Tuesday, November 16, 2010

cuti eve Tuesday

yay, tomalo is again holiday! tonight bbb having the last kinder performance in 2010, then start school holidays till next year. my mama n maid gonna be headache in these 6 weeks :p next week my papa n mama will travel to china, I asked angel n Eva this morning, if they want to go sgbuloh grandma's house, they think for a while n say 'no' hmmmm am thinking if sister van take care 3 of them or not :p

am using iphone4 now, like the outlook, like the new red casing that I bought, but then, this unit set is unstable :( always have a fever - the phone is in high temperature even it is in standby mode. don't get me wrong, i am not telling u the iphone4 is not ok, coz my sis's iphone4 is functionally great! eeee my colleague teasing me 'michelle, I think iPhone is not ong to u, u use blackberry la' :( coz my last time iPhone3g also having many prob, in 1 year warranty, I had changed 3 units replacement. dasyat! other ppl ok only with full load of applications in their phone :S hmmm am not going to send it back to the centre for now, coz I have spent rm65 for front n back screen protector. rugi oooo. hopefully with new updates or black magic :p my phone gonna be ong ong lucky to me :D

ya! sharing with u my new lipstick - gift from my mama :) my 1st lipstick in fact :p I normally using lip cream only, then when age getting higher :p I always look pale. so sometime I use lip gross too. that day my mama bought this for me to top up her skin care set package spend :D the beautician chose this colour for me - this colour is more suitable for person who never use lipstick before (except for my wedding hehe). kakakaka ok la, I admit, am very kampong auntie ok, apa pun tak tau. make up set pun takde ooo :p

tata, reaching station. mau work lo!

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