Monday, November 29, 2010


called up laogong, bbb n laogong n grandpama at shopping mall now. children sound happy :) am in the train station waiting for the 8.30pm train. work not done, but am worried about maid sister alone at home - safe? eaten? alright?

below the print screen of video call between me n bbb n laogong during lunch time. they talked much, I talked softly, coz in the office ma :p

showing them my office breakout area

downloaded Christmas songs just now. am looking forward to my short trip with sis, simple Xmas party, friends Xmas party visiting, n then, prepare bbb for new schooling year :)

encouragement works

encouragement builds self confidence. Saturday evening when royee came back from his music class, he happily told me this 'mummy, I can play well with both hands already!' wahhh well done! let nummy kiss kiss :*

last Saturday I had 1-1 with royee n eva's music class teacher. we shared a lot n we have more ideas that improve children music ability n character build. guess that, teacher has done well in her part to encouragement the boy to improve further :)

1st time, after a long holding, royee sat down n practice playing piano. what a great improvement :)

he enjoyed each the black n white key. he was checking each sound of the high n low keys ^^

YouTube Video

recalling what he learnt from the class

YouTube Video

papa guided

YouTube Video

2 keys to make a sound - he always do-so, ti-so, la-so :)

YouTube Video

concentrate what he was doing, so I didnt treat this as -he is playing fun

need more time n resources to learn how to build strong foundation in children characters n behaviours.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

good lonely nite

this children talk is funny :D

ya, bbb are with laogong now. they will go to sgbuloh for 2 days 1 nite. I have given my blanket to royee, hope he feels secured with it.

having different patenting thought with laogong. don't feel to argue, but if he continues to use those old time ineffective parenting tips to teach bbb, I may step in. I don't want my children characters build unstable at this golden age. hmmm.. feel conflict when both papa n mama don't have a common goal n target mindset :~

'why there is term n condition in parents love?'

remember this - children are different individuals who come from us, but they are not us. we need to respect each individual n not to program them to what we want them to be.

pre Christmas celebration

love this :)

2 gals r busy with the hairclips

xmas deco

it's holidays season coming!!

rm200+- for the tree n deco

set up the tree

try to make it real

putting up all the deco


simple n nice ^^

socks for bbb

midnight view

02:27 now, sleep 1st, 10am we have Christmas celebration at Sunday school. quite early hor? hehe :p this would be the last class for year 2010. December no Sunday school class. after this, we will plan for christmas party~

marry to office

'don't get married to the office' ^_^ ya I know that, but how? my stand is - this is the one n only last ride for you to leave this isolated island. so u like it or not, u have to pack everything that u must bring along with you n grab the last ride. yup, the due date n time is there, am packing what i want n cleaning up those that I dont want everyday :~

21:05 I have to leave the office, at home I have my little boy waiting for me to tell the bedtime story n sing the lovely songs. at bkt31, I have my angels waiting for me after a week separation.

sis called me, 'u bring back your work la, I help u to do over the weekend' ya am bringing back those work that don't involve sap system reference.

hope that everyone in team is having the same mission. or else this is very tiring when u fight alone in the battle. n hope that I can lose some weight for being busy. but then, only my brains n fingers work very hard ooo.. my bum bum is on the chair most of the time kakakaka :p

tata. looking forward for the sweet weekend with my bbb reunions ^_^ this Sunday we have Xmas celebration at bbb Sunday school class!

Friday, November 26, 2010

working mummy

now am in the auditorium waiting for the 9am training. wake up 6am+ then start the daily rushing hours again. frankly speaking, I am very tired recently. in the office, am worried about home. at home, worried about work not done at the office. year end closing, ya start feeling the pressure already.

nowadays, I work till 8pm then reach home at 9.30pm. washing eating then parenting. these few days, royee is alone with my maid n kaima at home, so at night, he calls me 'mummy, still how long then only u will come back?' :~

last night, royee line these cutie blocks for me. once I reached home 'mummy, u see!' this pic I snapped when my bag was still carrying with me.

after mandi n makan, i chat a while with kaima, she told me what royee done for the day. she told me, royee asked 'kaipopo, when are u going to die?' 'kaipopo has no answer for this question' :) kaima told me, royee non stop talking, he even asked how old is sister maid, n the mother of sister :p

story telling with the boy, last night we story telling 'see-saw' the moral of the story is 'don't play when u r working/studying' royee learnt English word 'penny' last nite :)

I sing to sleepkan him. tell u, I non stop yawning, really each phrase I yawn once! then I fall asleep in my own singing :( we slept at nearly 1am. very tired.

this morning pic, taken nearly 7am.

he was trying to wake up, but..


he 'bye bye' to me then sleep balik.

I asked royee to go sgbuloh with angels this Sunday, Monday, then come back on Tuesday. he was so excited 'then mummy ler?' mummy stays at banting. 'then mummy is alone' never mind la, mummy has sister ma. 'hmmm then I dont want to go' :( he was sad for not be able to go. I feel touched. this boy can sacrifice his like just to teman mummy :~ but I will make him to go, if I don't have any other better alternative, coz next Monday n Tuesday, I need to do closing. guess that am going to be very busy at work.
tata 1st. training starts.

planning for success

yesterday half day pm, we have our department communication session to share our 2010 achievement and to plan for our success in 2011. good platform to share all the good n ideas, and to know what other sections doing.

ya, we have mcD vouchers for the winning team in playing the mini games :D happy meals for my bbb :p

we have 8GB thumbdrive too! doorgift for all the department staff ^^

tea time we have very yummy nyoya kuih. picture shown some of the kuih, various choices served. I like this, shared by my hod who is baba 'hope you like the nyoya kuih. I eat all these kuih grow up, so I know which is the truly good nyoya kuih. my grandma knew how to make all these kuih, as she made nyoya kuih to sell to the whole village and with the money, she raise the whole family' n his smile touched me :)

there are many things I learnt n got inspired from the session. different ways of presenting the same topic, more interesting powerpoint slides, how a good boss appreciates the performing staff, how big boss convey the high profile message to the ground...

and this is the happy moment too!

my boss received award for her project in closing the aging open purchase orders and account. me too involved in the closing for my team :D will have makan makan as boss promised ^^

Thursday, November 25, 2010

my family :)

at putrajaya lakeside n Pullman


小男孩嘻嘻笑到:”就是best friend的意思。”

小伙子对姑娘说:“我们是的BF.” 姑娘小鸟依人,害羞的问道:“什么是BF?”
小伙子捧起姑娘的脸,深情到:“是boy friend的意思。”

丈夫看了看宝贝,满脸幸福的说到:“就是baby's father的意思。”

老头子望望夕阳然后得天空,思绪连篇,苍老的声音却悠远坚定而神秘:“Be forever。”


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

love is in the air!

these are last night ym video call snapshots. Eva was sleeping, so we managed to chat with angel n papa only. grandma can see grandson too! ^^

...waiting for sgbuloh to be connected..

wahhh we can finally see each other!!

royee was excited :p

grandma joined in too!

angel big head :p

royee non stop hopping on my back, so the kelam kabut to control him n the camera

sweet royee :)

hope that tonight we can see both angel n eva, and network connection would be stable at both sides. thanks to technology that brings us closer :D