Friday, August 30, 2013

30 August

Hmm I just wake up from my nap @_@ so blur so sleepy so don't feel to go to work ><

Come here for breakfast. Ordered teh tarik hope this can make me stay awake till this evening.. Long time don't drink teh tarik dah. Sweet!

So last night this hokey pokey girl came to me, mummy I got a trophy! 'Show it' but I got the last ooo :(

No.3 might be the last on the stage during the prize giving ceremony. But this is the third out of 10 teams? Then only the girl happily smile for picture shooting ^^

I like this series photos. Can see the happiness from her smile and action :) I told her I would buy a cabinet to keep all trophies and medals we got from the kinder and the school. She was happy ^^

So after months of practicing for royee's music class exam, then hokey pokey night practise..

Months of sending angel to her coming on stage ballet concert..

Now, homework for mummy is helping angel in the singing competition!

School teacher provided the vcd for few kindy songs. Then they have few rounds of classmates competition, 'at 1st I have dropped from the finalist, coz i was not good in singing the 'mother' song. then teacher said I sang 'doraemon' very good, teacher asked me to make sure I practise more at home!' So last night, I was sitting and listening to this song for 45min? Ang ang ang nonstop in the night ^0^

So come to year end, I expect i will have bbb joining day care centre concert, music class concert, church Christmas performance.. Hehe it is fun to be in children world and together we practise and prepare for the on stage experience. Strengthen mother and children relationship^^ when they are well prepared, they have confidence to be on stage. Win and lose is not an issue, what I want is they accept themselves and be confident to face all the challenges.

Tomorrow is national day, today in the office we have some photo shooting with small Malaysian flag :p

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transition period

You can search for the news and many links come up with the similar contents..

Ya, company is doing some organisation chart alignment. Some people are happy some are not. Some are worried about future some are happy towards their future either in career or personal life.

This exercise has made the office atmosphere not so ok and not so productive. Waking around, 'how are you? See you impacted? Will you leave? Going to where after this?' Hmmm... Hope things can be settled down soon, so everyone who is staying can work towards the benefits of company.

I always believe, rainbow comes after the rain. So very fast, we will welcome the sunny sunshine ^^

So how's thing? I am learning new thing in the office. So my brain double working, I feel tired everyday. Last night slept at 9+pm but this morning still wake up unwillingly @_@ this means I been not using my brain? Kakaka ;D

Eva was in the English action song competition yesterday. Her team got no. 3 :D but I have no chance to watch the show :(

The team consists of 5 members. Not easy to be in the team. Teacher got 5 students come out and sing, short listed those who are ok. After few rounds of PK, the finalist of 5 can join the competition. Not easy huh to be in the best of the best.

That day Eva told me, the same method used to choose candidate for the singing competition. She failed at the last PK. I asked her why 'there are more stronger' I like the way she accept the failure :) the completion is the better class is somehow stressful.

Expected to have many farewell gathering coming up in the office. Mixture of feeling gonna be.

Give you a lollipop! Have a sweet Wednesday! ^^

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

27082013 Tuesday

As usual, morning start with my beloved bbb are always exciting!

Today starter is - angel asked me why I didn't wake her up earlier. She sitting on the bed and non stop talking about why late why not this and that time.. This confused me, yesterday morning she repeating saying - why do fast? So fast morning came..

Today special is - royee wanted to try on new belt, don't know how to fix it, get help from papa, then papa accidentally drop the cup of hot milo - the mug broken at rushing hour.

Today dessert is - when we about to leave the house, Eva asking for glue. Then laogong went upstairs to look for one. Got the glue, 'I need scissors too!' Wonder why she can't put her requests all into one! This time I went up. You don't even have time for sentence like 'where is your glue? why you don't keep your things all together?'

Don't get mad, coz you gonna look ugly ^0^

Last night pic snap by my mama. Miss my mama. She brought home cook meal too!

Shyuan is chubby now. Bulat bulat. Growing taller soon I guess. Stretching to naughty toddler :p

Final week of August. This Saturday the national day, my angel's concert day. Year end coming, many school year wrap up activities gonna happen. Tomorrow is Eva's English action song competition. her action is cute, may capture video of her practise ^^

Am looking for nice simple ring with cross that can wear daily. that day I found few very nice design ring at Taiwan Christian bookstore, but with the relatively cheaper price, I don't think it gonna last for daily usage. If you spot it somewhere, can let me know ya. If the ring is at foreign country, then I will try to fly over hahaha :D

Monday, August 26, 2013

best mate

装没事 装忘记 装相信

留防备 留回忆 留心情


我胡思乱想 你只握着我手
让我释放 然后慢慢宽广


Like this lyric. Talking about 2 girl friends always sharing about love, complaining about the other half, encouraging each other, crying together :)

it is a blessing to have someone we can share secrets that we can't share with our lovers. I have my sister :) when time goes by, now sis more understand to my feeling for being a wife and a mother. Last time when I shared, she might think I was making things big or crying for nothing. Now since she become a wife and a mother, we have more common feeling and thoughts.

Hmm last night having some serious talk with laogong. A bit tiring to have this type of conversation. When I wanted to make relationship stronger, somehow, it leads to gap building :( suddenly feel that what I want from my love relationship is, a companion who taking care my heart and be closed to me and staying in peace.

When we were younger, always counting days to special events then hoping our love one would prepare us special gift or romantic outing. Now, seems like what I want is sense of security, a man is with me, fulfil my soul needs. Am I getting matured in love relationship? Or I learned from past experience, dream is dream, reality always slap you awake? :p

Can you spot 'I am just a small girl in a big world'?

