Saturday, May 31, 2008

these days

my sis asked, why no new blog de? ya.. have been busy recently. very tired and busy in the office. not really happy with the working life recently, pressure and never ending job. that's why, i emailed u to tell that, i wanna stop working by end of y2009. surprisingly, u were ok with it! u asked me to work hard n save more from now, so i can stop working. ya! i dont spend much actually, as i told u, i take my breakfast at home, oat milk or sanwiches. always finish off 3 pcs of bread in the journey to putrajaya train station. sometime i bring the food that dabao by my dad to the office at my lunch. not to save money, just being lazy to go out n dabao n eat in the office. the food price at kl is relatively high too. sambil makan, sambil fikir, worth or not? sometime, the food not really tasty even. hmm feeling happy with the early retiry plan :p at least, it boost up my motivation to work harder now.. hehe
miss u much lately. especially when i got to know that u r coming back soon n transit for few days in malaysia before flying to philillpine. hmmm.. another 6 days to go. cant wait to see u. felt funny, when i told u i missed your body smell, asked u dont go showering. your reaction was shocked! hehe 1st time i asked u dont take bath huh? who cares, u r over the sea, i am here.. if u r smelly, i wont be bothered :p bad u, asked me to keep a smelly baju of u, so when i miss u then i can smell it. u ingat i so gila u ar? i much more prefer to hug n kiss royee ooo... keke
started working on my ecomm. hmmm only created the website address n email account. now waiting stocks from u n from as. donno the online stores ok or not, never try never know rite? just wanted to let myself to have experience on this. mana tau one day when i stop working, i can get income from working at home. at the same time, can jaga our children. so must work out something. life is too short for being lazy hor.. LIFE IS FRAGILE, HANDLE IT WITH PRAYER ^_^
yesterday i went to suria klcc after meeting at menara maxis. it was 7pm. promised royee to buy him gift. many shops are having BIG sale. went to parkson n bought 3 stuffed patung to our lovely bbb. barney for royee, dora for eva, piglet for angel. didnt care about the price, just chose something that i think is suitable for them. rm 113 at total :") then i bought a pair of long blue jeans for myself. 1/6 friendship day with mei n eng. wanna take photo album. the 1st blue jeans after my 2 pregnancies. hmmm almost 3 years already. just went to parkson, n grab a ordinary blue jeans. quite happy last nite. all the posters on SALE made me have the spirit to walk n walk from stores to stores n the good thing was, i didnt set myself any limit of budget! hehe sometime we konon la, nak bergaya like orang kaya :p till 9pm+ i was still with the 3 dolls n my jeans. felt myself quite calculative on children baju, i want good quality with cheaper price. mana dapat. end up, i didnt get anything for children. rm30 for a pair of baju n seluar should be ok rite? rm20 for a good shirt worth rite? hmm didnt know what i was thinking.. maybe i need to buy children cloths at indon, when i dont bother much on the different currency n different designs + with holiday mood.. hmmm..
today is saturday, last day of may 2008. will go jalan jalan with my sis at midvalley n klcc. go midvalley to go the garden. see some nice cloths n bags. cuci mata sikit. to go book fest at kl convention center. hehehe my budget for books, rm2k! income tax deduction ma. to pay 2k for tax, might as well i buy books for ourselves n children to broaden our knowledge n increase the stocks for our library :p dont think i will buy many books, 1st i dont have u to carry all the books; 2ndly, i want to have a relax shopping day today, dont want to stress myself too much... shopping, quite tiring sometime.. not going to bring royee today. as i also dont jaga angels. rest day for me. quite tired to take care 3 of them last weekend. i think i have speed up the wear n tear lifetime on my health. just wanna go out n have fun with my sis. jalan jalan to release stress. hmmm need to buy some neccessities for kakak too..
many stories to share with u, just dont have much time to post my blog here. see la, slowly i update them. want to prepare myself and go out lo. enjoy your weekend. dont forget to go shop for my stock har. tata.. I LOVE YOU!
ps: royee was so happy n surprise with the barney doll. the line is not ok here, upload the photo later... my intention to buy the stuffed dolls to royee and eva is, to let them stop carrying their kain busuk.. or else like royee, carried his blankey to the airport, to indon. then eva brought her blankey to my friend, normah's wedding.. hmmm.. at least a doll is more presentable. for angel, lucky thing is she doesnt want the blankey, so i bought a piglet for her, just to be fair to her, and she may use the piglet as companion.
ps2: want to keep angells hair long. see how it goes. i think it shouldnt be problem for eva, she is quite ok when i tight her hair. for angel, if she doesnt like it, then i cut her hair short lo. tidak semestinya for both of them to have same hairstyle rite? easy for ppl to recognize them. oh ya, my mum complained already. she wanted me to do something so she can cam who is who. she felt frustrated when she wrongly called angels. hehehe.. my dad is always 'hi gal gal, u r angel or eva?' hmmm so susah to cam them meh? not ok to buy them gold hor, so small, somemore the gold price is high! see la, maybe look for something like crystal.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


