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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my 31st bday!

13042010 celebration~ :D

lunch time with officemates at zen

dinner at kl hilton chinese restaurant with sis ^_^

sisters LOVE in kl hilton hotel :*

9pm cake cutting at zen with sis :D

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blue blue cute avatar :p

Because of kak tina-my exxx supervisor asked me to stay cute like avatar keke then I told her I gonna wear blue on my bday..

Then I got ym message from Normah this morning, asking if I am wearing blue? So, I snapped the below pic in rush!

Ya! Am wearing blue today! Hehe taken this pic in the car, train coming, so rush, till I forgot to close my mouth hehe so tunjuk gigi :D no red lipcream yet, coz normally I use versaline in the morning to treatment my lips, then color it when I reach the office. So many pimples hor hmmm..

just bought this sunglasses on last sunday, together with sis. See my hair in brown? Now I am in the midst of changing my hair color from red/magenta to brown. Need another 2-3 times the only can get rid of the red color on my hair end.

So kelam kabut n sent bbb to the kinder. They brought the candies pack. Teacher said 'today is mama's birthday aaa? Sheng ri kuai le!' I feel shy shy in the car kekeke :p last Sunday my kaima called me, asked if I have any bday party at bkt31? I said, 'I am 31 ler, not 3 ler..' but now, my excitement is like celebrating 3 years old bday ooo hahahaha :D

Today is my bday!

00:08 sweetiemich, happy birthday ya!!! Keke syiok sendiri :p a quick post before I fall asleep, 6 hours later I need to wake up n be the 'cute cleaner' :p my new role :D just done my face mask, who knows later in the office ppl want to take photo with me this bday gal, so try to be at presentable stage :p

Ya, this year bday am looking for it, tak tau malu one I asked Asmiza to spend me lunch today.
N guess what? I been talking about it since April fool day :P

This year bday is a special one ^_^

Thot to buy the bag for myself - my favorite brand lesportsac but.. I have 2 handbags now, spend much money on something which is not using frequently, rasa rugi pula.

I really like this when I 1st time saw it at klcc. Snapped pic only la. Free one :p
If I kaya enough, I would buy this for my gal gal ^_^ n match with the one that I like :p
I have my love one enough lo.. Laogong n bbb :*

N ya, the heavy 62kg gift - as mentioned in sis blog post.
She given herself to me as a lifelong gift,
coz the existence of her in this world is to company me - my mum used to say this :)
ok la, accept la, boh kira one :p

Jiang! Jiang! Jiang! Jiang! The BEST gift that I chosen for myself - at last, I got myself baptised as Christian on 4 April 2010 ^_^ this is my wish n to-do list since I was small - when the time I went to Sunday school every Sunday like my bbb doing now. So, new chapter of my life starts in my age of 31!

Well, let me stop here before I start non stop typing, suddenly feel so excited about my bday pula keke. I have prepared some sweets pack for kinder students n teachers, so I need to make sure I can finish everything at home, n bring bbb to school early, if possible, I want to follow bbb to give the sweets to all the teachers. Small token of appreciation :)

Thank you lord for giving me a happy n smooth yesterday ^_^ again, I wish myself 'Sheng ri kuai le!' good nite.. 00:30

Thursday, March 25, 2010

beautiful story for tomolo

Life has no rewinds n no forwards.
it unfolds at its own place.
so nevar miss a chance to live today.
n make a beautiful story for tomorrow.

'Dear,i always think about the email bout ur prob.i worry is thr any life threatening incident..i hope take care dear.u r my 1 and only best fren.i will pray hard for u'

Read these messages from arpu this morning. Sorry gal, made you worried about me, thanks for your messages ^_^ am doing ok, now is month end, always busy at work during month end, so lack of time to update u. Btw, I am not the type of person, who settle life issue by stopping my own precious life. All the life challenges given by God I would accept them n try to solve the problems in His will ^_^

This time the case is my maid asking for early release in last wednesday, maybe, with a wrong way. I can just send her back as her wish, but they are impacts stay in my home. Many things I need to make a new adjustment n arrangement. They are things that money can settle, but they are definitely we have more things that need time n love to heal the wounds.

As of now, am feeling ok coz they are things that have gone for good movement so far. 1st, the maid's checkout memo has been done yesterday, so this Saturday I will book air ticket for the maid.

