Sunday, November 28, 2010

marry to office

'don't get married to the office' ^_^ ya I know that, but how? my stand is - this is the one n only last ride for you to leave this isolated island. so u like it or not, u have to pack everything that u must bring along with you n grab the last ride. yup, the due date n time is there, am packing what i want n cleaning up those that I dont want everyday :~

21:05 I have to leave the office, at home I have my little boy waiting for me to tell the bedtime story n sing the lovely songs. at bkt31, I have my angels waiting for me after a week separation.

sis called me, 'u bring back your work la, I help u to do over the weekend' ya am bringing back those work that don't involve sap system reference.

hope that everyone in team is having the same mission. or else this is very tiring when u fight alone in the battle. n hope that I can lose some weight for being busy. but then, only my brains n fingers work very hard ooo.. my bum bum is on the chair most of the time kakakaka :p

tata. looking forward for the sweet weekend with my bbb reunions ^_^ this Sunday we have Xmas celebration at bbb Sunday school class!

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