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Monday, August 02, 2010

good morning Monday :")

breakfast homemade cookies for u~ :p baked these cookies last evening, all plain flour, the texture is different from mixing of plain flour n corn flour. got to know the different.

new team member for my team will be in today, slowly our job responsibility will slightly adjust with additional account. this arrangement shall be good for everyone.

today i try to leave house early, let my papa bring bbb to the kinder, i take 8.35am train, reach the office at 9am. new boss wants us to be at work place at 9.30am. which normally i cant make it if i bring bbb to the kinder. I reach at 9.35am :p

a brand new week for everyone ya!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Jesus loves bbb~


Jesus loves me! This I know, for the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong; they are weak but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
Jesus loves me! He who died, heaven's gate to open wide;
He will wash away my sin; let His little child come in.
Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Bbb on Easter day

Easter day special Sunday school, both English n Chinese class combined. Bbb enjoy the worship n mummy is so happy to see this, mummy sings loudly too :p

Bbb in the White n blue jeans

Jumping up n down!!
Can see angels motor skill is yet to fully established, the actions are not really synchronized.
So cute to see!

'who havent got the egg?' so many students, teachers are kelam kabut ^_^

Eva - my ms dora n her goodie bag n art work
Bbb brought these back.
Good babies, promised mummy to keep the food n drink till the following day :)
Colored by royee
Angels do the pasting job

Eating the boiled eggs. Only allowed them to eat the eggs, coz the eggs can't be kept.
Royee: all other food n drink are in packaging, so we keep it la ^_^
Night time. Let them eat the Easter chocalate eggs that given by laogong's lady boss.

This year, bbb know what is Easter day, n the reason we celebrate this special day ^_^ 1st Easter day celebration for mummy too!

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Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday

Today is good Friday. No kinder class for bbb. This morning I asked royee, u know why today u have a holiday? He playing the iPhone n said 'bu zhi dao'. I told him the story of Jesus being nailed n burnt on cross n etc.. Laogong 'ohhh like that aaa' then I asked again 'today holiday is to remember who?' 'JESUS' ^_^

Easter gifts from laogong's lady boss to bbb.
Thanks a lot! The big egg is very light, can really feel it is an egg!

I put the eggs in the mini baskets, the handcraft done by angels in the Sunday school class sempena Easter day

Been well preparing my heart for this Sunday baptise ^_^

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Parcel of God's words

Online shopping for some Christian stuff for children. Grow together with bbb in Christian way ^_^

Having excitement when received this parcel :p
Noah's ark board game - animals learning for bbb too!
Some bible verse cards for young children,
coz that day royee suddenly said 'mummy, I want to memorize Jin jv'
so I think gonna help him n gal gal too.
Stickers n sticker books.
Plan to use these colorful kids stickers as rewards for their home class good work.

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Friday, March 05, 2010




This morning this song keeps playing in my mind, I sing it to bbb too. 'am willing to follow You' a queit song, asking God father to hold my hand n bring me away. Maybe I have lost faith in something, something which is valuable, but ppl might see it not importantly.

I told as I might be a NEW me in coming April. Going to be 31 soon, I hope before I reaching 31, I can get myself to accomplish my biggest dream n to-do list in this life. In God's will, I hope everything would be running smoothly.

Thanks for shiyi's message 'Good to hear that. hope ur faith will be strengthen daily' ^_^

my wish to my love ones, don't waste time is wasting your life :) appreciate what u r doing n grab your life ship before the ship is in front of u ^_*

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

How to thank God?

In Sunday school, teacher giving each of the children a pink ang pow (can see in the pic) for 10% of total of children ang pow collection to be offered to the church after cny. As we know, if we willing to give out more, we would receive more than what we giving to others.

So teacher asked the children, how do u all thank God? How to show your thankful heart to Jesus? Then children started telling..

By praying, we pray everyday
Study bible
Do what Jesus love us to do
Listen to parents
Loving each other..

'ya, u all are right! What else we can do to thank God?'

'feng xian (offering)!'

Everyone is happy with this answer, 'ya, offering! Who gave the answer? Come, we must give him a sticker!' surprisingly, few children pointing to my royee boy, n he came out! With :D he got the sticker..

Thank to God n royee for surprising me in every Sunday school class ^_* that's why, i didnt want to miss the class eventhough i slept for only 2 hours for the 2 days weekend :p (busy with cny cookies baking)

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Very happy to read about royee boy.. He is becoming intelligent everyday..:) very sweet too. Innocent. I hope u cherish this moments :) hope to c him and the gals this cny. Maybe u would be in banting whn i am around klang.. - arpu tue 09/02/2010 12:24

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The call

In the hectic working hours, I received call from the church, pastor lim said the baptise program gonna start from end of feb 9-10.30am Sunday. Same time slot with bbb Sunday class :) many thoughts in my mind after the call. Hmm. Stop thinking much, just let everything arranges by Him.

Helped my mummy to choose cny shirts for my papa, brothers n uncles at jusco just now, those nice color shirts make ppl feeling good! less than an hour, we spent rm621. about rm60-70 per shirt, that day I bought 4pc for father n brother in law n laogong, it cost me rm300 hmm. I spent rm350 for bbb cloths also. But if we don't go for all these things, then cny would be just like normal public holidays. Nothing special lo...