For time being am not going to hire any new maid, everyone is phobia about the maid - the closenest outsider. So, i looked for childcare center to take care angels in the afternoon. Having kind hearted Banting 'net friends' I have found the childcare center which very near to my parents house. So my plan was send angels for day care, then my mum taking care royee alone. Coz royee can be little helper to my mum, n I am worried his asthma case also, need more attention.

However, last nite, when my bro got to know my plan, my digo said this is not the best way to bbb 'don't u think this is so odd? We picked up 3 children from the kinder, along the way, we drop 2 gals at the childcare center, how would these siblings feel? Somemore, they take nap in the afternoon, n only few hours before u come back home, I can handle' my bro offered help to take care my bbb. Since he is back to Banting to help out my parents, so he can take care children. In fact he is very disagree to my plan.

Since this might be a better way if digo taking care bbb, so for time being let's try lo. Mum is worried who to do housework n everything, I been promising to her, I will do everything before work n after work. We may hire day time cleaner once a week for 'better service' than my daily cleaning. Thanks digo for helping me to explain everything to my mum, so now my mum soften her disatisfaction for not continue this maid who we still don't know she is a good person?

Tuesday nite I sat down with my mum, telling her all my feeling toward that incident. My mum too. We were chatting for more than 2 hours, talking heart to heart, I feel happy for this chatting session, coz I can feel mum feeling ok with me after few days of silent war. Last nite,she even taught me how to cook 'mi Hun kueh' :D n she can chat happily with me, laogong, digo n we all laugh together :D thanks God for listening to my prayer ^_^

Yesterday I talked to my maid too, although her fierce face still in my mind. I advise her how to pack her luggage, how much Malaysia ringgit n rupiah to be changed. She happily showed me all the gifts my mum given to her. I have released the weird feeling between her n me. But I still protecting my heart for not being so open. Coz, I still can't accept a person who I have been trusted can change to be a lion roaring in front of me with knife too. Hmm I need to accept this 'we are not staying in fairy tales, u must accept your friends can be the secret killer' I still can't accept this...

More things to plan out in these few months, my parents medical checkup n operations, relationship n feelings between my hubby n parents, my children next year school locations... Will give myself time for what I can't control, don't want to pressure myself.

Give thanks to whom support me in this incident, especially to my siblings. Thanks for all the prayers from church members n arpu ^_^ thanks for bbb understand this 'kakak is leaving us, coz she miss her baby n her baby needs mummy' bbb are so lovely these days, their love n kisses cheer me up, eventhough most of the time eva n angel 'mama is fat fat' :p give thanks to laogong for doing housework in bkt31, when we didn't bring maid along. last but not least, I love my papa n mama for crying for me, n loving me ^_^

Be thankful, am still working in the office, don't need to stop working immediately to full time taking care bbb, so I can continue my self challenge: to get promotion soon :D excitement is coming around the corner, tomolo we gonna get our performance bonus! Woohoo~~

Ps: sis planning to have her wedding ceremony by next year, i will make it as my wedding :p may wear White gown n snap pic with sis n bbb in the studio kekeke if n only if, I can buang many kg away :D

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Friday, March 05, 2010




This morning this song keeps playing in my mind, I sing it to bbb too. 'am willing to follow You' a queit song, asking God father to hold my hand n bring me away. Maybe I have lost faith in something, something which is valuable, but ppl might see it not importantly.

I told as I might be a NEW me in coming April. Going to be 31 soon, I hope before I reaching 31, I can get myself to accomplish my biggest dream n to-do list in this life. In God's will, I hope everything would be running smoothly.

Thanks for shiyi's message 'Good to hear that. hope ur faith will be strengthen daily' ^_^

my wish to my love ones, don't waste time is wasting your life :) appreciate what u r doing n grab your life ship before the ship is in front of u ^_*

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Last weekend, laogong showed these pic to me, the pictures for our marriage cert registration, back in year 2003 sept 18. Took the photos in the morning then went to the jpn at Banting town. Hmmm 2 of us were making jokes, rm30 registration fee if didn't have then how har? Betul betul, in the morning we dig n dig only found ngam ngam rm30 cash, didn't have extra money for breakfast too :p

Today is year 2010 end feb. Laogong bday coming n our 9 years of paktor anniversary coming soon. we have our shonejay angels, we have some assets, we have our happy n sad love stories, up n down families issues..we grow matured ^_^

Since last week, I been feeling down when think of friendship. The cny gathering for my secondary school mates gave raised some conflicts n may cause offensive feel to some of my friends. Tonite, after reading few mails from friends, n saw some photos, I have that thought 'i have lost my friendship with them after years' now only realize it hmmm a bit late. Late enough to make myself dream so high n being hurt :(

What have made me being separated from the group of friends? I don't want to create any assumptions, don't want to think of 'must be a reason'. Found myself feel relief after I let myself accept this fact. Quite sad in fact. When we getting older, good friends are getting lesser. But as fei eng mentioned, friends with heart on the friendship, put in effort to make friendship works, then lesser is better.

