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Sunday, October 11, 2015

1010 flying to tokyo

At last, finished off what to be done and I am ready to get out from ordinary schedule for few days..

Again, I switched off my laptop till the last minute before I heading to the airport.

Breakfast at 1pm. Laogong served me a cup of soya milk in the morning when I was completing the report for the office. Hungry look of me ><

Ready to fly~~

Eat while waiting for boarding time

My mum liked this pic, she said from the pic, look like my dad asking for the yum yum and I didn't want to offer it hehe

So this round, we have 6 in a team. The more the merrier.. The more tense moment too

Sis trying on her phone camera shooter button.. So I am medelling kaka

Spot the guy behind us haha..

Reached Tokyo airport. It was not 10.30pm local time

Japan. Endless discovery

Your heart will race

Well, my gogo started the fun too..

Was feeling tired...

Reached the cabin hotel at the airport

To the cabin room

Good facilities and clean environment

Coin operated washing machine

The cabin room - cheaper range, smaller room

More spacious, higher class

My cabin N13

Sis came to my cabin. I am wearing the hotel prepared cloth

We used the tag as access card in the hotel

I like this floor map

Got a good night sleep before we started the sight seeing journey at Tokyo. The wifi connection is at satisfactory good speed, but it was too tired to ride on the speed.