waiting for this post :p ppl want to see ah soh in dress n kelam kabut to go hotel for wedding dinner :p sort like kampong auntie dressing herself to the town!! hu~ hu~ anyway, i enjoyed the wedding dinner, felt loved to see the couple in sweet and very nice wedding pictures. wed pic taken in europe countries! so beautiful~ and lots of photos on registration of marriage, wedding day n lots more :D

me n laogong at home. the only couple pic for the nite :p
am old... :(

my padicure result. the new high heel from hush puppies
*sorry, tak reti poseing sexy :p*

men in black! busy touching up! :p
laogong's colleague


reception crew :) all laogong's colleague
this is the wed of laogong's little boss

the theme, white n purple

i love this hair deco!!!!!

hall for cocktail

the ballroom entrance

in the ballroom


table no.63 for us. we were not the same table with other colleagues :(

the doorgift..

me in the washroom! :) too free ok~
wanted to take pic to show my curl hair :p

laogong n colleagues are helping out
i helped them to take care the presents. many BIG n nice packing presents!

guess what?! no one is wearing jeans! :p
laogong: luckily i didnt listen to u, wearing jeans to match your jean dress

entering the ballroom :D

ending of the dinner.. they had fun!

rich aunties presenting line dancing
i told laogong, maybe when i at this age, i have this for entertainment too! ^_^

cute boy! he really enjoyed in music n dancing

laogong forced to drink!

'why never finish one----'

the hall in blue~

in purple~

in purple~

like these green apples
*am too free there, enjoying the live band n photo snapping*

ok laogong got allergic coz of alcohol hmmm
my hair not that curls anymore.. coz it was without hair gel, look natural ma

Sunday, October 18, 2009

bbb bday party - the cake deco

many 1st time in this cake deco. n try n error. kelam kabut scene in the kitchen. limited tools n items. managed to get SMILE from bbb ^_^

the overnite choc moist cake
strawberry muffins

1st try on whipped cream. like the WHITE

try on choc rice..

hmmm the colors combination was not satisfied

..shall we continue with the choc rice?
look at my arm, got the whipped cream too! :p

finally.. we removed the choc rice..

added red cherry

deco for angel's cake

with mashmarrow

mummy in action~

close up.. hmmm not that professional rite..

have to quickly sent the cakes into the fridge. the whipped cream got warm

royee likes green..

light green n darker green.. n my nails got green too!

the lion from happy meal :p
wanted to put truck on the cake, but forgot to buy jelly bean
i like the white on the green :D

tell u, i syiok sendiri when looking at this cake :p

with 4 candles

final for eva's cake. but some changes on angel's candles position..

bbb bday party - the preparation

the bday party preparation started 2 days before. thanks a lot to sis n her colleague ai fen to spend their leave n helped out in the party.

some winnie the pooh theme wall deco
left the children names banner in the office :S

for the party pack

pudding and sweets

seasoning for sotong n fish fillets (not in the pic)

longan n nata de coco for crystal jelly
it was nearly 12am

laogong was busy in the boy's room

done for our kiwi crystal jelly

get ready for cakes baking..

sis is monitoring the choc moist cake

strawberry muffin base

packing my gifts to bbb while the cakes were in the oven
it was 2am+

ya.. bday shirts for bbb
like the colors n smiley faces :D

the following day am .. pinkie sago for kuih sago
and 30 packs of ketupat got ready (not in the pic)

busy with 200 wantan

ai fen - wantan shifu.. sitting for hours for the wantan only!

me busy in cake deco, sis fries the kacang tanah for satay kuah

bread sushi - cucumber, sausage, carrot, mayonnaise
wanted to wrap with seaweed, time limited, so we used tooth pick :p

additional tables for serving the foods
cincau drink got ready. paper plates n paper cups were ready too

additional crystal jelly made by my mummy