Age 30+ would it be too early to say, I shouldnt bother much about my need in love? Should stop dreaming about romantic surprise, heart catching eye-to-eye moment? ^0^ but sometime I do think of finding the girl friend boy friend sweet moments..

Last night I told laogong, what I want is you understand my feeling, treasure me and see my contribution towards the family, children an our marriage. (Sounds serious and tiring topic right? >.<)

Can you spot 'don't cry over someone who wouldn't cry over you?'

another brand new week ahead. Lets focus on something that within our control. In this lovely but sleepy :p Monday morning, I shared with my sis my colleague success lose weight testimony. It is somehow very inspiring and motivating, so again, sis told me she wanted to start her BIG project ;D what I can say is 'gambatte!' wish her all the best lo :D

Sis with food at Taiwan very famous pork-chop restaurant :D is this a right pic to enclose in a losing weight program headline? :D keep this as 'before' success picture hehe.

Tata. Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

room for pie

There's Always Room For Pie~
懂得保留自己的空間與天地。你會很自由的飛翔~ - jesssee

  • Today
  • Sweetie Michelle

    just set up my room for my personal corner. and a special workstation for my laptop, for my online post as your helper hopefully next time i have better performance
    halau all my children to sleep in their own room hehehhe
  • Jess See

    so serious ar^^
  • Sweetie Michelle

    settle down everything by next week onwards all will be ok
    my master room been kinder park for children. no moment for myself
    your pie timing sharing is good.. kasik i insaf
  • Jess See

    i insaf
    when i am in Taiwan
    i insist to go taiwan
    then i make it
    my own quality time
    the pie for family
    also need
  • Sweetie Michelle

    we been doing thing that we think is important which we have left those precious moment and ppl in life
  • Jess See

    for ourself
  • Sweetie Michelle

    not easy to playing few roles at the moment and make all roles at balance point. so time management is important lo
  • Jess See

    really need some space
    哪怕is a very small space
  • Sweetie Michelle

    last night think of personal time. when i read on my bed, my children also laying on my bed and read. when i sewing, then sit next to me.. seem i dont have ME time. so just now, i hiong hiong said wanted to make a change. they helped me moving all stuff. so now they sleep at their room, i moved my sewing machine and laptop in my room
  • Sweetie Michelle

    now i am listening music (my song, not kids song) and using laptop feeling good! treadmill also moved to my room
    thanks for sharing lo
  • Jess See

    a good head to start new of you?
  • Sweetie Michelle

    tell u, that day in alice's shop, looked at all those bags, suddenly felt a bit lose.. feel to get back with handmade, then thinking, i been neglecting things i like bcoz of mother'd role..
  • Jess See

    we love our child
  • Sweetie Michelle

    a change is needed somehow, before i losing my own interest. look at you all doing so great for what you all like, but i seem dont know how to balance my time...
  • Jess See

    and our house
    and our family
    dont forget
    to love ourself^^
    if the pie
    not enough for the day
    do it tomorrow
  • Sweetie Michelle

    ya.. so your pie story sharing, is again made me think of myself..
  • Jess See

    allocate some
    for ourself
    many married women
    is already forgot
    to love themself
    pick up something
    for ur self
    the time u left on the day
    is only half and hour
    without anybody
    just ur self
  • Sweetie Michelle

    in fact, this taiwan trip made me think a lot. reflecting of myself. worthy trip.. although i spent few thousands.. hahahah
  • Jess See


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

travel attack!

Guess laogong will get heart attack for reading this post.

Disclaimer: this is only wuliao chit chatting for 2 crazy sis. don't take it seriously!

the leisure chat topic goes like this - after our north Taiwan trip, we are now reading about information about Japan trip.

I asked sis to check, if we can bring dry food to Japan, so we can save some money for travelling more destinations :p

I enjoy diy travelling which we decide the destinations, the timing and let the flow brings us to unexpected journey too. Perhaps you don't see my travel photos at those famous tourism places. Most of the time, you see I snap backstreet, the signboard, the local ppl living, their daily pass time... :)

From this north Taiwan trip, many new experiences. Feel happy and blessed when sis and I talking about it in the journey back home @flight. We met nice persons, we stayed in nice hotels and homestay. We got nice taxi drivers who not only sending us but be our tour guide for free too :D

At this old street, my sis worried about dog chasing, and we were walking in between grave in the dark! I knew my sis was in fear, coz she walked so fast and not talking a single word. Thought of singing some hymns to make her feel better? Afraid she scolded me at the area pula >_< I non stop praying followed behind my sis ^^ she not even allowed me to pause to rest @_@ however, this is a special experience :D when I shared this with my royee boy over the phone, he said 'Wahh mummy, now is month of ghost leh!' Hehe..

At this place, we met a kind auntie too. The mother of the homestay owner. When we were leaving, we asked some directions to our next destination, she chit chatting with us. Out of sudden 'hey you two are so cute, I like both of you, come, let me bring you to a place' @_@ then 2 of us followed.. The auntie brought us to a high peak, brings us the very nice view of jiufen! Nice! We were so lucky right? The advantage of being sweet and cute! Hahhahaa :D

Latest news from Taiwan, typhoon has stopped the flights at northern. We were having nice weather over there except the final day raining only.

Enough sharing for this round. I know our husbands got headache with me and my sis for spending time and money on travelling. Hope laogong x2 can feel the excitement and satisfaction we experienced in the travel journey.

Benefits to laogong too - we witnessed how Taiwanese girl so soft spoken and respect their partners and be patient with their children. Impressed! Maybe me and sis are very rude girls la >_< feeling guilty actually. I wish we can practise what we have learned from the Taiwanese girls :p

to laogong + bruce

Would you have confidence with this auntie?

Or this one?

Kakkaka.. Wish list to be a soft spoken wives.. Wish list only ok ^0*