Sunday, February 27, 2011

my Sunday

laogong gone to Johore with in laws to visit relatives, so me n bbb n sis at home. today 27 is Bruce's bday, but Bruce has his business partners meeting. so me n sis stayed together.

morning royee watching thomas n friends in my room n 2 gals playing barbie dolls at downstairs ^^

prepared this for the children, but I ate a lot :p butter sugar oat cheese French loaf slices

visited to my gogo's house with my french loaf slices n green pea cupcakes n played with yujet nephew. what a cute boy. sis looked at yu jet, she also think to have a own baby :)

bought the books from popular bookstore. I myself loves the book quality n colourful pages. rm12.90 each. I get 10% discount with member card. about rm140 for 12 books. 4 book each set. hmmm can feel the impact when buy things for 3bbb @_@

28/2 laogong's bday. my month end closing too. I asked laogong to come back banting, then I will gift myself to him :p hehe

Thursday, February 24, 2011

pinkie red Thursday w

in the season of pink guava ^^

chic nestum + organic oat for breakfast. bun for dinner - coz got morning meeting till lunch time. lunch time eat Thai sauce chicken fried rice + hot tea-o set.

celery + corn + tomato + onion + carrot + pumpkin soup - my dinner today with the above pic chicken floss bun

final year for bbb to study in the same school. next year royee std1 lo. next month need to register gal gal for y2013 primary school
ps: before reaching home, mum asked me brought back home 5pc of kfc fried chicken. see, she alone fat never mind ma, me n royee n maid sister shared the fat n calories too! :( so tonight my supper is - 1 original recipe chicken breast n 1 bowl of bird nest. hmmm... now doing face mask n blog, at the same time I open my legs close my legs exercising, to get rid a little bit of my guilty feel :S

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

all calories count!

morning kelam kabut to prepare everyone to school, n need to check their homework before leaving the house. ohhh.. royee has many mirror eyesight prob writing, Eva does more than teacher asking, angel doesnt complete her homework!

in fact, yesterday we received complaints from angels's class teacher, as she didn't do 3 days homework, n not easy to get her sit down n complete homework :( a good brother, royee explained to teacher, angel was not lazy, she didn't do her homework coz she was falling sick for few days. how serious? super high temperature! can boil 3 eggs very fast with her forehead aaahh!!!

so, am a bit late to catch the earlier train. so I bought myself breakfast from the roadside makcik stall..

a pack of sinful nasi lemak with half rice, less sambal but fried egg added :p enjoyed the yummy hot food in the car n listening to the energetic songs ^^

well, let see how the calories go..

nasi lemak (the rice only) - 389.5
1 whole egg with yolk - 68.5
sambal - 60
cucumber - 4
total >>> 522 ^O^

my daily needed calorie is 2200 (calculated based on the body weight n height n the body activity). but if I want to lose my weight says 1kg a week, so my daily calorie intake need to be 1500, n calorie output is 2000+ hmmm input can be controlled in weekdays (weekend with devil sis, no guarantee :p) but for output 2000 hmmm weekdays reach home already want to sleep lo, can only do some body part exercise on bed only angkat kaki sit up itu saja.

my mum loves kfc now, quite frequent she asks for kfc after 9pm+ @_@ let's see, how much calorie come together with the yummy foods

Chicken drumstick OR – 149
Chicken drumstick HS – 178

Chicken wing OR – 146
Chicken wing HS – 211

Chicken tight OR – 250
Chicken tight HS– 365

Chicken breast OR – 394
Chicken breast HS – 505

Mashed potato with gravy – 126
Wedges - 249
Coleslaw – 233.5
Zinger tower burger – 719.5

wahhh!!! my favourite zinger burger 700 calorie! ok, I shall stop eating fried chicken or burger for fun :S

acv hair mask

used left hand to apply medicated oil on my belly, then used the same hand to apply collagen oil on my face. so, my face is HOT! :S

referring to my previous post on apple cider vinegar hair treatment, tonight is the 2nd time I do it :D

mix 1:1 acv n water into the spray bottle - I used 1.5 bottle for my hair. advise to spray or pour the mixture in open space, coz the vinegar is stink :p later fainted in the closed bathroom :p

then I wrap the hair + head with plastic bag. if use towel, later all vinegar smell. I purposely snapped happy face, so ppl will be happy to try this treatment :p

