Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Red Wednesday

Today is day10 of cny. We are suppose to wear in red to attend our department dim sum lunch this noon. So I am wearing a orangie red skirt with red heels :)

Good morning. I like it when baby Shyuan mentioned 'today is a new day!' This energised my day. Finding my schedule and steps needed to be reorganised so I can experience my day more meaningful.

Lately, I sleep in late and wake up early to be with my youngest to complete her homework. Both of us been not having quality sleeping hours. This is not right. I want her to manage her time in efficient manner so that I can have mine in effective way too. Guess she is still adjusting herself to be in the 1st class - daily full long list of homework :(

Watched 2 interesting presentation last night, takes about brain cells.

Supposing I know what I should I do next to get my brain functioning healthy.

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

11 Feb

Day4 of cny. Laogong and children balik kampung with in law. Am on the way to work. Long holiday makes people lazy to face the reality...

Miss break time with sis - a cup of hot chocolate mint and tomato sauce fish bite. Although sis and I were just back from Seoul, but we seemed not connected due to different daily schedule in this Chinese New Year break. For us who staying together in a same house having difficulty to always stay connected, what about friends who are staying far from us? Feeling guilty for not meeting up friends and relatives.

Trying to do more.. As of now, these are the group photos I got for this cny..

My Tiew family

Thea family

My home sweet home 8 of us

My mama's side tan family

My working partner

My old classmate - a bunch of 37 years old (my boy mentioned that :p)

Having flu.. Keep reminding children not to eat too much of cookies and cold drinks, but only me alone in the house falling in sick @_@

till then, happy Thursday!
Be back to work!