Wednesday, November 10, 2010

spices in your life

with bbb at home, at this age, everyday I get surprises eg they sing a new song, they tell funny stories, or let me know some logical facts, saying new words or doing things like these...

angel keeping the doll in the container, telling me to let her piglet sleep inside it. but after hours, she forgot about it, when time for milk, n she can't find te piglet, non stop crying n being cranky :S

this is shocking! when. I got into the room, I saw this on the floor, when I comb angel's hair, more n more long hair dropping down. finished scolding angel, looked at Eva, pull her away from her seat, wahhhhh more hair cut on the floor!!! speechless! 1st I can't accept they cut their hair week before the kinder concert, 2nd, Eva hiding her guilt, telling lies. they got my sis to punish nicely n I can only throw the pretty nice hair into the dustbin :(

this I got it last nite. see the different? the blue mattress become half length of the actual size!!! Eva n angel did it. somemore can tell me 'still can sleep de, u see' then show it to me :~ mattress ok! this is not a book which I am still ok to accept it. wonder would they broke the new study table to half or the bed? wardrobe? wahhhh am having jumanji gals at home :~~

ya, surprises n spices that spice up my life. am prepared, more to come.. performance at school, attitude, age for their puppy love, 1st bf n gf, 'mummy, I am pregnant' or 'mummy, u gonna be young granny lo' wahhhh! need to take more omega to make my heart stronger for all these 'expected' unexpected.

playing 'row row rotiboat gently down the stream' row a boat became roti-boat :p

royee 'ahhhhh mummy is taking our pictures!' naughty bbb aaa

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