Friday, November 26, 2010

working mummy

now am in the auditorium waiting for the 9am training. wake up 6am+ then start the daily rushing hours again. frankly speaking, I am very tired recently. in the office, am worried about home. at home, worried about work not done at the office. year end closing, ya start feeling the pressure already.

nowadays, I work till 8pm then reach home at 9.30pm. washing eating then parenting. these few days, royee is alone with my maid n kaima at home, so at night, he calls me 'mummy, still how long then only u will come back?' :~

last night, royee line these cutie blocks for me. once I reached home 'mummy, u see!' this pic I snapped when my bag was still carrying with me.

after mandi n makan, i chat a while with kaima, she told me what royee done for the day. she told me, royee asked 'kaipopo, when are u going to die?' 'kaipopo has no answer for this question' :) kaima told me, royee non stop talking, he even asked how old is sister maid, n the mother of sister :p

story telling with the boy, last night we story telling 'see-saw' the moral of the story is 'don't play when u r working/studying' royee learnt English word 'penny' last nite :)

I sing to sleepkan him. tell u, I non stop yawning, really each phrase I yawn once! then I fall asleep in my own singing :( we slept at nearly 1am. very tired.

this morning pic, taken nearly 7am.

he was trying to wake up, but..


he 'bye bye' to me then sleep balik.

I asked royee to go sgbuloh with angels this Sunday, Monday, then come back on Tuesday. he was so excited 'then mummy ler?' mummy stays at banting. 'then mummy is alone' never mind la, mummy has sister ma. 'hmmm then I dont want to go' :( he was sad for not be able to go. I feel touched. this boy can sacrifice his like just to teman mummy :~ but I will make him to go, if I don't have any other better alternative, coz next Monday n Tuesday, I need to do closing. guess that am going to be very busy at work.
tata 1st. training starts.

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