Tuesday, November 09, 2010

tuesday yo~

am reading this book, bliss to women who read men's mind. quite interesting to read about different men types :)

last nite when I reached home, bbb asking when are we going to bkt31? today is what day? when are we having holidays?... all sorts of question, because of this --- study tables! they want to use the study tables so they want to go back klang home. when I said no to all their request, finally royee said 'this cannot that cannot, aiya, then u move the study tables to Banting la' :p worth for the money, bbb like tue tables. but, don't know how long the tables can last, last night bbb only broke the cabinet in my room :S

half day will be on uat session for the new system. might be an easy Tuesday :) sis asked to take leave this Friday, coz tired working. ya, agreed with that. but she mentioned also taking leave to start our detox plan 1st day. come on, if 2 of us staying together, no food where got fun ler! want to go full body massage, ppl will also offer us Ginger tea ma. hmmm these 2 sisters, macam . (now Eva likes to say this macam macam:p)

ahhh syddenly I feel so sleepy. I slept early last night ma. hmmm yet to reach the office, already have the thought 'I want to go back early today, n sleep!' ta!

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