Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Royee in the music

Got this pic from laogong, photo snapped on yamaha customer day I guess. Laogong told me, now he feels better if royee is a bit slow in playing the piano keyboard, since laogong knows all the other classmates are older than royee. Some of them are 1-2 years older than royee. No wonder they can read the sing lyrics so well compare to royee who can only memorize the lyrics ^_^

This July angels going to start junior music class 4-6 years old after their music kids. Hmm they are yet to be 4 in this July, but teacher said they have to move on. Hopefully angels can do well in the class. Advantage for angels are, they been learning what the brother is learning by listening to the same cd, and reading brother's text book for kinder class n music class. Most of all, hope bbb enjoy what they are doing ^_^

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

28032010 9th anniversary

This is to remember our 9th paktor anniversary. There are ups n downs in these 9 years. There are days I thank for meeting laogong on 28/3/2001 but there are days, I wish I could enjoy more days as a single :p

Friday nite laogong was still undecided to go taiping for ching ming with his family, I said go la what's wong? Pray for your grandpa grandma ma. He said 'sunday is our anniversary ooo, u won't get angry meh?' ya hor, I only remember 28/3/2010 is my papa's 60 bday n the last class for my baptise program hmmm 'then? What u going to do on that day? What u gonna to do for me? I never hope for anything, so it's ok if u want to go taiping, I am fine' a wife who is not lovely at time :S

A gold necklace n a cross!
A surprise gift from laogong in Saturday nite. I got speechless when I saw it. Coz I expect this gift from my parents since my sis told me that. When laogong came in the room I asked him.
Mich: why so big gift for a paktor anniversary?
Laogong: this gonna be gift for paktor anniversary, your baptise, n your coming bday :D
Mich: har? If there is the case, then this gift is not 'heavy' enough lo :p

As return gift, I bought this 'elderlyberry yogurt mousse' cake for laogong.
Quite yummy! Now only I know jusco la boheme sells cake sense's cake ^_^

Cut the cake together, all pose directed by sis :p

2 red strawberries for laogong n laopo :p

I like this pic, I look like a 'lemah lembut' wife who 100% attracted by laogong's talk :D

Thanks mehmeh for all the pic ^_^ wish u n Bruce love love forever :*

Friday, March 26, 2010


Last nite, bbb kikikaka together, playing with their pistol n gun.


Babies, mummy loves u :*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

mummy n bbb

last friday, i took a day leave, with this reason to my boss 'sorry, with my house issue, i cant focus on my work, i really need a rest'. today is friday, am feeling ok from the issue, at least, i can focus on my work :p

thursday nite brought bbb to bkt31 without the maid. friday i brought them to subang parade, outing for their school holidays. quite challenging trip, 1 mummy n 3 bbb. non stop i reminding them to be good gal n good boy ^_^

before we left the house. can see me look so chan rite?
slept for 3 hours only :S

in subang parade. bbb were happy ^_^

lunch at TGI friday. fish n chips for bbb and another mini burgers kids set.
sis joined us for lunch too.

in the transparant lift, new experience to bbb

2nd round, dessert at secret recipe
this green tea ice blended is nice!! refreshing

asked bbb to take pic with the footballs
they looked at the auntie, who non stop standing besides me n say
'your children are so beautiful! so pretty' :p

they enjoying themselve ^_^

pretending to eat ice cream :p

doraemon being sabotage

reached home around 4pm.. eva flat! slept at the doorstep

angel flat too!

i bought megablock refills and vsmile for bbb
paid with company annual gift - rm500 vouchers :D

these are the stuff i bought with previous years rm500 shopping vouchers
2007 - the green tommy hilfiger bag
2008 - the red tocco toscano bag
2009 - SKII skin care set
2010 - 5 years old school bags for angels and toys

this cutie dora is the gift bbb chosen for maid's daughter
no matter how, we need to thank kakak for taking care bbb for 2 years :)
a nice outing with bbb. can see royee grown matured n taking care his sisters. Can feel, bbb are more attached to mummy :D

beautiful story for tomolo

Life has no rewinds n no forwards.
it unfolds at its own place.
so nevar miss a chance to live today.
n make a beautiful story for tomorrow.

'Dear,i always think about the email bout ur prob.i worry is thr any life threatening incident..i hope not..do take care dear.u r my 1 and only best fren.i will pray hard for u'

Read these messages from arpu this morning. Sorry gal, made you worried about me, thanks for your messages ^_^ am doing ok, now is month end, always busy at work during month end, so lack of time to update u. Btw, I am not the type of person, who settle life issue by stopping my own precious life. All the life challenges given by God I would accept them n try to solve the problems in His will ^_^

This time the case is my maid asking for early release in last wednesday, maybe, with a wrong way. I can just send her back as her wish, but they are impacts stay in my home. Many things I need to make a new adjustment n arrangement. They are things that money can settle, but they are definitely we have more things that need time n love to heal the wounds.