Decided not to attend company annual dinner. Left this weekend for homemade cny cookies, wash curtains, sofa cover, new bedsheet for bbb n my room, bbb new cloths (I pantang to let bbb wearing new shirts without washing them before, afraid of bacteria infection).. Better stay at home la. Hope my friends all enjoy the dinner n share the stories on Monday :D

Good nite! Tonite am sleeping at the middle of my favorite men :) enjoying their mild snoring combination :p

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

in moments like these

royee is trying to leadt the thank you prayer

royee's hand raise high high :")

In moments like these, I sing out a song
I sing out a love song to Jesus.
In moments like these, I lift up my hands
I lift up my hands to the Lord. S
inging I love You Lord, Singing I love You Lord
Singing I love You, Lord, I love You.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

sunday school - xmas party!

on 20/12/09, celebrate christmas at sunday schools. 1st time for bbb ^_^

story telling started after singing session

Ho! Ho! Ho! santa came from the back

children waiting for candies n choc

a bit kelam kabut :p

angel is the one in front of santa :D

explaining 'christmas day'

back to 2000+ years ago~~ Jesus is born

cute children

devil is out!

devil teaching the shools boys to be bad

explaining what is SIN

royee got this xmas gifts



after the class, we went to sushi king

papa n royee n eva - royee likes seeweed

after this sunday school, i asked bbb to be good children, to be friend with Jesus.. they said ya~ then royee told me, 'mummy, spiderman is also Jesus's friend' 'har?' 'yes la, spiderman is Jesus's friend, coz he helps ppl and so powerful' 'Jesus is more powerful or the spiderman?' 'hmmm Jesus. Jesus is more powerful, spiderman is slightly below Him' ^_^
laogong asked, why royee prefers spiderman from superman har? :p i dont know.. as long as he is good boy, i dont mind he is 'Superman Spiderman Power Rangers Shone Jay Thea Royee' (he always introduced his name as this..)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Never give up!

Every Sunday when bbb go for Sunday school, normally teachers get 2 little healpers for carrying the offering bags then children offer the money to the offering bag. Every week, royee raise his hand, but he never being chosen by the teachers. After months, 1 Sunday, I saw him so dissapointed, I thot to talk to the teacher, so they will choose him soon. But as I shared with Junie, I shouldn't do this, I want to let the little boy work for what he wants. N I continue praying, 1day he got what he wants.
Last Sunday, 22/11/09 a special Sunday, as usual, when the red offering bags were out, children raise their hands. Royee too. I didn't expect 'it's him' as usual, but suddenly I saw royee stand up n hold the offering bag!!! Then I was so kelam kabut, my camera was with my dad coz of his china trip, then aa-ha!! I just got my iPhone back on Saturday.Faster I snapped pic of the boy!!! He was slow n steady :D so touched for me, as usual my eyes got wet when doing the thank you prayer :)
In the car, I said 'royee, mama saw u carried the offering bag, u being a good boy, never give up n God noticed u!!!' he said 'yala, I never give up one de' with the big satisfied n proud smile, I knew he got the lesson learned! N great inspiration to me too!! Nite time I told royee (with action, mummy interested in acting :p) 'here is a big rock, behind the big rock we have a BIG gift, if u never leave the place bcos of the big rock is blocking u, n u work hard to move the rock, u get the gift at 1 day' 'ya, I never give up so I get the gift already :D' 'good nite baby, before u sleep, u pray n thank God for the chance to carry the offering bag n be the helper, ok?' 'YES!!! I pray n thank Jesus n the teacher, good nite mummy, I love u mummy~'
A wonderful n thankful nite for me :) sick sick also feel happy ^_^

this is the day!

This is the day
The LORD has made
I will rejoice
And be glad in it

angel was busybody the gal's dress

partnering to sing 'this is the day'

the gal was so enjoying dancing~~
royee got shocked :p

'chewy chewy omm pa-pa,
ai-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya.. la! la! la!'

Thursday, November 05, 2009

angel's prayer

last nite, i heard this from angel's prayer..

(dear father lord, thank u. thank you lo~ welcome lo~ pray in jesus name, amen)

feel touched to hear this. can feel her 'smile' and thankfulness in her prayer :) so simple and sincere. called up my sis to share this prayer, then angel requested to sing few songs to sis. so cute n sweet :*
last nite, she slept with me on the bed. wondering why eva packed her stuff n went to sleep with kakak. laogong slept in bukit tinggi house. royee slept with grandma.
i slept well last nite ^_^

Sunday, October 11, 2009

children day celebration

celebrating children's day at the church. we prepared 2 songs. so nite before, myself n sis were helping bbb to do rehersal. practise n practise, then they got loud n clear voice, and cute movement before we left home to the church.
then 1 by 1 went up 'the stage' n sing. so children were sooooo cute!!!! felt so touched on their performance. then came to my bbb time. happily they stood up n walked towards the stage. i was happy. coz before that, there was few children refused to go up, n 1 big gal cried too. when there were up, slowly n slowly, i couldnt hear much of their voices. only angel sang relatively louder :p finally, i stop taking pic n video, stood beside them n sang the 2nd song with them :p
proud of them. at least, they went up. what i need to do is, polish their singing n performance skill la :D hope the music classes help.

on the stage

eva felt down, got hurt on her knee n palm

after the performance, angels and their gifts

cute children ^_^

angelina.. she becoming quite outspoken gal lately :D
she non stop telling me 'i sang loud loud just now'

royee n the gift
he can act, but not singing.. hmmm

curi curi buka the gift

the talents time over, time for HAPPY MEAL!

eating mcD in the car

angel n her happy meal

royee n her happy meal

the gifts

unwrapping the gifts~

they got BIG winnie the pooh stickers!