Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kansai day

Sis said today is 28th of the month, aeon big is having kansai day 5% discount - 'anything you want to buy?' Can't think of any, nowadays, am trying for not spending unnecessary expenses so I can can travel more :p

Another 3 months we going to celebrate niece's 3 year old birthday. Time flies.

Lately, when we are having more bonding times for children to be together, I found my children are matured enough to take care small kid needs. Baby Shyuan has big gogo and jie jie to be with her and all together enjoying the siblings bonding. I got surprised when I knew that eva was cleaning poop poop of her cousin brother song song when digo, sis and I went out for dessert. The build up for a child who are from family with children would be different than a single child at home. At least, parents can send the single child to play school and more children outing to let the child learn and communicate with other children.

Got my breakfast with sis this morning. My mum overnights at my house. Feel the love and care :) last night talking with my mum.. Am thinking of planning a trip to go with my mum and sis. As time goes by, as mother is getting older, we shall do that more often. When we start aging, we have stronger sense of what parents really want. Just the matter, if we want to fulfil their need.

Mum in law joining the pic snapping with children :)

Hope I can be a good daughter to my papa mama and my parents in law. Hope that I can be a good model for my children too.

Good tuesday!

I like this wefie pose hehe


Yesterday and today, I feel to travel.. Thought of taking leave, then pack my luggage and fly~ guess it is time for me to have the travel booster jap :p

Well, before I can travel..
This week bro in law wedding

Next week due for Sunday school children name tag

Week after I have a charity booth at the church - itchy bum bum register myself for this ><

Few new projects to get hands on in the office

One project closing ceremony to be busy on

Anyhow, can't wait for this labour day holiday! After the long weekend, I will travel for business trip to East Coast malaysia. Till then, work hard and now.. Sleep tight!

Good night all.

Ps1: just finished chatting with mama

Ps2: last night I guided children to complete their homework

Ps3: I really need to control my food intake, can't stand with every night sleep with full stomach - mummy cooks yummy homecook!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Perfect Love

Watch this video on the testimony sharing of the person got alive after 45min with no sign of living

Not only alive, but with medical report proven there was some change on the DNA on heart disease removed.

有一件礼物 你收到没有
眼睛看不到 你心会知道
这一件礼物 心门外等候
是为了你准备 别人不能收
There is a gift, have you received it? Eyes can't see it, but your heart can feel it. This gift, waiting at your heart doorstep, it is prepared for you, no one can receive on behalf

生命有限 时光也会走
如果你不珍惜 机会难留
礼物虽然好 如果你不要
你怎么能够得到 怎么能得到
Life is short and time pass slip away but if you don't treasure it, it is difficult to keep the gift. Although the gift is good, if you don't want it, how can you get it and own it?

亲爱的朋友 你是否了解
亲爱的朋友 你是否了解
Dear friends, do you realise that the child in the manger has came for you? Dear friends, do you understand that, the best friend of us is the Son of God - Jesus Christ

A Gift

Thursday, April 23, 2015

To talk to..

Today am just a bit not so alert and being energetic to run my day. Don't know what to order for breakfast. So just simply got myself a sugarless black coffee with fried bihun + sotong. Suddenly think of, if every morning I drink kopi o kosong, then my life would be having lesser sweetness.

Sitting in the train, a short blog post took me quite a long time, coz most of the time my brain was blank. Routine day to day schedule somehow made me don't know what is coming towards me..

Walking to the office, humming the hymn 'the invisible hand' which I listen to this morning... 'Though I don't see you, though I can't touch you, but I truly know that you are whispering to me..' God blessing for another brand new day.. Body was walking, mind was not focused, I fall down and got bruise on my right knee. Got up immediately coz I was wearing dress, got 1 man at my back, 1 guy was in front of me...

Heavy conversation with colleague.. some disappointment on my project result, boss told me it was ok, or I was asking for perfection..

Journey back to home, feel to talk to laogong and sister.. Called up laogong he was on his journey back home to pick up children.. Called up sis, she said why didn't I share with her when we meet up for dinner..

Hmm we might not be able to get people to listen to us in the time we need. But do remember we can always share our feeling with Heavenly Father. It's good too, let the mind settle down and ponder on what we actually want..

I know tomorrow will be a better day, as I know who holds the future ^^

The invisible hand

虽不见你 触不到你
但是我知 你正在对我低语
喔主耶稣 喔主耶稣
我深知道 你一直就在这里

是你的手 钉痕的手
重新抚慰 我那破碎的心田
是你声音 温柔话语
再度填满 我心灵中的饥渴

Words power

Lately, been experiencing words in fact carrying the killing power. Sometime, people can be so mean that saying things for fun or for their own interest which hurts listeners. Last night when I read some of the Facebook comments on the girl missing news, cruel judgement on the missing girl or parents were just bombarded freely by people. As a outsider, I feel uncomfortable. How about the family who are involved?

Cyber bullying is going wild in this age

How other people comment about us, how people teasing or talking bon sense about us, in the cyber world or in the real world..