received a call at my lunch time, from the maid agency. we had the approval from malaysia immigration, now is waiting for indon side to process the maid application. before july, we can have the maid arrived if no other issue arise. wow~ very fast i can bring angels back to banting n stay together with them :) hope the maid is ok, hope angels will adapt to the stay with me.. hmmm cant wait for the day!
i think we need to spend more time with our children, so can teach them n show them the right things to do. n knowledge of good living skills. have prepared myself to be tired when angels are staying together ^_^
very happy now! cant focus on my work :p

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jakarta Trip - Day 2

midnite sleeping. royee not feeling well. his body temperature was so high! i tried to give him the paracetamol sub n lap his body, he still being so weak. luckily we were in the city. took the taxi to the Rumah Sakit Pluit. the fast blood test result made me feeling ease, at least, i had confidence to this hopsital. needed time to suit myself to the foreign language, but could feel their caring service. admitted to the 1st class ward. hmmm the location of the room which was next to the NICU theather made me worry on royee's condition. 40+ degree celcius, should be very dangerous to a age 2.5 child i think.
sleeping.. dripping..

after bath

the pity little hand

watching cartoon

praying n blessing from local charity group..

even it was not advisable to go back home as explained by the doctor, i knew how u feel to have 3 of us staying in the hospital for this short jakarta trip. hmmm since u insisted to discharge royee from the hospital, i told myself to take a very good care of royee when we were back to the condo. as predicted, his body temperature up n down. quite tiring to take care of him. felt so worried on his condition. luckily royee was cooperative in taking medic n resting.

wathcing dvd - thomas n friends

rest at the living hall

too hot his body. forget about his asthma, we went to the swimming pool, thot to bring down his temperature. he enjoyed in swimming pool! taught him to move himself around by his hands n foots. happy to see his smile n the loud laughter :)

swimming~ cooling!

so happy we went out for dinner with the cutie royee :) so many funny faces he made. he asked for noodles, so we ordered noodle. love one thing about royee is, he is quite diciplined. he drinks only plain water when he found that he would throw out if he drink milk or other drinks. offered him the chinese dessert for him, he said no, 'hui ok ok de' (will vomit one) ^_^

can pose with mama already!

eat the noodle with chopsticks~!

funny posing with no high temperature exist

managed to buy few vcds for royee before he started feeling sick n stomach ache. hmmm repeating the same process at nite, showered him, feeding him with plain water, given medic, stomach ache, throw out, showered him again, cleaned the bed sheet, sing songs to make him sleep, lap his body.. hmmm..

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jakarta Trip - Day 1

2pm we left banting. royee non stop singing. he seemed to be very happy. 1st time i heard he sing 'london bridge is falling down' full song! very cute~ then a lot of other songs. then he started feeling tired, then my dad pula sing. then royee asked 'ni change shen me la~?' (what r u singing?) then my dad said, 'wahh, u can sing then gong gong cannot sing ar?' hehe..
i had internet checked-in my tickets, then i just sent my luggage to the guy n collect my boarding tickets. then we sent my mum out to my dad's car. can see my parents miss royee already. non stop hugging n kissing. my dad even ran from the opposite road to the entrance. hmmm felt touching to see the scene.. :)
while waiting for boarding..

