Thursday, January 31, 2013

end of jan!

halo~ do you miss me?

hahaha :D really a piggy face :p

better? not ok still?

hehehe you may wonder why, mummy look like me can have children especially girl like angels. this is what my sis been saying :p

let see how this baby girl turn out :p

as naughty as her mummy? :p

time flies~ when mummy's size getter bigger, then baby shyuan grow taller ^0^

enough talking non sense, I want to get down from the train, today suppose to bring angel to the ballet class, the train delayed, I went to KFC for dinner, then got in the train, play games, and dropping by here :p

today I started my day with a big yawning face, and me whole day yawning now ZzzzzZz

Friday, January 25, 2013

25012013 Friday

now is 23:00 feeling guilty for not exercise. so after taking bath, I come to walk a while. coz today I really eat a lot!

yesterday colleague and I went to cyberjaya skmm

we dropped by the o'biens to pack breakfast

and nice coffee too!


we reached the meeting room at 10am. so we can't eat the breakfast..

jessie was the driver of the day :p and I was just her assistant to help her do office girl work ^_^ we got a important mission..

we brought back rm12+mil to our company!! how would us feel? 1st time in my life with this big amount =0= the pity part is, they didn't put my name as the cash payee to! :~

so what is on today? today we bring some letters and memo to HQ for management signature, so we can bring more millions to the company :p after all the document submission, it is lunch time!

we come to this Japanese restaurant at klcc

we are in tension and yet easy mood - coz the due date is in real soon, everything is about to complete

we ordered curry ramen

and special ramen

and this 13 pieces sushi set - rm40+

some are yummy, some are so so.. so full! we even packed 3 leftover pieces back to the office for my early dinner :p jessie brought yummy black sesame Swiss roll for tea time too! I makan and work only >_<

come back home, my mummy packed foods for dinner. I makan again!! how not to feel guilty if today I don't burn some extra calories..

laogong asked for bbb pic. ya, these few days I was busy to snap their pic..

well, angel is not in the mood

they are sleepy actually.. when I ask them to give happy faces 'then you make us laugh la' well, mummy is tired and sleepy too @_@

this girl ok sikit :)

Eva asked me to send this pic to papa


well, I am now sweating. blogging and walking on the treadmill. wan to do some reading before I listening to some hymns before I stop the workout for today. normally I end my workout session with a prayer and peaceful mind :)

good night~

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

recharge treat

guess I have not posted on this. sis and I have a relaxing retreat on 2nd day of 2013 ^^ after settling children at the school, the journey for ourselves begun..

Herbaline Kota Kemuning ^^

our full body massage appointment was at 11am.. it started with a welcome red dates tea

fish spa - the fish is quite big. most of the time, when sis and I soak our legs into the fish pond, more fish go to her.. so our guessing (or facts? :p) is - sis's legs are more smelly or her legs are full of dead skin kakaka :D

we love the environment at Herbaline. if you want a very relaxing treatment, I recommend you to go there for a try. the aroma, the music, the lighting of the environment.. with the soft with strength touch massage, woo, normally I snooze off de :p

hehehe.. you can go to my sis blog to see her mild naked pic too ^0^ of course, you won't describe us as 'hot and sexy' even we are full naked @_@

so this is the lunch we have at Juliet Kota Kemuning. sis likes this restaurant.

the wall deco in the restaurant is very nice too!

dessert. very tasty gula Melaka sago and durian cendol. sinful meal!

then we went to shop at aeon bukit tinggi. we supposed to have a movie, thinking it spent few hours in the cinema, so we changed plan. we didn't want to spend time but money!

sis surveyed for the treadmill. I wanted to buy but didn't plan for spending at this critical school opening time. long story cut it short, ended up I bought the treadmill too, coz of the zero interest credit card instalment plan. my sis pandai cakap, talk and talk, I said yes to buy without trying on the treadmill :p

I was sitting at the shop, trying their machine massage machine. sis asked lots of question, there was not many customers at that time, so sis non stop asking and asking questions like

'ini boleh kurus mana?'
'I nak kurus sini (pointing at the big bum and tight), buat ini ok tak?'
'Wahh! ini sangat cepat ooo'
'Wah.. macam ni sudah penat ooo'

many things she did. I only sitting there enjoying the full back and foot massage, at the same time, message my laogong on the purchase. then sis signed up for 2 treadmill, then we got a free hand massage machine each. even with the free gift, sis can spend minutes over there 'wahh ini bagus, boleh massage after exercise' women are more talkative when you have your baby :p my digo said de.