Time flies, going to be 31 this April. Last weekend I told laogong, my bday is coming ooo, what u want to give me har?laogong said still early la, n he wants a car for his bday gift. Too much, i told him, if u was rich enough, u want a big bungalow I also would give it to u, me n u no kira one :p

Hmm.. If u ask me what I want for my bday, this year I have wish list ^_^ but I found it not easy to realize it. Hmmm never mind la timely matter, I will wait :")

Good nite. I know my good friend arpu is feeling not ok, I hope she can be strong for the challenges she facing. Keep faith, anything gonna be alright ^_^

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Long vs short hair

Got these 2pic from sis mms. Wahhh can really see the difference that hairstyles can change ppl look: still the same BIG face but different feel n 'age look'.

This pic taken at company family day, can see royee still small. Really got those old old pic feel hor, as what sis mentioned 'so auntie look aaa' this should be 1-2 years ago pic.

Longer hairstyle as what sis mentioned, 'at least u look younger' (this pic really belum bangun look :S) pic taken in last year Xmas at Singapore.

This pic taken last nite. I have straighthen my hair on 1st day of 2010. Having good n bad comments about it, but I like it after sometimes coz it is much easier to manage it, especially when my original mild curly hair would make me look like lion head when I don't handle it properly. Although the flat hair look would make my face looks bigger, but this hairstyle allows me to face the public after I wake up from my bed :p might not straighthen the hair again once the hair lenght brings the curl at my back n not my shoulder :)

btw, my royee boy big liao lo :D addicted to his love, sweetness n cuteness :* will continue with my long hair for time being, coz royee cries when I say I want to cut my hair short :p angel n eva also won't allow ppl to cut their long hairs, to bbb, gals must with long hair de.. That's why they always have this question 'mummy, why ah yi's hair is short de? She is gal gal ma..' or 'u want to be like ah yi ar? Hair short short like boy boy ar?' :p

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

doggie doing sun bath

hot sunny sunday. so i asked kakak to bring children mattress go under the sun. together with my doggie too! so doggie is doing sun bath ^_^ this doggie has been staying with me since a started paktor with laogong back to year 2001 - rm70+ :p bought it from one-utama. my love life up n down, but this doggie is always with me, holidays, pregnancies, labour room, as mother, happy or sad.. till now, sometime royee hugs the doggie n sleep when i am not around... ^_^
ps: just received a call from mum, 'your 38 gia (your boy), hugging your dog n sleep, so i asked him, why u always want to hug mummy's dog n sleep? then royee answered, when i hug the dog, then i wont think of mummy ma..' then my mama said 'mummy's doggie is smelly, why u dont want to hug your own barney?' 'no la, this is not smelly, this is mummy's smell. with mummy's smell, then i can sleep ma' ^_^ with the doggie, i think i can go singapore without him.. he should be alright :p maybe, with my blanket as well

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


j13219 at port dickson

last nite, royee came to me 'mummy, these are your friends ar?' then he showed me the laminated pocket pic. hey! where did u get this? the same pocket pic 3 of us having. hmmm cant remember when we took this picture, year 2002? i was paktoring at the time, now i am mummy for my shonejay angels :p mei going to deliver her bb anytime from now :D eng, coming back to malaysia soon in this sept!! i miss j13219 millennium wugui luiz :D time flies.. n i like my cheerful look in this pic :)
then last nite topic for bbb was - friend. royee counting his classmates with his 10 fingers, when i asked him for the 11th, 'fingers all full already, no more seat, u want me to use my foot ar?' hmm well.. eva non stop mentioning 'i have duo duo peng you in the class' i asked, who is your peng you? then she repeating 'i have duo duo peng you in the class' i cant recall angels classmates, then i asked, 'is someone in your class named michelle?' (this is the only one i can recall) 'shi (yes)' then royee said, 'gal gal class has nicholas' ya nicholas.. other than that, i dont know. hmmm should do some homework about this, last time i can at least spelled out 5-6 names of royee classmates. angel suddenly came n hugged me so tight, 'my friend is mummy :D' wahhh so sweet neh!!! she kissed me n SMILEd at me :D
last nite, i hugged angel n sing for her, since she non stop singing her songs.. am having mouth ulcers, so quite painful for me to sing. but i felt warm n blessed with her lying on my body, like what i did to my bbb when there were very small bb :) last nite i told laogong, we r having many things that money cannot buy. bbb are 1 of them. we have boy, n gal, as what junie said, more blessing to have twins! ya.. i am very lucky to have them - bbb n laogong :)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

