Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good vs Great

Few days back, I got this on my office workstation

Like the colour combination

Look at the winning ingredients - our company value ^^

Yes, no point you declare yourself as superb when customers satisfaction shown the other way

So, what is 'it's not ok to be ok'?

U-CE customer experience :)

Many changes in the company lately, somehow we need to adapt all the changes fast, or else we would feel pressured in this difficult situation. Am adapting quite well, at least I am still 'being positive' to go to work :p

Yesterday, one of the bosses told me, 1 of my key strength was - keeping positive. I appreciate this comment, well, I always think that being positive is to make own self feel easy and enjoy what I am doing. Thanks boss for share this to me :)

Just now, a colleague told me 'my boss said you were good, you cleared work efficient and you didn't complain much' wow. Conclusion is, you thought no one notice you doing good or bad, fat or slim hehe, but in fact, people are watching you quietly @_@ anyway, I thank the compliment too :)

One of my colleague told me, 'your face made people feel to protect you' you see, you see, I am a fatty baby who needs people care kekeke :D

These few days, suddenly got good comments on me, made me know myself better. At least I know how people see me :) to be better then, or else one day, I may receive critics :p

Happy labour day! Reward for good employees out there :D

Big world

'I am a big big girl in the big big world~' the popular hit song in my 'young' age :)

This morning I read few travel diaries, feel myself is so tiny small in the world, the world is so BIG and I am just surrounding in a small corner @_@

This talks about Norway. It tells the difference between the beauty in New Zealand and Norway is, Norway nice scenery is more relatively easier to reach. Am studying travel info on New Zealand. Then I came across this post, and i saw the sharing of very beautify light dancing in Norway, my dream! Remember my net friend told me, you could see very beautiful starry night in New Zealand. When I see sky of stars, I see hope ^^

Then I 'travelled' Munich this morning :)

This pose seemed to appear in one of the animation cartoon..

Guess I would be non stop wow! Wow! Wow! When I stand between all huge old buildings in Europe :p

I told my children to go travelling around for short term ministry charity jobs when they grow bigger.

I date with my sister, to have longer travel stay when our children are at university age.

Laogong and I said before, we would volunteer ourselves to work in Logos Hope, as we love books, as we love travelling, as we support charity work^^ ya, in our old age.

You see God's greatness and love in your travel journey :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What we you do?

If you know when you are leaving this world? I asked my sis this question last night, then I said, 1st I would resign from my office work.

Ya, if we know how long more we can live together with our love one then why we want to spend time in those office works? But, what I want to do with my family then? What I can think of now is - travelling. Travel around the world with my family members. Travelling with my children for short ministry tour trip :)

What else? I may copy down this blog posts to make it books, edit lots of video of our daily photos. Will record my not-so-good singing for my children and their children. Will get my children to record many music video on Christian hymn, to show to my future grandchildren and other children who need gospel ^^

Many things we can do but what we do is to leave our love to our family. As what normally happen in the tragedies, the last word people tell their loves ones would be 'I love you'.

But, many of us, we don't know when will be our last day. So we need to treasure what we are having, spend the quality moments with our love ones. We do to our max, as God will do the rest. Keep faith.

In remembrance of my uncle pass last evening of cancer. Rest in peace and love stays.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday night

'You do the max, and the God will do the rest' - Nick Vijicic

Came across this inspiring quote. Ya, if we think further, we are reporting to God at the final stop, what we need to concern is the result and scoring God to rate us.

I told royee last night, 'if you can't control your anger, if you feel to throw your frustration to other people, pray to God, as you are not alone. God is with us to challenge the battlefield. If you think you are limited, then seek for the unlimited, let the greatest partnering with us' while talking all these, in fact, I am talking to myself too.

Been feeling repressed lately, maybe this is one of the sign of CHANGE, just got out from the comfort zone, feeling weak, and yet, pushing myself to get up to the par soonest possible.

Friday night, alone walking in the mall without companion, bought a long sleeves shirt for royee, he wears smart to the church lately, he doesn't want me to be in the bathroom when he showering, told laogong, our boy has grown up. Big boy already :)

Today lunch time, my officemates celebrated my bday at the restaurant.

Life's like a sea of fish. You'll never know what you gonna catch :)

Didn't snap the main course. We have 1 seafood platter set, 2 seafood pasta sets, 2 chicken chop sets at the mahanttan fish market.

