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Sunday, July 04, 2010

royee's prayer

royee is having diarrhea, n little stomach upset (left bottom black pic). so he is charging battery (right light green charger) and smoke out from the left red tube. 2 wheels on the legs, so royee can go to the toilet faster.
"the smiley face looks happy, but indeed i am not happy because i am not feeling well"
"nikie (right top doggie) is old, hope Jesus give nikie good n healthy body"
wording on royee's left hand - wo shi ji qi ren (i am robot)
"0120" - year of 2010 ^_^

just smiled and sayang royee when i got all the explaination for this drawing. children are growing up so fast, they have their own feelings n thinking. ya, papa n mama need to spend more quality time with children, so we can get into their world. gambatte!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Royee in the music

Got this pic from laogong, photo snapped on yamaha customer day I guess. Laogong told me, now he feels better if royee is a bit slow in playing the piano keyboard, since laogong knows all the other classmates are older than royee. Some of them are 1-2 years older than royee. No wonder they can read the sing lyrics so well compare to royee who can only memorize the lyrics ^_^

This July angels going to start junior music class 4-6 years old after their music kids. Hmm they are yet to be 4 in this July, but teacher said they have to move on. Hopefully angels can do well in the class. Advantage for angels are, they been learning what the brother is learning by listening to the same cd, and reading brother's text book for kinder class n music class. Most of all, hope bbb enjoy what they are doing ^_^

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Monday, March 08, 2010

0603 music class

Last Saturday music class, I join in the yamaha music class survey n got myself rm10 rebate voucher for books n rm200-500 instruments purchase rebate. If anyone wants to buy yamaha instruments then I can offer the vouchers, am having 2 copies.

Angel was ok in the class, hopefully she would continue being a good student n enjoy the class. If this works, then that day I burn myself out for thic case was worthy ^_^

Cute twin boys came for music kids trial class
Twin boys twin gals :D only shoes different for each pair of twins

My twin angels are playing piano while auntie doing survey

In the class, last bye bye song

Cute boy. His mummy just delivered a bb,
last week saw her so fast got back in shape!
Then I told my sis, only I can be in 'pregnant' look for 3+ years :S

I enjoyed last Saturday class especially when angel sang loudly 'twinkle twinkle little stars' n the classroom was in harmony mood by her voice :)

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Monday, March 01, 2010

In the music class

Last last Saturday, angel was being cranky in the music class, after 30 minutes of sweet talk n warning, she still not behave well in the class eg ignore teacher, not focusing, read different book.. I brought her back to the car! Left only eva n my sis in the class.

I was so angry. Am not expecting my children to be so quiet n obey parents words fully, but I need them to pay attention to what they are doing. Before I enrolled to the class, I did ask they want it or not, since u want it, I nerd u to be responsible to your own decision. I scolded her for 10 minutes in the car, she knew her fault it seems, but because of I want her to know, everyone has feeling to cope with, n responsibility to take. She needs to get the punishment. Sitting in the car for 30 minutes, until eva finished the class. Angel non stop crying n screaming in the car, I just sitting there n cooling down myself.

So, after the 'punishment', angel behave in last week class. Quite cooperative n enjoying the class. Thank God for giving me the patience in handling this case, coz for the 1st time, I felt like fire burning on my head!

Both angel n eva putting themselves into the story..
The background music is quite like horror movie :p
so half way, can see children opened their mouth wide, n freeze! Cute neh!
Amber, the gal in black, really went into the story ^_^
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Monday, January 04, 2010

after the music class..

2/1 the 1st music class for this year, I was so tired to wake up early, somemore sis was working, I need to handle 2 gals in the class, which it supposes to be 1 child 1 adult. Left house at 9.40am for 10am class. Angels r excited, missed the class after holidays :) still manageble in the class, 3 of us sitting together n sharing a electone. When singing the song 'pls shake hand with me mum' n let them shake hands n hug each other, sooo lovely :D great to have daughters :)

After the class, we went to bagus to buy some bakery stuff. Collected the 2010 1st quarter baking class, feeling excited to enroll to different classes :p will wait till I get music class offday calendar then k arrange my baking class schedule.. Bersemangat nie hehe :p

Reached home nearly 12pm, found that kakak was not at home, royee n kakak went out with my mama. Hmmm I got no key to enter the house, called up laogong to come back n open the gate for me.. While waiting, I read the bagus member booklet :D

these gals r too free..

being busy with the umbrella..
love this.. angel n eva

non stop kekeke...
grown up liao my gals ^_^
buat hal..
Hmmm wearing skirts, but playing like boy boy >.<

Saturday, October 10, 2009

angels in the music class

this is the 2nd class for angel n eva ^_^

when i showed her this pic, she said 'eva~'

eva n ah yi

angel n mummy

teacher telling stories..

with background music

i enjoy in the class too~!