u r here~

Just now I checked, how ppl come to my blogs. Below are some top hits..

thomas n his friends theme song – hehe, must be mummies :p
bonjji thea – laogong’s friends n admirers or enemies?
yippieyaya – most of my accountw are with this name, can email me :)yippieyaya+shonejay – this got my attention! Know my bb’s name too!
sweetie michelle - ya it's me!
cupping and huolong – unexpected, high hit!

Having readers come here by searching..

Pd trip, legend hotel, jakarta day2, bali day1, steam cake, banting+10 (hmm?), j13219 – wow!!! my best friendship code, n lots more funny n cutie search ^_^

And I dont feel ok with this..

Naughty wife, morning exercise, children sex abuse pic, children sex pic – sounds like so many hamsap fellows came here before, and got disappointed :p n so sad to see ppl searching children sex abuse pic – for educational purpose then ok, for syiok sendiri, PLEASE! Love the children ok

Ya, welcome to my blog. Hope ppl like my sharing and get to know me. I don’t like to hide. So only real n true stories n feelings in my blogs. Thanks for so many direct links to my pages :D Hope I have more time to have more nice pic edited n sharing, lacking of time recently. Hope 1 day, I can come out my own blog template (need to study this) ^_^

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

touched! happily..

"Dear, thanks to u.aft reading ur post about ur parents travelling difficulties my Hubby was so touched.last weekend we went PD just to remember back our was fun to be in the beach side with ur loved one.thanks to u."

just got sms from arpu. what a surprise to see that my blog post does touch someone heart and something lovely n sweet happened ^_^ yes, it is always nice to have our love one beside us especially when our heart is at resting mode. peaceful n yet, feeling secured n companied. yesterday i told laogong, if i have BIG money coming in like bonus or esos from company, then i would spend myself n my sis to japan. at least, tokyo disneyland. coz this is my sis's dream place, as what junie told me, travel to japan, is really a dream comes true ^_^ i told laogong, i want to go this special place when i am still young, i can walk well, n still feeling the cutie n nice things packaging as CUTE compare to if i go there when i was at old age, then i would find those cutie stuff as - wasting money :p sort of that la. dont know how to put in right words.

then i told laogong, UK n europe countries are my dreamzzz, i will visit there with u, coz the trip gonna be expansiveeeee n u sponsor me, n we share the once in a life time memory :D in fact, last evening i had mentioned about the trip few times, laogong heard it then remained silent. finally i asked 'from just now in the train until now, when i mention to go uk with u, u never happily say yes! ok, i will bring u there.. u just dont feel to go with me huh? laogong said 'mei you la, i just felt that this is still very far for me to achieve this' well, it's ok, take our time, let me go japan 1st :p BIG dream nie :p

hope all laogong n laopo, husband b wife.. all sweet sweet and get companied till old time la~ :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

j13219 friendship day

these are the pic we taken in 1st june 2008. a year later, now eng is still flying here n there, mei has been married n going to be mummy, and me.. heart falling from iphone to sewing machine :p time flies~~~ we started our friendship from form 2 15 years old, n this year, we are age 30! every year 1st sunday of june is our friendship day, n very sorry gals, i cant make it to chatting with u on that scheduled day. let set up another day, n we catch up later lo ^_^ i miss u gals sooooo much, oh! that day i was having silly dream where eng came back, n she went n meet all bantinglang, except me!!! when i found out this, i was so sad, n eng just ignored me! i went n complained to mei, mei said 'yes i knew she came back ma' wahhhh!!!! nightmare.. :~
anyway, most important thing is, our hearts are connected, no matter how far is the distances n how long we been not meeting each other. the feeling is always on CLICK! when we meet up together. i love this :D hope friendship forever n ever.. n we celebrate our frienship day, a day in the future, n sharing our old women stories :p n maybe, sharing our menopause symptoms kekee..
love u gals~ good care n good health ^_^

