Monday, May 31, 2010

Left at no.09

My mind still left at last weekend nature exploring trip @_@ miss eveything about the trip..

2nd day morning at the hotel, bbb gonna breaking down the small house :P

Nice apple green maxis car

Laogong dropped by to buy keropok, way back also we dropped by to buy :p

Completed taman negara canopy walk journey. Proud of them!!! Singing row row row a boat.. :p

3rd day. Eva playing alone while gogo n jie jie were sleeping

Friday, May 28, 2010

At temerloh

We r now in green park hotel, playing music for bbb to sleep. Kids har, they r so sleepy n tired, but when they r having gang har, especially at new place, non stop jumping here n there. Want them to rest well coz I can expect tomorrow gonna be tiring trip for them at taman negara. Just now at gunung senyum dah tak boleh tahan :)

So far, they r enjoying the trip, non stop saying wanted to go to the cave n the jungle. Papa mama feel tired too, need to make sure sufficient plain water n food for bbb.

Morning 10am we left bkt31.

Posing for ah yi.. Ah yi working today
Mummy n angel

'mummy counts 1-10 har, I want to see u all hold your wawa n chou chou har, 1..2..3...'
harh!! I can see someone's panty...
Very quicky angel covered her panty :p

Mummy needs to have lots of ideas, patience to entertain bbb, so they won't fight, cry, be cranky in the journey. Hmmmm see them happy, tired also feel worthy.. 1 day a mummy, forever a mummy ^_^

Total flat :p cute eva ^_^

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This morning I asked bbb 'do u want to go traveling?' 'yes!!'

Eva: mummy, travel is hot or cold?
Mummy: travel can be hot or cold, depends on where we r going to
Royee: what is traveling?
Mummy: traveling is we go visiting places, see the world n gain knowledge about the place. So u all want to go hot or cold place?
Bbb: coolll!!
Angel: when we go cold place we need to bring umbrella
Mummy: hmm when we go to cold place we don't bring umbrella but we wear sweater, long sleeve shirts. I let papa know har we want to go cold place..
Royee: yippie! We can see igloo lo!
Mummy: baby, cannot la, igloo too far la, igloo at polar bear there, very far, we have no enough holidays to go there (n no budget too :p)
Royee: ooo no igloo ooo
Eva: no igloo then where is cold place ler?
Mummy: we plan if something la.. Maybe we go hill or see animals

Hmmm wanted to being bbb out, but mummy is tired :( exhausted lately. Can't wait for the new maid to come..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mummy, ni' xin ku le~

昨夜,angel 的一句 'mummy, 你辛苦了' 让我回味直今:)

Last night, when I was busy packing some home class material in the study room, rushing back to Banting coz it was late, out of sudden I heard this 'mummy, ni' xin ku le' angel mentioned it. Normally we teling this to ppl who have contributed or putting effort, we appreciate the kindness n say 'u r tired/ putting much effort' sort of direct translation.

I paused a while when I heard that. N she repeated the phrase again. I mention this a lot to the teachers who work so hard to taking care so many children n so many other things to be settled; to sis who was taking care my mum for a hectic week.. But now, my gal can see my hardwork to them n the family :p feeling great with her thankful heart :)

But.. Hmm.. Bcoz of surprise, I didn't know how to answer, I said 'ya, mummy xin ku le' hmm found myself I bit :$ ya, I need 'sample answer for dummy' :( thank God, angel gave me another chance to have 'nicer' answer, when she went down n saw me preparing milk for them, again she said 'mummy~ ni' xin ku le ooo' 'xie xie ni', ni' ye xin ku le, wo men yiqi jia you oo' (thank you, u too, xin ku le, let's gambatte together) :p

caiyo, caiyo, caiyo! :D I just can't help myself falling in love truly deeply madly to my lovely shonejay angels :*

Visiting my kai ma at the hospital on saturday, her knee operation shall be held today.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tiring Friday

Ya Friday, n this Friday I work half day. Just now walked together with boss to the train station, talked about my mum, children.. Hmm he asked 'why u never submit the job rotation for 12 months request' I told him I was afraid of the work location, don't know where assigned to' in fact, am waiting for internal vacancy which I can work closer to klang. Coz tiring ooooo travelling everyday. Travelling n taking care children hmmm. Boss said not easy, we all need to work, pressure from job, then at the same time need to taking care family, children. Hmmm. Keep this in my heart, today As told me 'u will get pay for all the good things u do today, just the matter of time' ^_^ inspiring..