with teddy bears

before boarding. i went to shop at Body Shop. royee carried the basket for me, then i chose the lotion n cocoa butter for u. royee also sosial with the sales gals over there. hi! n kisses. i bought 2 cocoa butter, i told him, 1 for grandma n 1 for papa. he said, royee de ler? i said royee dont use this, royee uses sebamed. then he said he want a cocoa butter. then 1 hand carried the cocoa butter, n 1 hand carried the basket.. hmmm..
before flight boarding, he slept already. so i finished off the child meal n my own meal :p he woke up after the flight landed. quite behaved on flight. but then, when i touched him, so HOT! he was having fever! then he became lembik lembik.
sleeping in the flight
carried him while waiting for immigration checking. it was very long queue. afer 15min, the official asked me to go to the special counter. then we done the passport checking n stamping. we were looking around for u at the exit. then i mumbling 'where is royee's papa har?' then he started worried, then eyes gone wet. 'wo de papa ler' then i asked him to stop crying when he started to cry. hmmm so easy to cry one :S i like the way he running towards u, n u carried him n kissed him :)
what a heavy traffic jams on the way to the condo. hmmm started worry on royee's condition. he looked so weak in the taxi. dont talk about the thomas cup, hmmm, looked at his redish cheeks, no mood to go out having fun too!
the chinese restaurant. i missed the porridge. i missed the food there. hehhee..

flying over to u~~

ya today. 16.05 teacher's day! last nite we handmade the teacher's day card together. royee was so serious in it. non stop 'hoi! i havent put the glue..' 'Oooi ooi oooi.. wait, my butterfly..' 'wei wei wei..' hmmm while making the card, i was not his mother, more to team members :) not even single 'mama' he called me. i didnt help much on the card, he put the glue, he paste the pictures that i cut from the magazine. i hold his hand to write all the wording.. he is leftie, i am rightie, so quite inconvenient to have the writing looks nicely ^_^
brought him to see doctor last nite. been having high fever since nite before. he crying 'mama mama' when the doctor put the paracetamol sub to his rectum. other than that, he was quite ok to the doctor's instruction.
ok.. wanna finishing my tasks here before i leave the office for 12pm train this noon. cant wait to see u :) wondering if royee is ok for the thomas cup badminton tournament tonite..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sunshine for u~

laogong, u sound tired n frustrated. hope everything is running smoothly over there. we gonna meet up soon, hope royee will swipe away all your problems n tension ^_^ miss u much here. will pack the luggage by tonite.. love u~


royee singing. 1 of the video clips i recorded. very funny. he found himself funny too. he can sing better than this, maybe coz of the camera, he feels uneasy. hehehe very cute n funny. last nite, he felt asleep with smile.. so did i.. ^_^

Monday, May 12, 2008

on mother's day~

wake up at 6:50am. royee was still sleeping. reading favorite blog updates n mother's day sms that i received, then i felt asleep again. can hear royee singing.. once i turned my body, he called me 'mummy~' with his innocent smile ^_^what a obedient boy, didnt cry out loud, coz he was in the buai. i looked at my handphone, 9:33am!! my plan was to reach my friend's house at around 10am. n reached sgbuloh at before 12pm. hmmm.. then i asked royee to faster pack his things n we prepare ourselve FAST! he kelam kabut said want to bring his coloring books la, pencil case la.. i said 'bu yong la' then he 'oooo'
when we wanted to leave the house, my dad asked me to bring mango to my auntie at klang. soooo many mango. then we left the house. then we came back to take royee's bag.. then left banting at 11am. royee was having good mood, we sing together in the car. listened to all my instructions too! what a happy day :) reached shah alam at nearly 12pm. i was so hungry, went to mcD drive-thru. ordered a happy meal set cheese burger. then the gal said, sempena hari ibu, u can have another mc value set for free! wow! free.. hmmm then i ordered spicy chiken burger. total for only rm8+ :p the guy asked us which toys we want, the blue color one or yellow color. u chose blue color for royee. when i wanted to eat my burger, i found out, we had both blue n yellow toys in the box! what a surprise! royee was so happy.. i was happy too.. have that feeling 'i am lucky today!' hehe..
reached shah alam denai alam at 12:30pm my colleague asmiza's house. love the house. simple, warm, bright. as's daughter was sleeping. as served keropok ikan n chicken nuggets. royee playing toys. out of many toys, he played the train n truck. suddenly ayra cried. once woke up she saw me n royee. royee non stop mumbling that, must be playing the toys making the sound, then ayra woke up. he felt fuilty. hehe what a cute boy. as played vcd on Barney's songs. 2 of them can sit down n watch the video. cute~ moving the body too! then as brought out the animals puzzle. royee can follow as speak all the animals ^_^ (he asked me to buy the puzzle for him too!)
ayra n royee