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

chocolate chips alphabet cookies

went to Bagus to buy small muffin mould. then royee picked up the alphabets cookies cutter n wanted me to buy. he thot it was toy. ok, rm6, i bought it. i explained to him this is not a toy, this is for cookies. he said, 'ok la, then we bake cookies together, i help u to chop chop chop' :D i love my boy so much ooo.. when he is growing bigger, he is more matured n understanding. senang mummy :D

reached home, before i went online to look for simple cookies recipe, i found there is chocalate chips cookies recipe on the packaging of the alphabets cutter :) and we had all the ingredients at home. so i baked the cookies on sunday morning n told bbb, tomorrow u all bring the cookies and share wtih your classmates ya!
the ingredients
butter, brown sugar, egg yolks, chocalate chips, plain flour, self-raising flour, corn flour vallina essense
mix everything before adding in all the flour
then chocalate chips

the alphabet cookies cutter

cooking making together with bbb

royee - S + M, angel - A, eva - E

a bit riuh rendah when they cant wait for their own turn :(

1st few columns by bbb

spot the names! shone jay, angelina, evangeline, mich, pooh, meh :p
the cutie mehmeh by sis. both of us eating the tail of mehmeh :p

both of myself n sis are MEHMEH 咩咩

shone jay thea royee ^_^
junie asked me, why i used 'shone' instead of shawn or sean
shone is past participle for shine. jay supposed to be royee's chinese name - jie
shone jay = shining jay~! my sunny boy, he brings sunshine to my mothermood :D
angelina thea roinn ^_^
having this pair of twin gals i would consider them are GREAT gift from God. i am blessed to have a healthy them :) with no twin history in both tiew n thea family, they are like angels to me. my guarding angel. n i like angelina this name so much. soft n lovely :D good hearted angel

evangeline thea robei :D
my cute n sweet twin 2. looking for another name with angel in it. when it was 1st admission in hospital in mth 6+ when i was watching tv in the room, it was an english movie showing a pretty n elegant woman in a big green field. love the scene n the lovely gal. then i got this name!

shonejay angels~

mummy n bbb hehehe

bbb love the cookies, but they only asking for alphabet M. M for michelle n mummy. crying yo if i gave them other alphabets. then finished off the M alphabets, n this smart mummy gave bbb alphabet W for replacement. jadi jugak they smilling happily. kekeke..

at night, was thinking need to pack how many pieces for all the children, then want to put in plastic containers or plastic bag will do. somemore i stop sister from bringing many cookies to her office, am afraid got no enough for the children n friends. and suddeny, TOMORROW STARTS 2 weeks SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!! how to bring the cookies to the school? where got small friends to give the cookies to? haiya! blur blur mummy :(

then i packed more for sis's friends. then packed small packs for my colleagues children, and bring a plastic container of ABC cookies for my team members. must be feeling weird, why ABC for colleague :p anyway, i got good comment from friends n laogong about this cookies :D happy la.. so wait for next time la, only bake these cookies for the children in kinder :D

for more stories about this cookies baking session, click >>> here

Monday, May 18, 2009


look at the calendar, ya, this weekend i will travel to bali. been wanting to visit to this place since years ago. hope it would be a nice one. hmm i think, i cant try their balinese massage, coz my period coming soon :S
last week, was not feeling well, flu n sore throat, then a big boil on my left cheek. still on the 40-pills antibiotic :S every 6 hours i need to take 2 pills, a bit irritates. weather is so hot, hopefully bbb stay healthy.
if take antibiotic pills can stop the illness, how nice hor, if we want to get rid anything, or some negative feeling or 'small people' then we can take the pill to avoid the issue. or, buy a brand new branded perfume, a big bottle, spray it to the air, to the grass, tree, earth.. look at the perfume spraying from the nozzle, the smell comes n goes.. so whatever u want to release out, can get a relief. press it, spray it, recall everything that r negative to u, then, like the perfume, let it dissapear in the air. empty the bottle, empty the sadness, pain, guilt, hurts, anger.. then, a brand new u! :) maybe, u need to say sorry to ppl, u r poluting the earth, sorry for wasting money to finish off a bottle of perfume in less than 20 minutes? hmmm, need to massage or use heat balm to ease the fingers soreness.. pray to God, heal the feeling..
well, a brand new week, this week, 4 working days, i need to settle my EWP accrual report, need to clear all outstanding jobs, then only fly to bali. need a mask to travel to foreigh countries n taking flight? H1N1 cases in malaysia n else where. hmm.. the death rate is not the high, so i want to be mask free la. want to travel n see the world, dont want so many hassle n burden. simple trip.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