This video has caught me
The 'Perfect' Body

Sometime, people surrounding us insulting us with sarcastic words or pulling our legs with their silly jokes. Not easy to let go the uncomfortable feeling.

God says "blessed are you when people insult you.." My angel told me there were 2 boys always fooling her in the class - by words and physically. This has turned her being more sensitive and bad tempered. Unsecured feeling. Need to look into this.

A bit down today. Sort of sorrow.. May because of i shared my testimonies with children on why I believe in God.. And I recalled the not so happy past. Feeling tired mentally.. But I do know, my children got the blessing from my past stories witness of God's love :) I pray for children experience God in their lives too - the best gift I would want them to have.

雅各书 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Family bonding

How do you have the bonding moment with your family members when everyone is not staying together? Guess many of us are having group chat and facebook photo album exchange with family members to get everyone staying in touch ^^

I got family group chat too. So sometime it just being quiet, and sometime, it just get exciting like last night..

At the same time, what are your children doing? My brothers children were playing games..

But my house children were all sleeping before 10pm ^^

Was having this thought, if this question posted to facebook to get feedback from friends.. Photos we might get eg playing games, sleeping, doing homework, watching tv, playing toys... Guess this is nowadays kids activities at home.

Then pula started on big children selfie..

Hahaha seriously, I got shocked when I saw my sis pic, suddenly a black fall down ^0^

I got a good laugh for all the pic my siblings shared and the conversation we got..

Destress night indeed :p

Finally my mum came out with her group pic with friends

Conclusion is..

Young children enjoying life with no worry - can play can sleep peacefully

Old children are tired with daily schedule and coping with life stress - so the selfie pic we shown all are scary pic!

Golden age parents - having fun time with friends gathering with cheerful look and easy feeling

Moral of the story - work hard now, so we can enjoy in our old age ^0^
Last night I brought my children to sushi dinner. Lately when everyone is talking about GST, when parents are getting pressure on GST too.. Most of the time we cook at home, we have simple meal or cut unnecessary expenses. Last night, I just wanted to bring something special to the children..

Mummy: so what do you all want for dinner?

Royee: the mix rice shop la
(Siblings discussing which mix rice shop to go..)

Mummy: do you feel to have sushi..

Royee: yes! Sushi sushi!

Mummy: ... Or the aircond restaurant..

Eva: I been wanting to go for sushi, but I worry you don't like it..

Angel: I also want to go sushi, I miss sushi so much, but you always don't bring us go..

Royee: come la mummy, we go for sushi..

Here we come, see the excitement on their face

Royee: mummy, how much do you have?

Mummy: eat as many as you wish, but stop eating when you are feeling full. Don't waste the food.

Noticed one thing, Eva's favourite are always the simple and cheaper sushi :p

Angel eat very slow and lesser plates.. But drink lots of green tea

I like the generous portion of this restaurant :)

The bill came out rm70+ children checking on the GST charge. Once a while, buying children joyous moments with money is worthwhile.

On the way back home, in car topic was

Angel: mummy, what would you do when your period comes for the 1st time?

I shared how a woman should handle her period day. For the 1st time, or any other time, when you are in the shopping mall or in the school...

Eva: boy also will have ejaculation

I got shock for this sex education part, especially I don't know how to explain on boy's body need and development..

Mummy: Hmm at this age, or maybe later, what Royee will have is nocturnal emission..

Eva: Ya when he dream off having sex relationship with other person or ....

Come on, how come my gal knows all these thing? So detailed?

Mummy: Ya so called wet dream. So Royee aa, if one day you find out your brief is having some liquid or something (I don't know how it should be) don't worry, it is part of your body development..

Well, we reached home on time, before the topic continues.. I should study more and Google more on this to prepare myself for next more serious talk..

Good Wednesday! Today we have GrandPrix in the office. Today is my bro in law's wedding big day!

Friday, April 17, 2015


Have a good start this morning :) air fried some mini hash brown and tomyam flavoured chicken nuggets for children as their break time meal - but they finished all in the journey to school :p

Lately so many children almost being kidnapped cases happening nationwide. One way those bad guys trying to do is trying to lie the children - 'your mummy has asked me to pick you up'. One way of checking if the message is genuine, children are to ask for the passcode. Passcode that parents have shared between children and parents for emergency pick up. Children and I have set the passcode year before. This morning I checked with them on the passcord, Ya, they do remember about it. So to double protect their safety, I told children, even people provides the right passcord, still you need to inform teacher, before you followed the person. Just hoping all children are safe.

Not easy for parents to raise children, the effort and love.

Last night I got a short study on bible - on Holy Spirit, I cleaned children ears, washed their smelly head and hair, sing lullaby for them... Then I browse through Internet and facebook. Came across a test, what type of woman are you?

This is the result I got. A strong woman I am! Well, this is a reflection of my favourite quote - challenges make you stronger! Since I satisfied with the test result, then I message it to my sis.. I posted the question one by one to her..

.. And we came across this..