I wrapped the head for 30min. I watched the news n eating kfc fried chicken! well, my mama purposely bought it for me afraid I feel hungry for working late. it's ok, original recipe is lesser calorie compare to hot n spicy recipe, n I ate only 1 breast part :p

this is the pic after I washed my hair. wrapped the head with towel for 15min so spend less time to blow dry the hair. in the 15 min, I tried on my new dress which I bought from net. this time, the size is ok :D the puc taken with the new dress. why my face is :( coz eva didn't want to take pic for me. she was sleeping, when she turned her body (I disturbed her actually) she looked at me, sat up, then slept balik hmmm..

ok, good nite lo~ 00:08 now..

previous post for steps

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tortoise Tuesday

小时候 你想要什麼

而长大以后 我想要什麼
喂 我们现在不在家
蓝色变成红色 因为 你


listening to this song, n walking from the office to the train station. 21:05 am feeling ok, just a bit tense. no dinner for tonight, it's late now, by the time reach home, 11pm? feel pressure now when I feel to eat, coz I am suppose to lose my heavy body weight.

miss this, this was my last night dinner in the office. celery + pumpkin + corn hmm can't recall the full ingredients, but it was filling with few of my homemade cornflakes cookies.

my breakfast n morning tea time - all eat at once at the chicken rice shop :p

why today is a tortoise Tuesday? coz I am the working hard quietly to meet all the reporting datelines n boss's expectation like a tortoise who never give up himself in the racing with White rabbit :p ya, I need to improve my leadership skill, I need to learn to manage ppl n not coping what ppl not doing. n I just need to read more n learn more.

this year, my goal is, spend my free time with bbb whenever I can. so I stay at home during weekends n holidays just for my babies. do more for them, so hopefully they willing to spend time with me when I become old lady :p



Monday, February 21, 2011

green dinner

last evening, I prepared green pie cupcakes and celery cream soup for dinner. wanted to do the picnicking, the day turned dark around 7pm. so The dinner served on dining table, no less finger foods for bbb.

green pea cupcakes. 1st trial. the cakes are yummy! :p seriously, very nice green pea aroma :p

while waiting for the cupcakes baked in the oven, I prepared these ingredients for the celery creamy soup. we have 1 head of celery, parsley, chopped garlic. would be better to have chopped onion too. (the carrot is for display only :p)

heat up the garlic n celery with olive oil. let all celery become soft but not brown (about 10min)

then pour the 1L vegetable stock water (I use chicken stock) to the celery n seasoning the soup with nutmeg powder n black pepper.

the pour everything and cream milk (i use whipped cream, coz house no cream milk) to blender n blend the mixture to soft n creamy. then serve.

ta-da! this is what I prepared for my bbb :p a green pea cupcake, a bowl of chicken-soup-taste celery cream soup n 3 chicken fingers.

dinner time! they finished all, except angel didn't finish the soup - it is salty! hmmm too heavy of chicken stock :S

the celery brings lots of fibber. the cream soup taste is nice (a little bit salty) the texture is ok.. but sis n Bruce didn't take it, not get used to the taste. laogong finished few bowl of the soup :p
Benefit of celery
Celery leaves has high content of vitamin A, whilst the stems are an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C with rich supplies of potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and plenty essential amino acids.

Nutrients in the fiber are released during juicing, aiding bowel movements. The natural organic sodium (salt) in celery is very safe for consumption, in fact is essential for the body. Even individuals who are salt-sensitive can safely take the sodium in celery, unlike table salt (iodised sodium) which is harmful for those with high blood pressure.

While many foods lose nutrients during cooking, most of the compounds in celery hold up well during cooking.
benefit of green peas

Peas are lower in calcium and phosphorus than beans, but they provide similar levels of protein and carbohydrates. They are a good source of protein, B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, and potassium. Dried peas are an excellent source of fiber. Green peas are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and carotenes. Even though dried peas contain less nutrients than fresh peas, they are more calorie-dense due to their lack of water. Dried peas provide the same nutritional content and health benefits as common beans. Green peas provide a little more additional nutrition and antioxidants.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

benefits of pregnancy

found this article very convincing :) share with you, sorry for my simple English translation, just the summarised point ^^

生育对女性身心的好处,归纳为以下几点:benefits of pregnancy to woman body n soul

1.怀孕分娩可降低多种妇科疾病的发生风险。pregnancy can reduce the changes of getting woman related decease
ovarian stop ovulate eggs during pregnancy. thus ovarian can rest.
breast feeding can reduce the breast cancer attack when the milk ducts smooth flowing milk