As of now, am feeling ok coz they are things that have gone for good movement so far. 1st, the maid's checkout memo has been done yesterday, so this Saturday I will book air ticket for the maid.

For time being am not going to hire any new maid, everyone is phobia about the maid - the closenest outsider. So, i looked for childcare center to take care angels in the afternoon. Having kind hearted Banting 'net friends' I have found the childcare center which very near to my parents house. So my plan was send angels for day care, then my mum taking care royee alone. Coz royee can be little helper to my mum, n I am worried his asthma case also, need more attention.

However, last nite, when my bro got to know my plan, my digo said this is not the best way to bbb 'don't u think this is so odd? We picked up 3 children from the kinder, along the way, we drop 2 gals at the childcare center, how would these siblings feel? Somemore, they take nap in the afternoon, n only few hours before u come back home, I can handle' my bro offered help to take care my bbb. Since he is back to Banting to help out my parents, so he can take care children. In fact he is very disagree to my plan.

Since this might be a better way if digo taking care bbb, so for time being let's try lo. Mum is worried who to do housework n everything, I been promising to her, I will do everything before work n after work. We may hire day time cleaner once a week for 'better service' than my daily cleaning. Thanks digo for helping me to explain everything to my mum, so now my mum soften her disatisfaction for not continue this maid who we still don't know she is a good person?

Tuesday nite I sat down with my mum, telling her all my feeling toward that incident. My mum too. We were chatting for more than 2 hours, talking heart to heart, I feel happy for this chatting session, coz I can feel mum feeling ok with me after few days of silent war. Last nite,she even taught me how to cook 'mi Hun kueh' :D n she can chat happily with me, laogong, digo n we all laugh together :D thanks God for listening to my prayer ^_^

Yesterday I talked to my maid too, although her fierce face still in my mind. I advise her how to pack her luggage, how much Malaysia ringgit n rupiah to be changed. She happily showed me all the gifts my mum given to her. I have released the weird feeling between her n me. But I still protecting my heart for not being so open. Coz, I still can't accept a person who I have been trusted can change to be a lion roaring in front of me with knife too. Hmm I need to accept this 'we are not staying in fairy tales, u must accept your friends can be the secret killer' I still can't accept this...

More things to plan out in these few months, my parents medical checkup n operations, relationship n feelings between my hubby n parents, my children next year school locations... Will give myself time for what I can't control, don't want to pressure myself.

Give thanks to whom support me in this incident, especially to my siblings. Thanks for all the prayers from church members n arpu ^_^ thanks for bbb understand this 'kakak is leaving us, coz she miss her baby n her baby needs mummy' bbb are so lovely these days, their love n kisses cheer me up, eventhough most of the time eva n angel 'mama is fat fat' :p give thanks to laogong for doing housework in bkt31, when we didn't bring maid along. last but not least, I love my papa n mama for crying for me, n loving me ^_^

Be thankful, am still working in the office, don't need to stop working immediately to full time taking care bbb, so I can continue my self challenge: to get promotion soon :D excitement is coming around the corner, tomolo we gonna get our performance bonus! Woohoo~~

Ps: sis planning to have her wedding ceremony by next year, i will make it as my wedding :p may wear White gown n snap pic with sis n bbb in the studio kekeke if n only if, I can buang many kg away :D

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Parcel of God's words

Online shopping for some Christian stuff for children. Grow together with bbb in Christian way ^_^

Having excitement when received this parcel :p
Noah's ark board game - animals learning for bbb too!
Some bible verse cards for young children,
coz that day royee suddenly said 'mummy, I want to memorize Jin jv'
so I think gonna help him n gal gal too.
Stickers n sticker books.
Plan to use these colorful kids stickers as rewards for their home class good work.

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Sunday afternoon

After Sunday school, went to saloon with sis n angels.

Shy shy angel :p
Cute eva. Love this pic ^_^
Angel - chinadoll style, eva - layered
Final touch up for chinadoll
Angel n the magazine. While waiting for eva. Cute little hands :)

Went to aeon bukit tinggi. 2pairs if sisters shopping shopping :D

Weekend without the maid, we are still okay to handle everything including few malls shopping :p Managed to buy 2 shirts for myself ^_^

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A day in White

Photo snapped in meeting room. Nice color pencils n the mug.

Tuesday. Today am wearing White quality ambassador t-shirt. Want to be in White, make myself feeling peaceful. So many things to be thinking of, not only for this month, another few months, but next year n year after. All the decisions need to be settle in a month time. Am trying to clear my mind now for office work 1st, personal issue, set aside, leave the office then only think about it.

Angel's pretty smile this morning still in my mind :) great smile to start my today lo! Train is stopping..

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Am still awake..

