Thursday, November 04, 2010

thank you!

would like to thank all the hugs n wishes from my family n friend n colleague ^^

special thank to
my papa - he is the one always pity me have no luck on those awards n recognition. last nite he smiled at me 'so u get your increment?' :p

my mama - 'if I know wearing my shirt can give u luck, then I should give the new cloths to u early, so u don't need to wait for the letter so long :)' I feel warm in my heart ^^

my laogong - his excitement about this promotion last till late nite :p 'michelle u r great!' the good night call all about this promotion ^^

my sis - complained about my sad caller ringtone spoiled her happy mode when she wanted to call me n congrate me :p n ya, this BIG money eater is planning where to celebrate this happy event - the idea gone wild 'buffet at Singapore'!

my gogo - the SMS 'gong xi you, so how much is the salary now?' hmmm how to answer ler? but I still answer him :p brother n sister, no secret de.

jessie n Goh - my current n my ex boss. who been really push for this promotion to happen ^^ really appreciate their effort n care :D

hani n as - my ex team n my forever lunch mates :D hugs n wishes from u, thank you very much! ok, janji manis akan realise, timing n money matter only :p

Junie - thanks for listening to me all these while happy or unhappy :) n thanks for all the support on work n estore :p will try to bake the green bean cookies for u har :p

nana - u r the only one saying wanted belanja me coz of my promotion :) thanks for all the kisses n REDs ^^ love u ^^

doreen - u r my mummy n sis in the office. care, love, n advise from u, I always keep in the heart. thanks for everything oooo :)

Arputha - my dearest gal. need not to say much here as I know u can feel me in you :D u r the 1st one I SMS when I got the letter, just wanna share my happiness with u. hope u r doing well in your career n study ^^ hope we can meet up soon!

more thanks to my team members, bosses, Aru-my ex hod (got his SMS early morning) who shared the happiness with me ^_^ ok, slowly I will count my money n spend some meals to the team.

don't get confused, I just promoted to small title only, huha like very big title right hehe :p been waiting for this for many years, this promotion is to make myself affirm on what I am doing is right n being paid off. n I been wanting to go for those good training which previously I was not entitled for, now I can go for those courses to broaden my knowledge n experience. finally, I really hope this promotion can really cheer my papa up :) he been feeling sad for me 'u r good, why all the good things won't go to u?' :)

give thanks to my Lord, my prayer being heard. blessing and good health to all the people who loves me n cares for me. in Jesus name I pray, amen.

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