Friday, September 27, 2013


These few days am a bit worried and tired at the same time on children characters education.

Lately, few closed friends and relatives talking about the best way to teach my children to obey instruction or behave themselves are by caning them. I wonder, this way of punishment would it be a permanent solution or it serves as temporary effect to calm parents down?

I want my children to be good too. I feel unhappy and frustrated when children not following instruction or doing not-so-right things in front of or behind me. I am not the mother who disagree fully on caning children. However, when to cane? The effectiveness of corporal punishment?

I always think this, when we get a light cut by paper, we accidentally hit by car door, we got a slap by a baby.. We normally 'ouch! It is painful!' So, imagine an angry parent, with full of anger and frustration, with the thought of hoping the child to be good, the big lash of cane 123 strokes laid on the child tenderly skin.. Won't it hurts? This actions have hurt the child body, soul, trustworthy and respect... And the same time, when you see the mark on the body, won't be the parent's heart tearing?

Now everyday confuse me is am I doing right things to my children? If one day in the future, my children are names as bad persons, would I be blamed for my so called love education? The lovely teaching way of me, would it brings warmth to my children?

At home, most of the time I won't say 'if you do this, I will hit you打你' normally I say 'if you do it next time, I will punish you惩罚你' coz, beating is not a friendly word, when you mention the word, you have already felt the pain.

Today, it comes to a deal made situation. I express my frustration to my children. I said many people asked mummy to cane you so you listen to mummy. But I don't want to treat you like an animal. But the limit is always there. I will definitely cane you if you don't follow the God's 10 commandments.

'If I find you cheating, lying, not honest, bad relationship with guys and girls, I will punish you. I will surely cane you'

Guess what, I feel empty after saying this. Ahh.. What a day start. My mama said this when I leaving the house, 'you need to give more time to royee, need to teach him now before it is too late' hmmm...

Sometime we as parents, we are too sensitive or over react to children behaviour. What we see in the world, might not the same as their view. To get the balance point, rules and regulations need to be set. To come up the best way is staying together - patience, love, time.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2409 raining tue

Today we are late to the school - again! 2 teachers came to 'welcome' bbb and headmistress standing aside with ready-to-scold mood >< as I know the punishment for late to school sometime is to pick up rubbish at the field. Somehow the school is clean, so 3 siblings happily go to have a walk at the field @_@

Good morning with the new ios7 interface ^^ I changed this wallpaper when I was in china, easy for me to show to the china relatives and friends how my children look like :D

Normally ppl ask, 'the boy older or the girls older?' 'Are the 2 girls twins?' Not so comfortable note is - the jie jie is prettier than mei mei @_@ to me, inner and outer beauty counted as one standard - I hope it is a balanced beauty for both of them.

The new iPhone interface - unlock your phone screen, hehe the buttons seem big but I like the colour tone. Rainbow colours for SIM card unlock screen.


Guess this is most of the parents of school students been waiting for - 2014 public and school holidays :P every year hoping the same - more annual leave, more leisure money to spend for family trips ^0^ The year is yet to come, we have 2 travel trips waiting.. This is how I keep myself moving and looking forward for a brand new year :D

Sis and I did think of celebrate Christmas at Singapore. Hmmm... With baby shyuan? Do you think this is workable? Enjoyable trip? Carry a baby with our backpack on and most probably walking from the dawn to the late night..

Somehow we shouldn't underestimate this cute devil doll :p sis and I been talking, my children won't listen to me, and her baby won't listen to her. So we need to swap our role in taking care these 4 babies :p

Better stop spending unnecessary money so we can have better experience in nihongo country. However, 3months to year end, I can't guarantee my dearly sis would come out any devil idea or not ^0^

Tata! Happy Tuesday! The sunshine comes after the morning rain :D

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Sunday - a day with bbb ^^

Morning breeze companied us to have breakfast at the park

Then I got the girl to practise her singing contest song

Siblings chit chatting ^^

I feel lucky to have children who love the green :) so I have partners for natural outing ^^

The girl wanted me to snap this pic 'mummy, I am a flower on the ground' @~

Lots of housework for me to clear in this hot weather. The washing machine must be tired :p

When I watched the cartoon channel that bbb been talking to, then I found bbb were doing others..