left as's house about 1:40pm. taking the longer way back to desa coalfields. reached dc at 2pm+ happy to see angels. hmmm gained weight ^_^ your mum said wanna attend her friend's house party or function. your dad was cleaning the store room. children n i went upstair the room n i buai royee sleep. royee sings many songs. he also sings 'wo ai wo de baba, wo ai wo de mama' (i love my dad, i love my mum) very loud n clear he sings. then angel n eva felt funny of it, follow royee sing as well! the kedekut royee, he didnt want angels to follow him. when he sings bao bei in the night, angel n eva were moving their bodies.. also mumbling the songs too! i felt happy to see this. at last royee was sleeping. so i have more time to stay with angel n eva.

cute eva. i love her smile. it is sweet :*

angel. i tight her hair :p

seldom to see angel smile in photo ^_^ she so manja, sitting on my lap only

u see, the little sweetie. both of angel n eva rebut for royee's shoes

plan to keep their hairs long. since they going to stay with me, i can jaga the hair for them :)

eva was sleeping around 5pm. i was free with angel. then i started to pack baby cloths for my sis in law's bb. angel was busy 'helping' me too. she was cute! finished packing, royee woke up at the right time. i asked him to help me carry the s-size diapers to the car. so the car was full of mango, diapers, bb cloths. hahaha.. your dad was doing something at the outside compound, so royee teman your dad there n asking many questions :p

eva cried. i brought angel up to the room. for a while, i heard royee 'mama! mummy!' then he cried. then i can hear he say 'mummy ler? wo de mummy ler?' then huhuhuhuhu.. finally he came up to look for me, 'mummy u r here! i look for my mummy oooo' with his innocent face n voice.. i explained to him, eva was crying just now, so mummy came up very fast ma. then he hmmm... 3 of them playing cars. no biting ^_^ whenever royee didnt want angels to disturb him or take his toys, he would say 'dont touch gogo's things har, gogo will get angry one har' now he is more on talking rather than hitting ppl. good sign.

about 7pm. your mum hadnt came back. so your dad suggested to bring angels out for a walk so royee n i can leave the house without angels crying sadly. royee wanted to follow. so your dad n myself brought 3 of them for a walk. then at the half way, i asked royee to follow me back home. we quickly took our stuff, then wanna left the house. royee suddenly cried 'wo de mei mei ler? wo de mei mei bu jian liao' (my sis have gone missing) hmmm.. i told him, angels went out with gong gong, we go back home 1st, next time we will come back n visit them. suddenly i felt my heart pain to leave angel n eva there :~

in the car, royee said 'mummy, zuo mo eva mei you hui jia de?' (why eva never go back home?) i told him. mummy will bring angel n eva go back banting, when the kakak is here. we all can stay together. so we can watch barney cd together, we can sing bao bei in the night together, mummy can tell stories to royee, angel, n eva. then we can play together. must wait till kakak come ok? now mummy everyday can stay with royee, but gal gal cannot always see mummy rite? he said 'hmmm! gal gal hen ke lian' (pity gal gal) what a sad moment in my heart. ya, why i should leave royee's sis at the other house? n we are driving back to different house?

called up doreen to meet at setia alam, so i can give her some mango. during the journey, i told royee today is mother's day. is a day for mama. i asked him to say 'happy mama day' he followed. then i said again 'happy mama day. i love u' then he said 'happy mama day. i love u~' then paused a while, he came near me n kissed me! what a touched! i felt soooo touched. yes, i felt the feeling a mother suppose to have on this special day! the kiss was wet. my heart was warm. doreen came. royee happily wave hi to her ^_^ can see him really grow up n understanding much. wave bye bye must followed with kiss..

