Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Charity Bazaar

Aloha! Today 2608 am wearing pink dress and purple shoes ;p trying to act like a young gal ;D

I like this soft colour combination. The hair clips made for last week charity bazaar. Only 5 clips, grabbed by couple of sisters from a family. They wanted to buy this for the mother and gals in the house, as they can't decide which one to pick, they just grabbed all!

Ya last Saturday I went to my colleague's church for charity bazaar. 130 stalls with all sorts of service, foods, games, accessories and home stuff.

I sell handmade and they sell cup noodles and laundry detergent. The business is quite good, manage to collect rm761 for the donation. Feeling satisfied!

Surprised to see laogong and children come to visit me when the bazaar is about to close. They got food tasting fun too!

From 9am-3pm, we ended the bazaar. Laogong suggested for a outing at the malls.

Late lunch at one utama shopping mall. Children started ordering the own choices. Grown up lo.

We are in fact has no purpose hanging out in the mall. Just window shopping at leisure pace.

Poor colourful cow. Kena main kau kau from bbb.

Waiting for their plain yogurt incr cream cones.

As usual, papa only bought for bbb. Mummy having none :~

Watching the sticky candy shop staff preparing the yummy candy. Then we got free candy sticks!

Enjoyed! Papa and mama got one each too!

From one utama shopping mall, we go to ikea. Walk till you 'flat' >< am so tired ooo.. But four of them were so excited with the newly renovated store and design. Hmm.

Plan to buy this bed set for children. Gonna survey more for their room with bigger workstation.

Before heading back home, we stopped by ss2 for late dinner. Way back home, royee companied mummy and gal gal companied papa :) reached home, total flat.

From 4.30am to 11+pm I give thank to God for all the smooth journeys and made me understand better with - giving is receiving. I hope with the small sum money contribution, and tiny effort of me, some underprivileged children feel the love of God.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday green

Instead of Monday blue, am wearing green shirt today, so today is a green Monday, a new beginning of the week.

Got a bad eczema on lap and backside. It just started with 1-2 pops, then it spreads :( on medication, which made me so sleepy throughout the day. Doesn't seem getting better then condition, maybe I should seek specialist soon.

Been talking wanted to try to bake some buns for children to try, finally, I walked into the kitchen I started the weight and kneading process.

This round I have Eva to help me from the beginning till the end of the process ^^

Angel snapped the pic.

Ta-da! My 1st ever 12 buns made. I tasted the smallest one. Children immediately grabbed 2. Hmm that's the reason why I don't want to bake buns and cakes often, coz once the end product came out from the oven, children tend to eat more. Anyhow, I don't encourage children to eat flour more.

Crab stick bun + cheese + brown sugar to make the bun sweeter.

The supporters ^^ the recipe is on the wall if you can spot it ;)

Yesterday we got a very nice youth Sunday service. The hymns chosen for the praise and worship session have touched my heart. The sermon shared has made me think the purpose of me in this living, and how can I used my blessed talents to give back to the church and community. Each of us are here for a reason. It is not by accidentally. It might a failure to a world, but in God's kingdom, we are all existed for an purpose. Treasure own self.

After Sunday school, got the department head talked to me. We got a good chatting session. I feel warm and inspired when talked to her. Advice pieces from her, made me feel confident to play each of the roles of me.




Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sudden visit

Been thinking to visit my papa especially after got to know the latest body checkup, the result seem not so good.

Flying soon, 1st time using the walking stick

Seeing this pic made me missing papa much.

Saturday morning after sending children to the art class..

Luckily I got laogong in the town ^^ I went back papa mama home with sis and baby Shyuan. Happy to see papa mama. Guess they were happy to see us too! Hehe. Ya as usual, complaining about we 2 sisters are fat, still non stop eating :p come on, what else we shall do when go back home town? Of course tasting all the nice and yummy foods!

Mama hand washed and hair spa sis hair and my hair. Nice kan? ^0^ after that we have yummy homecook tea break too!

Few hours staying in papa mama home, feel the love and care. Catch up with digo too. He shared his business plan.

Registered baby Song to the kinder. A caring husband and father. Of course, apart from serious talk, we talked lots of funny and pulling each other legs stories hehhehe

In fact, was showing my legs to digo on skin allergic eczema. But the story made up by my mum in the collage came out different funny stories. Hahaha

Kekeke.. Anyhow, I love to be at home. Home sweet home that recharged myself :)

Thanks papa and mama for all your love and care. Thanks laogong for taking care children when I need some alone space. Thanks for sis and bro for giving me lots of laughter with all the silliness act and chatting topic :)

Can't wait to go to today Sunday service. Miss my family in Christ too!

Happy sunday!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mid aug

Wow, time is flying! So fast huh come to mid of august, another quarter to go then we celebrate Christmas then welcome a brand new year!

Today in car sharing with bbb. Want children to different the hurting truth and beautiful lies.

Today is the office bad t-shirt day.

No special t-shirt I am wearing. Just choose a simple t-shirt which my gals said -
Angel: mummy, you look like a young student la!