This morning got call from hospital, doctor talked to me regarding my god ma knee operation. Confirmed next monday or the latest Tuesday they will do the surgery. Hope after this, daily life gets easier n better for god ma when she can walk well. Ya! I shall take her before n after pic :p later go hospital

Tomolo we will go to kinder for report cards, see what comments I gonna get har :p I need to ask teachers something too, want to know children learning attitude in the class. About the result, how many abc 123 they learnt, am not really care coz I believe that, when bbb have good attitude n behaviour in learning, sooner of later they can master those academy subjects ^_^ strengthen the base first.

In the train now, wishing I can travel to some other place, really need a rest n peaceful mind.

Found this in my phone photo album, don't know what games bbb playing.. Ya, hod nice it gonna be if I can go to White n cool place..


Nite taken my blood pressure, 133/95 what's wrong with me? Gone so high the bp n I was in rest mode hmm.. My body n mental are in hypertension? Hmmm been wanting gateway, release myself to the freedom. Tired recently..

Wish I can be in true happiness with no worries n other ppl worries that bothering me..


Superhero for myself ^^

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eva's mummy

Recently Eva likes to draw mummy de face n body, on the paper, on the wet sand, in the air.

So when the kinder tag the below pic in my facebook, with question 'this is? Human? Airplane?' I know this is from eva, n she made 'mummy' :) I did ask angel who did this, she told me Eva did it. Then I asked angel 'what did u make?' she said 'long long long snake!' :p

Feel touched b thankful for children skill build up. To other ppl, all those childish drawing n singing n actions are silly or funny, but to parents n reachers who go thru the process from zero to something, we feel proud of the children. That's why, my eyes got wetty in the parents day celebration in the church last Sunday. From singing to lord's prayer to actions, u can see smile in parents' eyes when they children made it to their level best!

Tonight, I may teach bbb to draw animals step by step. I have an application in my iPhone installed, let's together learn how to draw animals, mummy is lacking in drawing :p gambatte!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today is Wednesday

Slept at 2am last nite, after cleaning the house, it was 12am+ papa non stop saying 'it's ok, I can sweep n mop the floor tomorrow morning, u don't need clean the house' hmmm I sweep n mop the floor then I got backache, guess papa will feel the pain too if he clean the house. I am 30 n he is 60, never mind la, I am young enough to take the burden n rest less.

Before falling asleep, check sis's blog post n facebook for bbb kinder updates. This is the todo list for a sister n mummy :) tired oooo but in order to do more, treasure more memory n special moments, I need to maximize my time.

Some pictures print screen from kinder facebook..

Angel n the team

Eva n the team

Angel - I guess

Like this - not all scars show, not all wounds heal..

Parents day celebration

2 songs performance with bbb for the Sunday school parents day celebration. 1st time on stage with bbb :p

Jesus loves me this I know..

..for the bible tells me so..

..little ones to Him belong..

..they are weak but He us strong!



Name wrongly typed

Song for parents with barney 'i love u' rhythm

Gifts we got for the special day ^_^

I love this- parents are the guardian angels who given by God to each of the children ^_^

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

After the 2 years..

Hehe just being wuliao gone n checked the old pic, to show the same dress wearing by angels - 2008 version n 2010 version :p

On march 2008 at dc31. Angel n eva. 1 year 5 months old.

On may 2010 at bkt31. Angel n her blankie, piglet, toy box - this gal always like to bring things back to Banting one..