Surprisingly, cartoon-ish cute sis of mine, cannot live without her wedding dress! Terkejut I ^0^

This is her result. Yea, my sis is an independent woman. She likes to isolate herself.. So she got not many good friends.. So what's more? she can only love me more :D kakaka mie, I love you, you love me, we are happy family~

Well, look at my facebook cover/ profile latest change of photo, you can guess I have been browsing those throw back travelling photos.. And waiting for a destress travel trip >< that day I told my colleague, Ahhh I want to plan for a destress travel trip! Then MH colleague said 'you don't go any destress trip, this gonna make me a stressful week' hahaha

Got this yesterday. How many have you been practicing? I am just started picking up few from the list lately. Eg
12 - trying to read on office work skillset competency related piece
21 - learning new design tool

Hope every tomorrow will be a better me than every yesterday of mine :D

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


This touched my heart. Better still, this tells what a woman wants..

The message from the husband is, he knows his wife is tired, what the wife really wants is a hug.

Father's role never being replaced. Last night my niece happily came to me, holding her daddy's hands proudly saying 'yi ma, I have my daddy' can see the happiness thru her eyes.

This morning I shared with my sis, I am somehow can't be able to cope all my children request especially when I am a working mother to cope with outside and inside the house. Last night, son asked me to bring him to the bookstore, elder daughter told me she been feeling not easy to breath, and youngest is in fever. I have 2+ hours before resting my tired body, I only managed to fulfil 2 children need.. Left one still feeling hard in breathing..

This morning, in less than 30min before we leave the house for school and work, son is completing homework, eldest daughter searching for her moral text book, the youngest looking for her sport shirt. A day start with messy mindset and mixed feeling.

Obviously, the wife needs husband support and children wants father guidance in managing their daily lives. Today in car question to children is - if yesterday was your last day and now you were standing in front of God, how would you conclude your life? In 10 commandment list from God,
no.5 Honor your father and your mother
Have you obeyed this?

Planned to come out some time table for better time management for family and myself. But last night my rest hours occupied by children need. Will try to grab some ME time today.

Today my colleague shared about her daughter graduation, long way to go for my children to complete their study. Looking forward to this great milestone, to mark the achievement for myself :)

Till then,

I pray for my family is always walking on the God's path. And.. My children' father can always be with us :) I am not young anymore to run around during rush hour for children adhoc request :p

约翰福音 14:6 耶稣说:“我就是道路、真理、生命,若不藉着我,没有人能到父那里去。
Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What's next

Thinking of what's next for my career and what's next for my family. Day by day passing fast, wake up in the morning, seem like I was in yesterday.

Lately I did few video conference calls with regional colleagues. From the laptop seeing myself, feeling like I am seeing another person.. The reflection of own self, what I want to do now and how's my future gonna be.

Just cut my 36 years old bday cake. What people telling is live day as a day. Feeling hopeful about tomorrow even though I am sometime eagerly wanted to know how my future looks like. Reading news on country politics and stand, would wonder how the nation tomorrow gonna be. How about the future of our children?

Started to use calendar, reminders to set up daily appointment and upcoming event. So, daily achievement is the completion of all appointment set. Feeling exhausted if the day is full of back to back schedulers, feeling lost if nothing is in today to-do list. Contradiction between me and myself.

Life is like a gift, as we keep unwrapping the gift, we find more surprises awaiting us..

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

0804 Wednesday

Morning mind has not been peaceful after receiving call from the school. The boy had misplaced classmate's exercise book and teacher asked us to find it and send it to the school. Laogong searching for it..

Are my children problematic? Or as what my siblings telling me 'mummy is the problem'.. Other than their school bags and homework handling are not at teachers expectation.. Or sitting down quietly as what adults' definition of obedience to be.. Clean and tidy room and house corner..

I don't see my children having difficulty in communication with people..

Accepting people and cultural differences..

seeking opportunity to present and challenge their inner talents..

adapting themselves in any environment and circumstances..

Living skill is important to ensure surviving. I always have the concern on - can my children survive when parents are no longer with them. Same as children, they always ask me this - mummy, can you survive in a no man island?

In this world with so much of uncertainties, natural disasters.. To make ourselves to survive with faith, this life skill gonna be trained and prepared.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

April fool!

哥林多前书 1:27
But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

Today is 1st of April, this marks

April fool day!

13th year as a employee to the company

..and of course, the most hit topic on the nations - GST. This morning breakfast at kopitiam, pack my lunch as well - rm5 + 30cents as 6% tax incurred.

Well, lifestyle needs to be adjusted to maximize the household income value. Really hoping a good salary increment in this month. More homecook ..and less travel trips?

This morning thinking of migrating myself to other foreign country after reading news and facts at negative side of the country. Really hope for better tomorrow for our children.
Been pausing typing this post.. Listening to the songs

Recommend this album.
A very nice album.

马太福音 6:34
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Day before royee boy said this to me..
Yesterday was a invalid ticket
Today is cash
Tomorrow will be a cheque

So we shall live as now.

I got surprised for my children to tell me to live at the moment. Don't cry for yesterday and don't worry for tomorrow. Spend the cash as you have it today.

So, the moral of the story is..
Yo! Finish today work, then pack my luggage tonight, let's fly tomorrow ^0^

You have the reason to tell lies as well as being foolish for today
Happy April fool!