mei: hmm… health also need to take care… beside a good spirit to ensure long life… good body also very importance…
happyland: Good try! good start! you will do the best for your lovely kids^^
温馨小屋: 妈妈真的不容易当! 我可以肯定你是一位好妈妈!

feeling touched on the encouragement notes from friends :D thanks a lot. my eyes gone wet, when read sis's blog header. mie, thanks for loving me n these words tell me i am doing good as a sister to u ^_^ u all have made my day!
wanna start working in very face pace, the system was on freeze for more than 6 weeks, finally, UNFREEZE! what a relief, so today n these few days, we need to work super efficient to clear all the backlogs. wow! with all the LOVE note received, i can work like a superwoman!! yo~ yo~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my talents and skills

yesterday i received the mail with subject "Are You Willing To Share Your Talents/Skills With The Under Privileged " from maxis volunteer brigade. hmmm been holding a year back for not joining any outdoor charity activities, coz last year laogong was working at foreign countries, then i was busy taking care children/householdf n setting up bkt31. n now, i got this mail, am so excited to turn the engine on n start my charity ride :D ya, spiritual satisfaction yo~
the problem is, my talents n skills.. hmmm sounds like i know many many things, some friends always address me as 1-stop info center. however, i am not pro for everything, here a little bit, there some smaller pieces. ai.. anyway, come to charity activities and to help out the needy, i memang tak tau malu one la.. below is my reply :p

in fact, i wanted to choose category like cooking n baking, then apa yang i tau? not pro lo.. making sushi? dont want to make ppl down la.. if i can bake very nice yummy cakes then ok la. so i pass this category. music! - 'Any musical interest by the residents of the Homes that we can provide'. hmm i can sing for children. with my duckling voice tone :p but i know they are looking for talented ppl who can play musical instruments, sing very well, band, choir.. dance! i can do barney dino dancing! hop hop hop, turn left, turn right, then twist! kekeke bbb love this, so i keep this talent at home enough la.. kakaka..

never mind la, they are so many things to learn under the sun. slowly la. in fact, been looking for nice sewing blog, feel to sew simple dresses for angels and some cute pj for bbb. i had bought fabrics from ikea in fact, keeping it since last year :S as of now, am searching info for healthy n fresh food. told my colleagues, i want to bring healthy bento if possible. then from monday the 20th, ppl already asked, mich, where is your healthy bento? :p sick ma, didnt go out n buy vege ma. kekeke.. buat malu je..
as what royee mentioned 'mei guan xi' tidak apa.. take my time lo.. as long as i am happy :D been recalling the happy smiley sweetie michelle recently. i found myself not easy to smile as last time, so many things n worries in my mind. in fact, last year end when i joined the charity work at KL, the volunteer kakak also said 'michelle, kenapa sekarang tak senyum dah? tak macam dulu, happy happy je' hmmm.. can get white hairs in a night :~ ya, i want sunshine! working for it lo~~ learning to put things down when worry doesnt help to change the situation ^_^
hope i can have more n more post for labels - home class, beauty, dreams n goals, travel :D

Friday, April 17, 2009

bday30 - bday card from nana

few days after my bday, nana asked me if i had received her letter to me, she said, i supposed to receive the courrier on 13/4/09. hmmm feeling touched n thanks for her thought. check here n there, finally i got it! thanks nana, u r memang such a darling kawan to me :D your bday wishes n note, memang cheer me up~


Monday, April 13, 2009

bday30 - simple celebration with laogong

at 1st laogong said want to bring me to subang or somewhere at kl makan makan one, but i missed bbb so much. so i told him to eat simple one. raining day, i feel to eat something hot, steamboat! who knows, the only steamboat restaurant at banting, has been closed down. no more?! then i said, hmm we go fu jian restaurant la, we seldom eat there, so can consider special lo :D nice makan makan there :D
chicky one :p

fried oyster-egg, yam basket, nasi goreng

prawn salad. i like this!