Eva: Ya ya ya, you won't wear like this to the office, coz you seem like going to the market

Royee: (walk in the room) mummy, you are not working today?

Hehehe, well I am expecting people to wear very wild design of t-shirt. My colleague asked me to wear pyjamas "wow! My pyjamas all see thru one wor!" :p

Company giving out something from branding marketing for celebrating 19 years anniversary. However, for those long service staff to have this special souvenirs, some are feeling amusing, some are feeling disturbed.

Anyhow, I like the design and creative idea for the gift itself. The colour, the combination of all design putting them together. However, for the meaning of the appreciation gift, that is a different story as it is very subjective to each individual.

There is a hidden thumbdrive in the cassette ^^

They are many new things and new working way and activities coming up in the company lately, to improve staff engagement and performance efficiency. Many changes we need to adapt fast, for own self to feel good in the new position.

One of the new thing in the office is..

Ta-da! The drink maker in each floor of the office. So instead of you buy a cup of Starbucks or Gloria jeans or coffee bean hot drink; or own bancuh teh tarik or Nescafé from the cleaner kakak - now you can choose your own hot drink.

We have espresso, mocha, hot choc, black coffee, latte, cappuccino, hot milk... I was so busybody go and tell some of my colleagues, don't drink this often, as they are creamer and sweetener, no good for health if we drink those hot drinks everyday. Though they are so convenient, with one press for a hot served drink.

Snap the pic when they filling up the mixing power. Not cheap to maintain all this, my concern is the hygiene of the mixer.

Many staff feeling excited about this, new machine new toy ma. Yesterday I tried one cup of mocha + hot choc as recommended by my colleague. Hmmm too sweet and heart for me. Still, I prefer my unsweetened chinese tea ^0^

So how's life for me and my children? Well, I like to be with bbb, addicted to their cuteness and creative ideas and conversation.

Ask them to sit still for snapping photos to grandma

See the boy getting rounded. Coz he starts cooking for himself - as long as he is free!

The 2 gals getting taller and taller, just started to wear new size of the school uniform, now have to change to larger size to avoid teacher complaining on the dress length.

House is still in mess :~ mummy lazy to do housework, children like to mess up the house. Then.. Papa no eyes to see all of us @_@ anyhow, quality moment and active communication are the most important things in a family.

Happy Friday!

Kekeke.. Amusing stuff.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Perth trip 2014 - part6

Here come 3rd day in perth city

Taking free city transfer

To harbour town for factory outlets shopping

Not so clouded. Not so worth buying after currency conversion of x3 :~ another problem is, either the size is small for me or too big for me. Yes, too big :p anyhow, manage to grab some worth buying sweater and coat for my future travelling trip ^0^ well, I admit, there is always the convincing reason or excuse for spending my money :p

While waiting for sis settle her natural emergency call :p

Easy shopping~

Before leaving the place, we got our tea break. The carrot cake is nice.

Chatting in this leisure time when pigeons flying and around us

So here come the kings park

This is the view when I resting at the bench. Soooo relaxing~


A pic of us at kings park before we running off coz of raining

Waiting for free transfer back to our hotel. See 2 fatty cute cats? Hehe

So we got the worthy chinese meal again. 2nd visit^^

Then we go shopping at Target. Similar like H&M store. Here I got nice sizes for me, but still currency conversion rate is the main concern. I bought myself a long jeans. My sis is looking for comfortable pyjamas. Lots of choices. So we were busy in the large fitting room.

Then my crazy sis asked me to put this on. Reason? She wanted to snap the pic of this cute pyjamas.

So we non stop laughing in the room. Were saying, buy one so next time we can wear it on board for night flight.

It is convenient because you can just pull the bottom part when you need to go toilet hahaha :D

Then my sis asked if laogong got mood for xoxo if see me wearing this ^0^ so we must check it out..

So this is the laogong reply when layan these 2 crazy sista kekeke..

Ok enough being funny, we walked back to the hotel room. Grab 2 burgers for supper.

So we are ready for the final night happy hour!

Hmmm the lemonade cocktail didn't sis taste! Anyway, we finished the burger then.. Hibernate like big polar bear :p

Here come the 4th day. Snap a pic of the nice wallpaper before we leaving the hotel.

Walked around to do some final shopping for souvenirs.

Fortune cookies? Sis said nope, this is the symbol of Australian souvenir, don't know how to call it in English.

Commonwealth building. I like the morning sky.

See children having kids activity at the candy shop.

Have our lunch before we leaving to the airport.

At the airport.. Reached early. Nothing to do but.. Eat!

So this is the short trip of sister de stress. Miss those moments when we are worry free and enjoying nice view, peaceful moment, tasting nice food in the nice weather.

After this trip, we felt that.. Not so worthwhile for our currency rate to spend in Australia. Coz for the similar amount of budget, we can fly to japan and enjoying more days. However, the feeling is different of to compare the 2 countries and travel purpose.

Less than 1 month, I have started missing the great moments in perth, even though the trip is short, but I like it to be so simple and sweet with sister bonding :)

Till then, work hard to pay the travel trip debt before the next trip coming hehehe.