i was hungry. stopped at klang gerai. asked for nasi goreng. many ppl at the gerai. all bringing mothers out :) i ordered satay for royee. he enjoyed eating satay. he loves satay. he even begged me to allow him eat the piece of satay that dropped on the floor. what a pity face.. feeling good at the moment. a mother's day dinner for 2 of us.

drived to my brother's house after the dinner. we sings many songs during the journey. brought everything down. asked my auntie to pick up the mango from my brother's house. royee kissed my sis in law's belly :) it was 9:45pm when we left my brother's house. royee was good in the mood. non stop we sing songs together. how i wish, i can stay with our lovely children day n nite.. just like this. connected hearts. how i wish, this wonderful night n feeling, never be ending...

royee kissed me good nite. a big smile n hug from him. sleep with me. i asked him to sleep 1st, mummy wanted to take shower. he said 'no! then wo yi ge ren lo' (i would be alone) then i asked 'ask wai po to come in 1st ok?' then he said 'hmmm' hmmm.. very fast i took the shower, bcoz, my lovely son was waiting for me..

i got a mother's card from royee. made it in his kinder class. i have great feeling that given by royee. i can feel the need of a mummy from angel n eva. the surpirse n happy faces when see me in the house. it is a great feeling to be a mother :) heard this conversation between 2 old women at gerai makan 'happy mother's day. so how your children celebrate with u?''my son given me rm100 and then my daughter brought me for seafood' can see the proud of a mother while sharing this to another mother. very simple n warm.

thanks for your 'mu qin jie kuai le' phone call :) mother's day, the power of love to come from children. for u, i would expect more on valentine's day n paktor anniversary day :p btw, i would like to say sorry for not picking up your phone calls for these few weekends.. i dont even notice, there were phone calls from u! busy with children... hope u understand :)

miss u much. great feeling wanted to share with u last nite, but u were not with me. hope we can stay together soon! miss u... love u...

10.05.08 busy saturday

morning. my mum n royee n myself went to klang bukit tinggi at 11am. reached maid agency at 12pm. submitted the relevant doc n the gal explained to me the procedure, term n condition, do n donts. hmmm as what ppl always tells, hire maid, 'semua tengok nasib one' hmmm i hope our nasib is good. hmmm paid rm4k. like gambling, i hope i do win in this games.
1pm left the agency, went to kampung jawa to pick up my god mum. celebrate mother's day. supposed to have breakfast at KEC dim sum buffet, then late already. we went to bukit raja jaya jusco. had lunch at Johnny's steamboat. with bruce n my sis as well. royee was having blue. we didnt know why, he just being quiet all time. he ate eggs. we finished off the 10 pieces of roasted chicken wings! bought 15 pieces of hot bahulu for royee.
left jaya jusco at 3pm+ traffic jams at klang. went to trim my hair. what a super hot day! the stingy royee didnt want to share his bahulu with anyone. holding the plastic bag, afraid my kai ma curi makan. but then, royee offered the kuih bahulu to saloon kakak! n the hairdresser auntie. hmmm..
reached bukit tinggi bkt31 at 5pm. what a hot day. royee was sweating heavily :p we showed him his room, he was so excited. about the house, really much things to touch up, of course, all budget related issue. hmmm.. focus at the ground floor 1st la. went to see our neighbour house renovation, wow, must be spending a lot! very nice.. we went to visit my maxis friends LC's house too.. wow wow wow!!! it was sooooo nice.. i love it. simple but yet, elegant.. playing with colors n lighting.. the master bedroom, owesome! malu to snap pictures, but then i told her i would pay a visit at the other time with my sis.
we went to have traditional steamboat at bukit tinggi. before that, we were looking around for hin hwa primary school. couldnt get it. must be wrong way i went to. next time la. the steamboat was nice. my kai ma said this was the cheapest steamboat in the klang town. royee ate eggs n drinking warm herb tea.
sent my kai ma went back home. it was around 8pm. reached banting around 9pm. scolded royee for eating too many bahulu. stopped him from finishing the last 2 pieces. he cried. then asked for milk. then threw out :( again, showered him. then very fasst he felt asleep. very tired. i slept before 12am.
i hope, cant wait for the maid to come, so we can bring angels back, let 3 bbb staying together. cant wait for the bukit tinggi house to be okay to move in, so at least we can settle down soon. so many things n plans in my mind, timing n money matter. can feel the brighter sunlight is near by... ^_^
miss u much..

