Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Meals for children

So cute and yummy look foods for kids!

Impressed with the japanese mum prepares all these cute stuff for children. Sometime I do come across those look very delicious and yummy attractive bento for children too. Other than salute those mothers' effort and creativity, I don't do anything farer from there for my children @_@

Chinese New Year trip went back to in law hometown, see few families keep very clean and tidy environment for children. Serving warm home cook and soft spoken to children to ensure they eat and get their stomach full.. Am guilty for that @_@

As a working mother, I have thousands of excuses not doing housework to the tip-top condition, taking care all children, family, friends needs to maintain the well being and good relationship.

Hmm perlu insaf dah.. Time to sit down and reflect the not-good me :0

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mehmeh year

So, according to Chinese traditional astrology, what personality traits are associated with the year of the goat?

It is thought that the people born in the year of the goat are calm, gentle, polite, intelligent and kind, as well as artistic and creative. They are economical and approach business cautiously, taking great care to consider the feelings of others.

The ability to be empathic and sympathetic are attributed to people born in the year of the goat, and they are believed to place great emphasis on attaining the approval of people they respect.

What about weaknesses?

People born in the year of the goat are believed to be overly-sensitive and insecure, as they often misinterpret or over-analyse situations. Their need to be loved and protected means they are sometimes unable to stand up for themselves. They tend to shy away from confrontation and are not confident decision-makers.

Hehehe.. I am a meh meh goat.
36 year old this year haha :D

Can't wait to go back home for cny celebration preparation.. Till then, happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015






Above conversation, came from my boy who covered himself with his blanket. He told me there was a room in the school which cater for student who was having troubles and heart burden. Guess, his mind being disturbed, his heart being hurt. He confused about himself. I feel upset when seeing this. I went to his mattress, 'come, let me hug you' I pat him. I asked for his hands, 'let us pray together'..

My eyes gone wet while praying. Singing hymn to sleep him. Closing my eyes and sing, tears dropping at the same time. My boy is grown up. He has more complicated worry and problems in mind compare to last time. He has his own mindset and way of handling his feeling. After all I would say, to try to understand and read the boy mind, wouldn't be that easy anymore.

At the same time, I don't know how to comfort my BIG boy. Guess, tonight laogong and my boy feeling not good too.

Good night. Pray for peaceful night.