2.生育可治痛经及月经不调。giving birth can cure menstrual pain n period disorder
原来,在孕育宝宝的过程中,女性的身体如子宫、乳房会经过一个再次发育的过程,内分泌也能得到自发的调节,痛经自然也会得到改善。all the hormones will go to re-regulation, redevelopment of womb, breast
3. 做妈妈让女性更美丽。be a mother makes woman become prettier
生活中,常见有些女性怀孕后变得容光焕发。张玉洁指出,怀孕期间,绝大多数准妈妈都会变得更美。而产前产后细心调理,这种美丽会一直延续到生产之后。究其原因,主要是因为孕期女性基础代谢会增加,身体的内分泌能得到更好的调节,雌激素水平高,导致皮肤更光洁、弹性更好。the hormones emit during pregnancy, can tighten the mother skin to look brighter
4. 怀孕分娩坐月子是改善女性体质的好时机。confinement month after birth delivery is the best time to improve woman body condition especially for weaker woman

5. 怀孕生子可推迟更年期。pregnancy n giving birth can delay menopause because of eggs ovulating stop till 4-6 weeks after the breast feeding

6. 怀孕分娩让女性股骨更强壮。
美国有一项研究发现,女性每生育一次,就有助于降低9%的骨折风险。科学家推论,母亲在怀孕过程中体位发生自然改变,身体的施力点产生了变化,影响到股骨支撑的力学结构,最终强化了产妇的股骨支撑,因而让妈妈们拥有更加强壮的股骨。can strengthen the pelvic bone and reduce 9% of having bone fracture

7. 宝宝做纽带,更易安然度过“七年之痒”。baby as the centre point if husband n wife relationship

8.别给人生留下遗憾。don't regret in life
the best time to get pregnant is before 30
shall I go for another baby? so I may be able to change my body condition (or size :p)? less chances for those illness n strengthen my marriage relationship (this one not 100% true-education, who make milk in the midnite :p)?

but I am 32 ooo, above 30, not the best time ooo.. hmmmm.. another BIG but, laogong don't want >.< 'I only have bbb' hmmm... I have bb boy n gal name already pun hmmm...

Friday, February 18, 2011

yummy beetroot ^^

beetroot + carrot + cashew nut + almond nut + black sesame soup

love the above soup combination. very nice mixture. the texture of the soup with nuts nibs ^^ thinking if I can make it at home without the maker :) thanks for my colleague for thus yummy soup :D

copied the below nutrients of beetroot for your reference. the Tatar is nice, n the natural colour is very nice too!!

"Beet greens are a very good source of calcium, iron, Vitamins A and C. Beetroots are an excellent source of folic acid. They are a very good source of fiber, manganese and potassium. Beet greens and beetroot are a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, iron and vitamin B6. Betacyanin is the pigment that gives beetroot its color, and has powerful antioxidant properties.

beetroot for cholesterol control, blood pressure, healthy liver function, cardiovascular decease, cancer prevention"

see, powerful antioxidant, n good source of fiber, so it should be good for diet program :p excellent source of folic acid, so ppl who planning to conceive or pregnant mummy can take beetroot often ^^ - this is what I write har, not clinically exam ooo :p

Thursday, February 17, 2011

my gifts

want to wait for laogong to buy me surprise gifts hor, better I buy for myself, so I can be happy 1st :p from last year Christmas gift to new year n cny gift, guess that I have enough gift to cheer myself up till this year end :p

leSportsac my favourite brand. bought this 'travel' theme from Singapore. hmm Christmas gift :p then the cute colourful pooh bags using them as inner bags for the big bags - to keep my phone charges, comb, lipstick, lip cream, thumbdrive... now I use this bag to work lo

bought the dkny watch from klcc. my y2011 new year gift for myself :p been looking for a simple watch that I love, after 2 years, then I finally found it :D

then the digital camera I bought it in cny. coz my existing camera quality not ok anymore, button press press press, no pic snapped one :p quite good deal, I have free digital photo frame as free gift :D

e-ha! another lesportsac bag. this is sling bag, it is medium size bag with many compartments. I bought this for my mid year family travel trip or any outing that require my 2 hands free to hold my bbb. this is the valentine's day present from myself too!

enough for months already, all these cost me rm 2k+ in short period @_@ tak kira my skin care n hair treatment package lagi >.<
any other plan, will need to wait if I get bonus few months later, then I need to buy shoes n dress for my sis's wedding :D

dong dong qiang

went out for lunch then I saw this at office lobby..

hehe.. open facebook see these..