me old old neh..
few friends n colleagues asking how laogong celebrate my bday ar? what i got from him as bday gift aaa. hehe.. well, i got sony new digital cybershot camera from laogong. frankly, am happy for this camera, but i am not super excited, bcoz, laogong has wrongly bought the camera. i was was dreaming to have sony alpha dslr camera. i know there are lots more nice professional camera brands, but why sony? i dont know, i just heart to SONY :D
taling about this new camera, hmm the functions n spec are a bit more advanced than my current t-cybershot, laogong non stop saying, u learn how to control the picture quality 1st before u have a better professional camera, or else, u dont know how to use the much advanced camera in the future. ok lo, let me study n take nice shot with the new camera 1st. n hoping, next time i can get a nice dslr camera lo :p anyway, thanks laogong :D

me n bday gift

thanks laogong n bbb for sweet closing of my bday :*

bday30 - songs from bb

when i reached home, royee was so happy to see me. then he hold my hand n bring me in the house. i said 'come, sing mummy a nice song' then he 'i love u, u love me, we r happy family..' i sat down, brought my camera out, 'royee, today is mummy's birthday ma' then i got this video clip recorded.. laogong said, the best bday gift for u~ yes, so lovely n happy ^_^

royee singing happily

angel was sleeping. so 4 of us sharing the video clip. eva non stop kekeke laughing. then i asked eva to sing bday song for mummy. she giving me very shy face. then she said no~ then i said, u sing, i love u? no~ twinkle twinkle little star? no~ hmm bangun pagi, gosok gigi? then she felt excited oooo.. then i recorded down. normally when sing this songs, angel n eva would do all the actions one, but this one, eva was so shy.. :p

eva shy shy ooo~

after all the singing n photo taking, i sleepkan them. before i switched of the light, i heard eva sings 'zhu ni shen ri kuai le~ zhu ni shen ri kuai le~' (chinese version bday song) soooo sweet neh! i just diam diam n listened to the song, then kissed her again before i switched off the light :)

am a happy mummy :D love my bbb :*

bday30 - mehmeh outing

this is super emergency leave. 10am+ when i was having discussion, sis asking me, why u never take leave today, or else we can go out jalan jalan one. i said, haiyo, why u never cakap one, today i meamng got no mood to work ma. 'then u take half day la' well, it was nearly 11am. take half day? hmmm but when 2 sisters are together hor, the evil horns would come out definitely one. i was so paiseh to ask my boss about the leave, he was just sitting beside me. n in fact, i have only 6 days leave left..
discussion finished for my part, i went back to my workstation. got some 'courage n support' from my sis, then i chose to sms my boss. new boss. 'sorry to disturb, i would like to take half day leave today to meet my sis. sorry for late notification. is it ok with u?' feeling nervous after sending out the sms. it was 11:40am. within a while, boss came to me, 'do u have any urgent work pending? if u have any urgent doc then u pass it to ida. ok lo, u can go after this... btw, can u take half day in the system? if cannot, then u accumulate the balance half day. u see how la har' tell u, i was soooooo touched n appreciated this! so after this, i will work hard la :p
after lunch with my colleague, 1pm+ i took train from kl sentral to subang jaya station. this time, i managed to get in the train after 20min waiting. reached subang jaya, met sis. feeling good. n sis wearing the baju kurung caught my eyes. helo~ mau pergi jalan jalan they wearing like this? sis said, i didnt know ma, mana tau take half day wor.. i said, ok la, at least u r not with the high heel :p
we went to sunway pyramid. window shopping then makan! food n food n food. but we were sharing all the yummy food la. so we wont feel guilty :p after meeting sis, i felt happy ooo.. then happily left sunway pyramid at 7pm n took train back to kl sentral. once i reached subang jaya train station, then the train was coming, so i did speed run for exercise of the day :D

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at waffle world

look 'matured' hor

many ppl looking at us :p

chocalate waffer with berry ice cream. superb!

bought myself a gold chain. got rm625 subsidised from government :p
collected the petrol subsidiary, didnt want to waste it, so buy something to keep
age 30 bday gift for myself!

taiwanese food

mango sago with black pulut

nice lo ^_^

acted young in this shop!

kekekeke.. :p