Here come the hot plate dessert. Nice.

'Fire up' the brownies ^0^

Burning hot! it is nice, but sweet

This is red dates cake. I like this! Nice combination. Tried the lemongrass + lychee + etc cooking drink, nice too!

One of the reasons I don't feel to leave this corporate world, you have a gang of lunch kaki sharing stories, gossips, nice foods and jokes :p

April 2014 ending soon..

Surprised free birthday cake from Starbucks ^^ this year, I don't redeem birthday treats from some of the my membership privileges.

This morning I shared with bbb, next year we will have birthday party for royee's 10 years old birthday, following year would be for girl girl 'how many 10 years we would have in this entire life? So we will celebrate this special 10!' Then we will have party for..

12 - you will get your Identification card at this age, means you are a little adult!

16 - sweet 16, you are handsome and good looking young adult. An age you can baptise in our church. Sure we will have party!

18 - many movies are 18 rated, and now you can watch those movies. You can make many legal decision at this age, we party too!

21 - time for papa mama to give you a 'key' to open the world of LOVE~ to have your boy friend, girl friend :)

The next would be, 25 years old romantic candle light dinner with your lover. Then straight jump to age of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 all parties to be organized by your children and grandchildren :D

So this year is mama's 35 years old, no one celebrate de. Look old :(

My mama bought me a dress as bday gift :D

With pocket! You may not know, I like shirt or dress which is with side pockets, can put my hands, handphone, camera ^^

Tonight dinner at office near by.

Looking forward to 1st May labour day, as I welcome holidays and weekend all the time :p

Happy weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


我不断的想 不断的在找寻

This lyrics may tell most of the children feeling towards their parents. Me belief is, no children want to be a failed person who disappoint their parents expectation. As we always come across this statement 'there is no stupid and naughty child, only adult who is not using suitable way to teach the child'.

Came across friends and colleagues telling me as a good mother, I have patience and passion towards my children. I do children favourite things together with them, my children are good children. Frankly speaking, in my family, in my husband eyes, in my sister witness, in many teachers records, I am not a good mother who raises behaved and good children.

With all the negative feedback received, I am now in the state of, directionless in motherhood. I keep thinking how to make good to all these, and yet, I have not doing thing right. If 8-9 years old children norm to behave like this? Or only my children? Or am I too sensitive and want my children to be perfect in character build up?

I lectured royee for not writing his name neatly. I am angry for him not respecting his own name. I am helpless on his getting-worse violence and hot tempered behaviour.

I always try to make angel smile from the heart. I feel frustrated when I see her stays in her self- sadness world. I dislike her negative thinking. I worried her character can lose her hope in the living.

For a smart girl like Eva, she excels on her class achievement, academy and co-curriculum, however, I want her to be humble, I worry her proud attitude would bring her to difficult condition one day. I want her to learn to accept failure, as there will be more challenges in our lives ahead.

Many small things make me feel I am a failed mother in educating children. Hmmm. Always pray from God to give me wisdom and patience in handling children education. Conflict in children education belief, can spoil husband-wife relationship too.

When come to office asking for what we want to excel in our career, I told my boss, I have no idea in my current situation, as I am now at the critical timing to make my children to be good, get ready them to fly independently and firmly towards their future. Not easy to get a balance between good career and good mother role.

Come this parenting talk at this moment, is a big inspiration to me.

'How to balance love and standard in teaching children?' Hope I can understand more on teaching good and disciplined children ^^ feeling hope! Additional bonus is, can bring along children with me, as there would be teachers having activities with children while parents listening to the talk. What a good family activity ^^

Hope all parents have strength and wisdom in raising good character children. Hope all children feel loved and protected. We are not lonely, God is with us :)

Looking forward to this Saturday morning breakfast with children :)

See the happy sunny face of the sun of hope? Attendance list for bbb friends :) looking forward to 1st in my life - bbb's friends may come to our house this sunday ^^

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

23 April

I been looking for next year January travelling destination, then when i putting up today date on this blog post,

Well, I thought today was 23th January keke :p

What I have been up to lately?