red red red :D

just now royee called..
royee: mummy~ what are u doing?
mummy: mummy us going for lunch..
royee: ohhh.. I already taken my lunch ooo
mummy: that's great!
royee: mummy~ what's your boss doing?
mummy: she is in the office working aaa
royee: why your boss is working n you can go for lunch de?
mummy: (opps) she is going out soon
royee: har? what?
mummy: she is out already la..
royee: mummy~
mummy: yes?
royee: mummy~~ (so the manja n sweet)
mummy: yes baby..
royee: mummy~ can you come back on day time? don't dark dark only come back? har?
mummy: (sob sob) ok, mummy try to go back early tonight
royee: ok har, you come back fast fast har.. so what time?
mummy: hmmm see 7pm can or not (can leave office at 7pm consider early dah)
royee: 7 o clock, ok, that's good.
mummy: ok la.. bye bye~
royee: wait!!! 4+100+100+100 equals to what?
mummy: 304
royee: wrong! it's 3055888555 I just changed it to 2005
mummy: (????) ooh ok.. tata lo~
royee: then 10000+2005+tititi tatata is equals to what?
mummy: har? I don't know ooo
royee: hahahaha the answer is tatatatatatata la~
mummy: ok la tata la.. bye bye
royee: :( bye bye mummy

oooo the boy must be boring at home. today is chap Goh meh special off day. how nice if I can stay at home with bbb ooo hmm..

happy chap goh meh

today is day 15 of chinese new year, today is Chinese valentine's day too! this morning I asked laogong 'where is my valentine's day gift?' har? valentine's day again?! :p but, both vdays also no gift ma, har so loud :p

got this pic from gogo's mms, grow up already lo!!

yu jet wishes u, happy chap Goh meh aaa!! :D

weekend activities idea

found this on a parenting website. where to go n what to do with children during weekend.

The zoo
Science Museum
Live Sporting Event
Kids' Concert/Show
Amusement Park
Park/Hiking Trail
Outdoor Sports

ya.. I always prefer something simple for outing trip with bbb. coz to handle children who still don't really understand security n danger, parents are always feel stressed. now I start not bringing milk for bbb if there is a day trip. so, must make sure they always have food to eat. then of course, headache la when u see them eating in the restaurant @_@ end up, mummy eat a little bit lo, fire already ma :p

this weekend I plan to picnic with bbb, either at the house backyard or the park near by bkt31. I asked my colleague, would this be weird? eating kat belakang rumah? she said not really, she always remembers those nice moments when they having fun at the housing area with foods n games in childhood time :D I told laogong am not going for company annual dinner, coz I want to picnic with bbb. 'har? picnic at backyard? later bbb teasing u when they grow up' I told laogong this 'make love is the same action, why ppl like to have it at kitchen, living hall, the park, in the car? it makes different feeling right?' :p

well, this is U rated blog, let me share some fun outing photos :p


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

last Sunday

last Sunday, so unwilling to drag myself out from the bed :S so sleepy oooo..

sent children to Sunday school class. this is the class which after 1 week cny break. happy to see children all were excited n singing very well :D look at the red cny boy.. cute!

once I got back home at 11am+ I prepared this..

I labeled all the colour pencils n pencils n erasers for bbb with their names. recently their stationery items missing cases quite serious. everyday I need to prepare them new pencils n erasers. I raised my concern to the kinder teacher, this is what the teachers asked me to do. so if the teacher sees the pencils are on the floor or simply misplaced, she will take the chance to teach bbb the importance of taking care of own belonging.

then... I slept at neary 1pm till my royee came in the room at 3pm+ to practice his piano playing. he told me, papa wanted to bring them to swimming.

get them prepared.

happy kids ^^

fatty boy

soon need to buy a bigger set for him :p


so, when bbb went out swimming. mummy n ah yi went out too! we went to have late lunch n early dinner :p

this is what I want to eat when I open my eyes from afternoon nap :p so the cheezy :p

bought 10 oranges at rm8.90 to squeeze some fresh oranges juice for my bbb. 10 oranges gave me 3 children cups of pure juice only oooo. no wonder it is quite costly to order a glass if fresh orange juice at the restaurant.

back to work

after cny cuti n this n that holidays, well now we need to get back to work, hmmm when will be the next public holidays ar? 1st may labour day?

yesterday brought bbb to jenjarom dong zen temple then midvalley megakidz. a simple family outing that cost few hundreds :p laogong said, that was my valentine's day present. har?! I thot it was for children day :S

before leaving the house..

left midvalley :p

2 gals slept straight away :p

evening at home.. eva

mummy flat liao :p angel manja manja

more photos to be uploaded to fb, hmm by this weekend? hehe few sets of photos are yet to be shared cny day9 family gathering, shopping day, family outing.. u know la, auntie working SO hard in the office, weekend is house cleaning n sleeping time ma :p opps sisters outing n yummy food testing too :p