02:02 am sitting on the floor, iPhone battery still charging, bbb n laogong are sleeping n am still awake. Wondering why the room aircond is noisy, it is on, but no any light indicator is on. All the lights are resting, except my iPhone. My heart is in dark, my brain is blank. Hmm.

An hour ago, I typed a blog post, almost finished but technically it gone with the wind. Hmm it was a sunny feeling sharing, frust lo just gone like that. Eva is crying again, must be having nightmare.

My body is warm, feverish. Found this pic describing me. U can see me trying to make myself look more sunny with colorful outfit, but my body n mind is in grey. Hmmm.. Will skip today angels music class, am giving myself 3 days leave started since Thursday nite.

Pic coloured by bbb
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In the car
Royee: mummy~ your ear comes
Mummy: (ear near to royee) yes?
Royee: (whispering) mummy, I give u LOVE! Hehe :D
Mummy: oh~ u want to give mummy your love ar?
Royee: hmm ya!
Mummy: thanks! How big is your love?
Royee: very..very BIG (with action) bigger than this car!
Mummy: wahhh so BIG aar? Bigger than the lorry? (pointing to the small lorry in front)
Royee: no, much more bigger than this! Bigger than wai gong's new car! Wai gong's car so big! Bigger than a human being aaaah (my papa ordered his triton)
Mummy: wahhh it was really really big! I love u baby~
Royee: (kiss me) I love u mummy~
Papa: (got jealous already) never kiss papa ar?
Royee: hehehe

Last weekend, I was so tired after the 2 days busy schedule, finally I flat on the bed on Sunday 7pm. Eva lay down next to me, looking at me with smile on her face :") I smiled at her then I closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt the wet kiss on my cheek, eva kissed me :* can see love in her eyes~ then she came again n blow to my face twice 'pop pop'
Mummy: aiyo, why kiss already then need to pop pop mummy's face ler?
Eva: hehehe.. (whispering) I blow my love to mummy ma..
Mummy: (heart melted) ohhh love from u :) where is your love from?
Eva: from my heart (showing her heart at the belly part)
Mummy: (pointing at her heart) your heart is here not in your belly
Eva: hehehe :D
Mummy: I love u eva, mummy wants to sleep already
Eva adjust the blanket nicely for me :)

Last nite, angel non stop telling stories in the dark. So cute. I went near to her..
Mummy: angel come, mummy bao bao
Angel: mummy why u r not sleeping?
Mummy: (hug her) mummy just wanted to ask u, why u r not sleeping n non stop telling stories?
Angel: hehehe (shy)
Mummy: angel, ni Ai mummy ma? (u love mummy?)
Angel: Ai! Wo you Ai mummy de (I got love mummy)
Mummy: what do u Ai mummy with?
Angel: LOVE, I give LOVE to mummy
Mummy: where is your love coming from?
Angel: love from Jesus..
Mummy: ohh.. Your love is from Jesus, where is Jesus?
Angel: (pointing her heart) here, Jesus is in my heart :)
Mummy: :D (felt my gal grown up already)
Angel: mummy, I want to sing in Jesus 1 family.. How to sing already
Mummy: oh.. 在耶稣里,我们是一家人.. (in Jesus we are 1 family)
We sing the song together.. With love in the air :")

These few days, maybe I look preetier than normal days; more tender coz no time to scold bbb; or bbb suddenly grow up n feel mummy's love them so much... Bbb came n kissed me suddenly or their eyes looked into my eyes, or telling they want to give me their love. So happy I feel LOVED!

Even my nephew yujet saw me in Saturday nite, he was so excited n wanted me to carry him, he hold my face smiled at me, touch my arms, my chest, my face.. Ohh how I feel to have another cute bb oooo

The warmest love, keep me moving n being in happy n peaceful mood ^_^ but this morning laogong hug hug kiss kiss disturb my sleep la :p

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free sunway lagoon ticket

Now till April u can get 1 free child entrance ticket if u purchase rm150 at Giant.

After collecting the 3 tickets, only found out the terms n conditions. U u entitle for 1 child ticket if there are 2 adults purchase the adult tickets at the same category. Laogong said never mind, we go there n get help from ppl who r q-up for adult tickets.

This weekend we gonna busy with bbb hep-a jap, then 2 parties to attend. Maybe next weekend we go la sunway lagoon :)

Now we r planning family short trip on 1/5 when laogong don't need to work n bbb got no music class. Then next holidays would be 5/6. See where we can go la to bring bbb out to see different things ^_^

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My 1st card order

This is what I did for my colleague - 10 years old party invitation card. Her twin daughters bday this week. I designed the card followed the party theme, then printed them in 4R photo size at photo studio. Hani said, she got few good comments from some parents, asking about the price too! Am happy about this :D now waiting for laogong to come out the quote for future order :p hani asked me to be party planner too hehe. Accepted her order for 200 pcs crystal jelly ^_^

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Monday, March 08, 2010

0603 music class

Last Saturday music class, I join in the yamaha music class survey n got myself rm10 rebate voucher for books n rm200-500 instruments purchase rebate. If anyone wants to buy yamaha instruments then I can offer the vouchers, am having 2 copies.