I am working on a new job scope, learning from zero. My workstation now started to have documents, files and calculator is back, printer, scanner, pen and pencil too are back too! Now I understand more on tenancy agreement related issues and I do hope I can be a landlord who can get a sum of money bank-in to account monthly ^0^

This week, we need to share with our bosses on our aspirations on our career development plan. Last time I did have thought of 'I want to go for corporate affair to organize events' now, suddenly got no ambition on what I want to do next. Can I say 'I want to have learning opportunity that allow to build self esteem at the same time, my after office hours being respected, so I can go back home on time and take good care of family and children before my husband abandoned me? ^0^

Yesterday sis dropped by my office after attending a conference near by. What a bliss to have her with me especially during these days, when I feel not so confident on my new job and directionless in my career.

After meal, we went to the new shopping mall which is near by my office. There was Levi's roadshow to give out free stuff as long as you snap a pic of yourself at Levi's outlet and post it to social media.

This is my copy.

My sis's

Busy uploading pic

And we got these! Well, I am not pregnant ya :p

We got funny pic snapped too! The girl asked us if to upload this pic to Facebook, no no no no :p

Stick the pic on my office whiteboard ^^ now I have bbb and sister companied me working :) share with sis the coconut +avocado +dates smoothie drink too! Conclusion - sis and I cannot work at the same area, as we gonna be more fatty and poorer very soon :p

Few personal stuff on hands, studying few destination to travel with my parents to realise my dad's wish list, to bring my bbb traveling as family travel journey does bring lots of benefits to children learning path, looking for places to celebrate laogong's birthday, sisters you-and-me only trip. Wahhh so many to-do, wish to do, nice to have...lists, yet annual leave and money matters concern :p

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

In 35

A new beginning to my age, to my career in this lovely April. Am having confidence to move forward for a better day :) as I told children this morning, even mummy is now 35 years old, mummy keeps learning and opt for higher ground. Why we always saying '求知识 to seek for knowledge' instead of receiving knowledge, coz we need to have the passion and hunger for knowledge, we need to go for 'seek and found' approach, so we learn and grow. Be someone who is with knowledge and wisdom and don't be a dumb who doing thing just because of the sake of doing or by instruction.

Nah, this is someone who wanted to be more knowledgable and wisdom :P

Age 35. Pic snapped few hours before my birthday @kuching ^^

As sis said I was going towards 40 which sounded so old! I don't know how long I would keep at this 'cute and young' sweetie look ^0^

No matter what, I hope I have someone to stay with me till old age. Life long partner :)

A quiet birthday I got for this year. Wishes from friends and families you touched heart. Since last year I have set invisible for my Facebook birth date reminder. So who know my birthday they know la. Some changes in the office has made me feel uncertainty. Somehow this has disturbed my celebration mood. Last night I went out with sis for birthday celebration, so many suggested restaurants, ended up we just had a casual dinner at Pizza Hut :) well, no pic taken, coz this is so casual :p

After the meal, sis left with baby shyuan, as shyuan was having very smelly poo :~ alone I walked in the hypermarket, buying some stationeries and socks for bbb. The hypermarket was quiet, along walking in this big spaces, sudden thought came across my mind - when was the last time I walked alone in the mall casually? No time rushing, no children, no sister, don't have must-buy shopping list.

Or very soon, I will have leisure time like this as children grow older. Or I will have this lonely moments when children have their own schedule? Suddenly I feel the need of children companion, before I entering the age which children will once a while calling me and update their schedule. Entering 40, how's the life gonna be?

Hope I have an enriched heart till then ^^


This hymn is playing while I typing this post. Green field ground, riverside, The Lord is walking with me during sunset. In the dark, in the rugged route, step by step walking followed Lord.

Let's start the matured age with flowery scent ^^

Got this for myself ^^ I ordered this on the 1st launch of loccitane online purchase promotion. Got the this delivered with free personalised message and nicely wrapped box. what I am showing here are actually free gift from the main items I bought. Guess I need to do this 'thick skin' action till the age, my children will buy me birthday present every year :p

Yesterday my colleagues asked me how I celebrated my birthday, what my laogong has given to me..

Hehe a family we flew to Kuching for 4D3N trip. On birthday, we were wearing smart ^0^

I got a tea egg :)..

..And pudding cake from my laogong. Which ended up I managed to got 2 spoonful of the cake pieces :p children were too fast after they singing birthday song for me :D btw, I got bad water retention on that day, face big big :~

This is another cake for my birthday celebration at Kuching international airport - kuih lapis famous in Sarawak. We finished it off too in a flash! Eva snapped the pic.

Children suapkan.

On 13apr2014 @kuching international airport ^^

Listening to amazing grace now :)
Happy 35!