The girl mentioned the sport car names, then the boy answered the cars origin countries. Impressed with his memory

The girl disturbing the brother who memorising the car names

Then I played congkak with them. I taught them the games rules. I won few times and lose few times too ><

Sometime they arguing when other person got more buttons than them..

So can see them crying and shouting for 'unfairness' @_@

When I was busy in the kitchen to wash dishes and prepare bbb tea break..

I saw them created mess at the backyard @_@ they were happy with the soil and dirt.

Got them showered for tea break.

Simple tea break for bbb but they didn't finish it. Busy watching tv..

I brought office work to study at home. But I have no time to sit down for it :( looking forward for a more productive week ahead, I want to fast pick up the skill for me to carry our my daily work.

Me in the office. A bit rude hor :p

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

18.09.2013 10!

Aloha!! Ni hao! Do you miss me? :D just came back from 11days china family trip..

Wifi was available in most of the places we stayed, however, Facebook and blogspot can't be accessed in china @_@ so I can't upload photos to my family @malaysia, I can't blog..

1st thing I did once I landed at kl airport, I refreshed my sis blog! Yes, can't read her blog as well when I was in china. Daily bread for me, reading bible and my sis's blog ^0^

Reached kl at midnight, after the custom checking, laogong and I hand hold hand walking together, I asked him 'do you know today is what special day?' As usual, those special day is I syiok sendiri to remember >_<

10 years ago, we submitted our marriage certification application. Ya, we decided to tight-a-knot on 18092003. To me, I felt more nervous on the day I submitted the form compared to the day I signed myself to this legal marriage.

Long time we don't go travel together..

Long time we don't act cute and snap pic like those young couple..

Long time we don't hand hold hand walking on the street freely without children and work worries..

A trip, we get bonding with our family members. At the same time, a trip for laogong and I refresh our relationship :)

10 years togetherness.. Looking forward for our another 10 years and recalled the day, when we were snapping photos for registration day and spent rm30 to get a lifetime marriage certification - little amount for a lifelong commitment certification :)

Friday, September 06, 2013

Flying off~

Do you miss me? :D

Found out my blog readers are coming from direct link. Means they are revisiting this site. Can I make assumption, once the visitor reach here, if either the visitor continues to follow this blog, or he/she won't come anymore :p

These few days I feel to blog coz many upcoming events which I feel to record down for my future reference and memory.. However, some emotional disturbance over here, my partner's concern over what I blog here has most of the time, let me have the feeling to stop this blog. But, with the tight daily schedule, I would prefer to write down my feeling stories on the move.

Flying off soon to places I haven't been to. Frankly speaking, I feel tired to pack and unpack luggage after few months of traveling trips. Guess, this would be the final one for year 2013. Oops.. There might be a business trip to northern before 2014! Or, I would have a year end wrap up trip? Celebrate Christmas? :p

I like this photo much. My bro in law and her china wife. The caption 'everyday sweetness starts' by my bro in law.

Somehow decision of marry to this girl, so far, it is the most beautiful decision my bro in law made. This girl brought happiness to my in law family and grow my bro in law too.

Why I have their photos edited? Coz I am composing music video of their love story. Thousands photos on their wedding day for me to choose and organise to come out slide show in few love songs. Not an easy task in this rushing hours. My sis in law hope to give a DVD of memorable photos to her parents.

Ya, everything needs to be done before flying off. Children uniforms, day care bag, laundries, luggage packing, house cleaning, dvd.. All in less than 24 hours? Where can I borrow TIME and energy ar?

This morning I sent this out to my cell group members for next Friday mid-autumn celebration. If you free, can bring along your family to join this fun-filled family event^^ can win the hamper that I prepared :p like the 'let's celebrate' ribbon. One of my ribbon collection, I shall buy more, for emergency use ^0^