Angel was ok in the class, hopefully she would continue being a good student n enjoy the class. If this works, then that day I burn myself out for thic case was worthy ^_^

Cute twin boys came for music kids trial class
Twin boys twin gals :D only shoes different for each pair of twins

My twin angels are playing piano while auntie doing survey

In the class, last bye bye song

Cute boy. His mummy just delivered a bb,
last week saw her so fast got back in shape!
Then I told my sis, only I can be in 'pregnant' look for 3+ years :S

I enjoyed last Saturday class especially when angel sang loudly 'twinkle twinkle little stars' n the classroom was in harmony mood by her voice :)

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

the talkative twins

Am so sleepy n tired, 22.17 these 2 twin angels are still non stop talking to me. Asked them to sleep, they said 'not yet praying' while praying, angel asked me to stop..

angel: mummy, Jesus doesn't love u anymore, police will catch u
mummy: har? Why Jesus doesn't love mummy?
Angel: coz u are naughty, police will catch u!
Mummy: why police wants to catch mummy?
Angel: because mummy never brush your teeth.. Police will catch u de!
Mummy: mummy got brush teeth la!
Eva: mummy got brush her teeth, only papa never brush his teeth
Angel: then police will catch papa
Mummy: hmm... (don't know what to say)

So many stories they non stop telling, including a student n the mother met in accident n can't walk. I asked eva to pray for the friend, she told the whole story with actions to Jesus :) including 'the boy's grandpa carried the boy, the grandpa is very slim de, the grandma is fat fat de'

In fact they are still talking now, hahahaha just heard this..
Eva: so many many snakes here, will eat u de aaa
Angel: my house got dinasour ya, eat u aaa
Eva: so many snakes to eat your dinasour
Angel: piglet is dinasour too!
Eva: I am dinasour also..
Angel: angel is dinasour too!
Eva: then can be friend la

Hehe.. So many things la.. Now they are talking this..
Angel: I want to sleep in kakak's room
Mummy: don't la, sleep with mummy
Angel: here got 1 snake, kakak's room got no snake
Mummy: no la, here got no snake, only got Jesus to protect us
Eva: here got Jesus and mummy, mummy will protect us de
Angel: oohhhh got 1 snake on my leg!
Mummy: no la, no snake here
Angel: here got many many snakes!
Eva: no la, no snake here
Angel: I want to sleep in kakak's room la..
Royee: if in the midnite u will come back to sleep in mummy's room then u don't need to go..
Angel: I won't come back in midnite la
Royee: then go, sleep with kakak..

Hmmm macam macam.. I want to sleep already. Angel just left the room, n royee is searching his barney hmmm good nite

The talkative sisters :p
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Saturday, March 06, 2010

laogong, xie xie ni

Supposed to have movie date with laogong on Friday nite. But sis was so sad n stressed about her work today, she needs someone to be with her - crying until got asthma n hand dropped legs cramp :S how to leave her alone n I dong think I can follow the movie well. Since the movie tickets had been paid online, n this is 18pl category movie, royee can't follow papa watching n of course i won't allow my maid kakak n laogong watch the movie @-@ together..

Thank you laogong. 1st time I found myself stand in the middle n decide who to choose. I cried in the car coz some arguments with laogong too. sis needs me to company her, but she still trying to push me go watching movie with laogong, ya with the cathing-breath-robotic voice :~ luckily finally laogong let me feel relief :) I know this is not about wasting the ticket money, it is a nice time slot for 'you n me'.

eating steamboat with sis, ya sis from red eyes till no more red eyes but eye painful 'i think my eye got blue black' coz crying like tsunami :p after all these, she told me 'i also don't know why I cry so badly, but good also, now I know crying can kill a person coz lacking of oxygen' hmmm

Anyway, I want to conclude my tonight with this 'laogong, xie xie ni, wo ai ni :* from the bottom of my heart, tonite I feel your love, wanted to give u a big hug n kisses but u r sleeping n shout 'come down, all get down now!!' are u a teacher in your dream? or bbb are naughty in your dream? :p thanks for telling me, u love our bbb more n more each day :") kiss u good nite, I love you :*'

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Surprises from the album

Everynite when I check my iPhone photo album, I may need to delete many unwanted or blank pic. I may also get surprises from the pic that taken by bbb ^_^ u would follow their eyes to see how they see the world :)

Below are pic of angel taken by eva

Below pic taken by angel

Gogo is sleeping

Wai gong

Below pic taken by royee

This is DVD menu on tv right?

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