Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hmm.. 30.12.2013

Morning rushing to work, forgot to bring my laptop. So after sending sis to work, drove her car back home to take my laptop. Then I didn't have house key. Called bro in law who was asleep to open the door for me..

Evening, I had caused my mama misunderstood sis and I would go back home to celebrate parents 40th anniversary..



Ya yesterday was a day I didn't know what happen to me, brainless for the whole day :( and ya, good excuse for my 'dearest' sis to scold me and teasing me..

Last night I slept in guilty and confused feeling.

Hope today I will have a good year closing. Now taking the train to work, having not so good experience for today blood sample taking..

31122013 11:51 Hungry + upset sweetiemich dropping by..

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

How was your festive season celebration going? I got a happening and blessed gathering session with people I love ^^

On 21/12 we celebrate Christmas with Sunday school children

This year, we got the cute baby shyuan joining us singing merry Christmas songs at church

Learn to having joy and non stop clapping hands!

We gonna see this type of bbbe after this when together the home children grow up and having each other :)

This is the gifts for the Sunday school children

On Christmas Eve
As usual, spending money is our hobby ^0^ hahaha just kidding, we like to enjoy sister love bonding (sounds better?) at 1st we were planning to have a relaxing full body massage then followed by nice western meal and closed the bonding session with sweet ice cream pool..

Since both of us are good wives and mummies.. (convincing not? :p)..

We were simply having a meal at secret recipe after our shopping for Christmas gifts :D the deal was 1 tea or coffee and you got 50% off for the a cake ordered. Since we ordered 2 cups of lemon tea and green tea blended, we 'force to' order 2 pieces of cakes lo ^0^

Season of sharing not forgetting shyuan's nanny auntie who been taking good care of the little devil. The deal was buy 200g free 50g of cookies. Smart consumers right? :D lagong may start calculating our day expenses :p

We went to the church for Christmas musical night

This year we have digo and family joining us too! See, the couple matching sweet colour, ersao even carrying a same colour tone handbag! Beh tahan ooo

So reach home at around 11pm.. Make sure children were sleeping then I start setting up the Christmas tree. Of course, some syiok sendiri selfie moments going on ^0^

The wrapping of the gifts kept me occupied till 4am! Of course while wrapping the gifts, I chit chatting with my sis who busy preparing handmade gift too.

This year, home children got these cute piggy bank

And the double S got these cutie!

On Christmas evening..

We are ready for the family gathering

We have chef of the day preparing western and oriental style roasted chicken :D

The Vietnamese Santa preparing Vietnam spring rolls

Busy couple hehe


This year am a bit free coz I don't need to prepare food :p

Meal time

See the big chef expression, cutting chicken like cutting beef! Haha because of my kitchen knife not sharpen for many years!

Yummy ooo! Prefer the oriental style. The western chicken is meaty so need longer time marinated

Children, Christmas tree and gifts!

Lovely mummy and 2 cute daughters :p see my skirt? Christmas gift from my mama :)

Bbb and papa mama. See the gals wearing like teenagers - Christmas gifts from grandpama

Shyuan and mama

Cutie Santa devil doll ^_^

Nephew yujet. 1st time seeing a child didn't unwrap presents immediately. He holds the gifts tightly and enjoy seeing people unwrap their gifts :)

Bbbe and gifts

My few hours hardwork for this moment ^0^

Baby song seems not attracted with the cutie doll :S my digo said the boy might be more excited if we gift few packs of biscuits :p

See this gal, happy with the doll! Worth the money spent haha :D

Ya, see my brother surprised when he got to know he got a gift from sis

This is the deco my gogo asking my sis to do for his car. So you can see monkey mama + tiger papa = baby rat :D

Then come my mama's present

Ta-dah! This is for my papa and mama 40th anniversary present. My mum been talking she always dreaming off when papa and mama at the old age, they sitting together and don't know do what la :p so you see 4 red apples in the basket.

Nah, 4 big apples hehehe and 2 oranges (daughter in law) keke :p

Here come my time! Luckily I got prepared present for my sis or else she might be disappointed ooo

Unwrapping the present..

I prepared this for my sis. Pic taken from our Christmas at Singapore album. Hmm when we were young shots :~ now with children commitment, not easy to fly here fly there without worry.

Some love notes to my sis. I really got a great sis as my best companion in my life up and down!

This is what I prepared for sis in hope of she can put aside her old and dirty pouch hehehe

Here come my surprise moment! Wahhhh my sis is a 'limited edition' fan! Last time I got a limited edition handbag now I got limited edition scent skin care. Touching! Hmmm don't know how much she spent..

Then I got this love handmade too! Been asking sis to make me a pen cap for my office used. You may not know, I like to use pen cap hehe

Personalised and motivation note pen cap!

Well, that's all for gift session. Everyone was happy with their gift and surprises..

Except this guy don't want to see my face.. Ya! My digo and ersao got no gift!! The chef of the event, the pretty Vietnamese Santa got no gift - with our excuse, don't have enough time to prepare for you! Wahhh! This BIG boy non stop complaining bla bla bla..

Here come the super hero to stop the BIG boy throwing tantrum!

Loafing brought the white wine for digo - kept in our house few years already. Hope it gonna be nice taste for digo as the wine suppose to keep longer time for better taste. Hehehe at least you can see his smile now :p

There end our Christmas celebration for year 2013 :) warmth and lovely one ^^

You may wonder if laogong given me anything for the special day? Ya! To my surprise I got present from laogong -- can't recall my last present from him..hmmm when har? Many years ago I got a camera then.. What else har?

So I got the latest iPhone 5s in town ho!ho!ho! Laogong said this present for 1 year special celebration. So a smart wife like me, I consider the one year is year 2013! So I shall have a big present for year 2014 :D

With so many presents and jolly holiday programs..

The most precious gift is what God has prepared for us!

Yes, Christmas is birthday of Jesus and He is the reason for the season :)

With Joy, Love, and Peace received, we close the year with blessing of God :)

Merry Christmas and happy season holiday!