Friday, May 09, 2008

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

last weekend

not many photos i took on last weekend. taking care 3 of them. angels were having fever n flu. quite tired on last weekend. didnt sleep much. my mum who just back from her opearation also helping to take care bbb. my god ma n sis also helping. appreicate their help n time very much!
royee still cant recognized both angel n eva, who is who. so always 'eva' who bully royee. saturday noon, angel wanna bite royee while playing toys together. then royee non stop said 'eva bites me! eva bites me!' then happen to have only royee n eva in the room. royee bully back eva. eva non stop crying. then i asked royee, why u bully eva? royee said 'eva hen huai dan (naughty), ta da wo (she hit me)' then i asked, r u sure is eva not angel? who hit u just now, royee answered 'angel' then i told him 'this is eva, angel is over there, pls look carefully before u scold ppl. she is eva not angel' hmmm this is always the story, white dog curi makan, black dog kena pukul.. hehee..
so far they are ok. after the highlands trip, they are more accept each other as brother n sisters. monday morning royee asked me 'mummy~ eva ler?' i said eva n angel are in sgbuloh house, with mak mak (grandma), why? u miss gal gal ar?' royee said 'ya, wo xiang nian gal gal' i felt happy n warm to hear this. hope their relationshipo would be closer when they stay together later ^_^

saturday nite.. angel n eva sleeping.. at last :p

eva climb up the bicycle by her own! when her brother was sleeping ;p

evangeline - your mama called her 'zhe ling' :p

always not smiling much angel~ having high fever, so cranky ooo

eva always smile. angel always the tomboy n blur look ^_^

the chicky n notti one

royee is trying to show 'peace' with his 2 fingers..

boy friend

my mum told me, jia yi - royee's classmate, told her grandma n autie, she has a boyfriend, her boyfriend is royee! the grandma also noticed that jia yi is always stay with royee. they are quite close. hehehe.. so funny. royee is someone boy friend? royee is more suitable to be prefect - pengawas.. he is always busybody on everything! mama said cannot like this.. teacher said cannot like this.. even his teacher also comment on royee's too agressive helping hands.. :p
my mum called just now. royee would join the speaking competition soon. then there is a parent-teacher session to collect royee's report card n telling us how's the students performance for this half of the year. wow!
btw, we can also start enrolling angels for Y2009 class. sooooo fast. everything happens so fast! money get out also very fast! hmmm.. 3 children are enough for us :p

the notice

yesterday noon i received call from my mum, telling me that royee was crying when he couldnt find the notice that the teacher given to him. then my mum told him, maybe u have left the notice in grandpa's car. then royee quickly ran to my dad's car. my dad was talking on the phone beside the car. then my dad pushed him away, coz afraid he did something in the car. then royee was crying sadly.. he came to my mum n said 'the fellow (na ge ren) pushed me!' then my mum got shocked! which fellow? 'na ge ren la!' non stop he mentioned 'na ge ren' then my mum went out n see, 'the fellow' was my dad! my mum said 'is gong gong (grandpa)' he said 'no! is na ge ren!' my parents felt funny on this. they told me royee must be very angry n upset on my dad's action, then only he didnt want to call my dad properly.
in the afternoon, my mum called me again. once royee woke up from his afternoon nap, he was talking about his notice again. then crying. my mum called me, n wanted me to talk to him. i said 'royee, it's ok, tomorrow mummy will go n ask teacher about the notice' then he was ok n said bye bye to me.
last nite, when i wanted to change sleeping suit for him, i asked him, 'if tomorrow u have swimming class?' then he started crying.. very pity, upset he cried. 'teacher never give me the notice! everyone has the notice but me!' wawawawawa~~~ hmmm he cried out sadly. my heart feeling pain when looked at him. my tears also wanna falling down.. so pity him. so determine. i explained to him with my fingers. i told him, 4 weeks in a month. we have swimming class at alternate wednesday. so if u go this week, then u cannot go for the next week. then he listened to me quietly. then suddenly, the notice came across his mind, then he cried again sadly. i asked him, the teacher distributed the notice to all the students or some of the students. he said, the teacher hold the notice. then i asked, did jason have the notice? he said no. how about isabella? he said no. then i asked, then who has the notice, he said jia yi. then he said 'wo mei you tong gao (notice)' then wawawawa~~ i said never mind la, u dont be sad, mummy can always bring u for swimming ma. then mummy can checked with teacher about the notice ma. then he hmmm..

