Wednesday, November 03, 2010

newly NEW ^^

today wearing new cloths set from my mama. mama must be pening with my office wear :p last nite she given me 2 sets. so today when As saw me, 'u better give money to your mum, n let your mum buy cloths for u, then only u can be stylo sikit' :p ya, my mama wears are much more colourful n young look than mine kekekeke.

came back from lunch, I got someone talking at my back 'congratulation' oh, my boss's boss given me promotion letter! what a surprise! very fast I open the envelop, to see the salary? no! I checked my annual leave :D so the happy, from 14 days to 20 days e-ha!!! may take 2 days leave to jaga my bbb this month when my parents travel to china.

thank you Lord for the blessing n spirit to ask me to wait for the right time. patiently I been waiting n praying for my 'best' to come^^ give thank to the holy one :)

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