Eva :D now she likes the fishie dress. Going to be 4 years old in 5 month times hehe ^_*

Monday, May 17, 2010

Easy happening Weekend

Last weekend, laogong moved to the new office at shah alam, he might stay in bkt31 most if the time, ease to go to the new office. Hmm. Saturday nite laogong's grandma passed away. Thea family gone back to Johore. Me n bbb at home. Celebrated parents day at church on Sunday morning, 1st time on stage performance with bbb, great experience :) so tired in the Sunday noon, a short nap before preparing afternoon tea with sis. We had corn sago dessert n egg crepe chicken fross wrap. Royee n eva doing coloring n drawing while angel sleeping. Went back Banting at nearly 8pm, parents n digo were so excited with angels new hair cut ^_^

Mummy with long hair n dress - by eva

Saturday, May 15, 2010

In the music class

Welcome song..

China dolls are practicing 123 sing for graduation concert

Sis is taking nap. Sorry mie mie, I know u r very tired but still helping me in the class :(
Some shots of angels short haircut

Before n after..

Hair cut after 3+ years ^_^

Out from the saloon


Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Friday Friday

Thot to reach the office early, but jammed in the traffic. Sitting here for nearly 30 minutes, feeling sleepy @_@ this morning, laogong said may be I can look for job at klang. ya might do so when I fully stay in bkt31. Yesterday went to usj office for meeting with vendors, like the free n easy working life there, less ppl more freedom. Tired of travelling ooo. Laogong's office moving to shah alam too, good thing is, no more working in Saturdays :)

Starting today I will be on half day working, noon go back home to jaga bbb. Thanks sis for her 1week leave, my turn to jaga mama n bbb now. Plan to bring bbb to cut their hair today. Ya, gonna cut angels long hair. At last, they are ok with the idea, with condition, keep it long after cutting it. Means that, can cut it short once only :p always see them in long hair, want to give them another images :p angel said: so mummy, u also cut your hair short har. Hmmm I wish to do that, but friends non stop saying long hair suit me. Hmmm see how har, to cut hair short, need courage too :p anyhow, I feel a bit sayang to cut angels hair, coz their hairs are beautiful n in good health.

Been falling sick few days, today getting better, so plan to take the h1n1 vaccine today in the office. Company ordered the vaccine for all the staff in the building, coz few confirmed cases at our office building. I found this is funny - h1n1 = hamburger satu, nugget satu :p

Tomorrow is teachers day, tired sick mummy can't make it to prepare the gift to the kinder teachers, see if we can make something over the weekend. Finally, royee can swim in the kinder today, he was so excited, non stop reminding me to bring this n that :) I told bbb, once your hairs are short, mummy can bring u all go outdoor more frequent, look clean n tidy ma, then royee said he wanted to climb the tree :p eva explained to royee, how coconut tree looks like 'only 1 straight line, no many many lines de' ^_^

Reaching office soon, hmm yesterday boss told me ge us leaving 'dont know how's your promotion' I told her never mind la. Somehow, I always keep this in my mind, 'when it is yours, it will be yours' n as papa always tells me 'u always have no luck!' he told me this when I was in standard 6 n the years after. Hmm never mind la, I am lucky enough to be in tiew family, to have my bbb, to be the chosen one by the Lord :D


Monday, May 10, 2010

future bb name

Have u heard about this? when your children suck the foot finger, means that the mummy is pregnant. My kaima told me this when royee non stop sucking his foot fingers when he was baby time. Yesterday morning, I saw eva sucking her foot finger. I looked at her, ‘eva, this is dirty, stop that’ she smiled at me. then evening, I saw angel did the same ‘hey! This is dirty!’ she just smiled at me n felt shy. Hmmm.. what a shocking thought ‘am I pregnant?’ ok I am ah soh enough to somehow have that lagenda thought kekeke.. shared this with laogong, laogong of course, entertain me this wu liao wife :p I told laogong, I got future bb name.. do u want to know? then we have the conversation in ym..

husband n wife can be that wu liao :p ok, back to work..