stopped crying. can see the red nose n mata yang bengkak :p

to cheer him up..

asked him to open his eyes wide!

can see his tears. pity boy

this morning, he woke up late. so i asked my dad to send royee to the kinder. my mum told me, royee didnt want my dad to send him. royee said 'gong gong's car got no petrol' he wanted my mum to drive with my mum's car. then my mum sent royee to the kinder n checked with the teacher about the notice. the teacher said, she didnt give out any notice yesterday. she only read out the notice to all the students on who to attend the swimming class today. then the teacher explained to royee. there was no notice giving out yesterday :~

pening n being sad for the whole day, but, no notice giving out.. hmmm.. what a cute determine boy~

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

RM 134

these are the things royee grabbed for himself on 1st May at Parkson suria klcc. i went there just to bought him a rm13 water bottle. end up i paid rm134 for the additional train post office set and barney stationery set :( good thing is, already 5 days, the train set n stationery set are still in good condition, havent been unwrapped yet. hehehe..

Monday, May 05, 2008

outing with royee on Labour Day

wake up as usual, like i wanna go out to work n royee wanna go for his kinder class. left the house at 8:10am. royee was excited to take train, but he forced to take 4 different medic before we left the house. turned back to the house to take the stroller, before that i did ask him, 'royee we are rushing to the train station, mummy forget about your stroller, shall we go back n bring it? do u need the stroller?' he said yes, he wanted to sleep. then i took the stroller with me.
once reach putrajaya/cyberjaya ERL station, i asked him to go up the staircase by himself, then i brought the stroller n the bags. hehehe.. 2 of us were rushing n walked quite fast. i told him, this is the route mummy go to work everyday. come here to take the train. then he 'oooo' :P got in the train, non stop he was asking so many questions, n sooooo many same repeating questions.. talked very loud somemore. ai.. ppl around also smiling oooo.. :p
reached kl sentral at 9:30am. took LRT train to klcc. reached klcc before 10am. quite ok the journey, thought i didnt have seat during the journey to klcc, at least, i got myself to squeeze in together with royee's stroller. hehe. so many ppl at suria klcc. i went to cold storage for my breakfast - chicken rice, royee took his milk.

so many ppl at HOMEDEC exhibition. got a guy brought 2 tins of free nippon paint back home. so fast! hall 1, all the latest n nice electrical appliances. i managed to collect the brouchers and booklets only. it was not convenient to see everything coz i was with royee's stroller. royee was quite obedient when we were in KL convention centre. maybe too many medic he been taken in the morning ^_^ my eldest brother n sis in law met us at HOMEDEC around 1pm. royee was sleeping at that time.
the only photo i took at HOMEDEC
brought royee to KLCC Aquaria at around 2pm. only myself n royee. not many pictures i managed to take, coz need to bring the stroller n jaga royee. we stayed at Aquaria, hmmm around 1 hour. then royee seemed like didnt enjoy much. so we went out to have late lunch with my brother n sis in law.
at Aquaria

playing block at KLCC children department

posing with water fountain

he didnt know how to show 'peace' so he wanted me to show 'five' :p

outing with royee~

with my sis in law. i love this pic. royee smiled cute!

left KLCC at 6:30pm. with another additional big bags n books (directories for furniture, gate & window, kitchen). then took 7:03pm train back to putrajaya. tooks many photos with royee at the waiting lounge. felt happy, coz i managed to bring royee out for my own business. n he was being good n obedient ^_^

asked him to look at me, he did this. notti.

royee n mummy

royee n mummy. the next photo was, he screwed my fingers!!!

'tou di di' (lower the head) he said this

go back with this..