so this is our early dinner. we seldom go to this BBQ steamboat restaurant coz of the pork smell.

this time we went in, coz not many customers, the restaurant takde the smell. quite enjoying. pick up children after the meal. a half day outing, we spent few thousands! there is the reason, our husbands giving up on us >.<

well, the birthday of the cute baby shyuan's mother is around the corner. not easy to prepare her birthday presents. coz she is very choosy, bossy, cerewet... :p why is in my mind..

buy her a smaller size pretty dress or bikini, ask her to lose weight and perhaps can wear in one day? - tak sincere right? what is she tak jadi pakai? forever the present gonna be in the box ^0^

buy her a sporty suit, so she can wear it when she uses her treadmill? - hmm now with the cranky cari pasal baby, sis has no good mood to exercise too, run and stop coz baby crying.. so will she wear it?

full package - full body massage with machine + facial at Herbaline klang botanic? rm150-rm170 each. hmm... costly for 2 huh? wa boh lui..

so the best option is - birthday meal! after eating nice food then we workout more with our treadmill :D so if the answer from sis is 'aiya, I am on diet la.. ' good! then I sing a birthday song for you enough lo! 2 sisters boh kira de :p

ok that's all for today. sharing this pic - my sis got shock on her own weight :p

tata! waiting for my colleague to pick me up for a offsite meeting.

Monday, January 21, 2013

2101 Monday~

today we left home at 6.30am ^^ I reached the office before 8.30am. I hope every morning, we have hassle-free moments.. lately, my bbb are not easy to handle, they have their temper, opinion, ideas... and of course, most of the time, theirs are always conflicts with mine! then they start cold war, bang the room door.. sickening..

see them sleeping like angels~

but all children are the same in my house - 4 devil dolls!

even the small little shyuan also bully me and her mum! more to come!

I bought this from the small bible selling fair at the church. this is a children bible with stories, pictures, parents-children activities, prayers and lots more to help to build children characters. can guess how was my response when I heard the introduction of the book, ya, I need to build my children character before I got heart attack or I lose my voice because of scolding them @_@ this bible is the text book in some countries eg Hong Kong.

since laogong is away from home, nowadays wherever I go, I bring along bbb. dare not to leave them at home without supervision. children can do wonders! for sunday morning service at the church, I bring them along too.

normally Eva sticks with me. we go to the main sanctuary together. she draws or do some activity books. she sings hymns too!

i snapped this pic from the nain sanctuary. see the head? angel is at upstair. this girl is always want to do different stuff, everyone goes to the left, she definitely chooses right >_< so, when we are at level 2, she is at level 3 children worship group. royee sometimes stay with me, sometime he is not. but he is always go out to the washroom or he always be the 1st one goes to the hall to have the refreshment >.<

well, there are cases children missing, or some church members call me or SMS me 'your daughter angel is waiting at the entrance..' or 'your daughter is looking for you' well, one thing I must be happy is, bbb memorised my phone number. then they are brave enough to get stranger to call me when they are lost @_@

yesterday I heard this shocking story when i was choosing the bible 'aaahh are you the mother of this girl? last sunday a sister found her in the basement car park! luckily someone went to the car park at that time, this is so dangerous!' sweating I tell you! she supposed to be at level 3 worship room till the service done and I pick her up, why went out pula?! hmmm.. like all other children missing or children got hurt cases, if bad thing happened, I gonna be blamed as a irresponsible careless mother :~

day by day, slowly I have adapted to the new life at bkt31. every night I ask bbb 'any homework?' no.. 'any spelling or study you need mama to guide you?' no.. well, I don't know this is real no or lazy no. alternate day I check their bags. then you can see all sort of things eg few days socks, rubbish, soya beans bottles.. hmmm.. oh ya, homework with 'C'!

if you have read my sis's blog, u know my sis is on 60days challenge, 10kg or 20kg? well, one house we have 2 treadmill @_@ I been wanting to have treadmill at home for years. coz with children at home, not easy to go out jogging. now finally I got one ^0^ of course, laogong non stop scolding, complaining %]*$~^| hmmmm.. I remained calm, even though I was frustrated 'I don't spend your money ok? I want to do something for my health cannot ar?' I told laogong 'pls don't scold me now, scold me if I don't use the treadmill later on'

am not thinking to do this for losing weight or make it a project plan like my sis, I been tracking my weight for years! what I do is dont let my weight goes up to 90kg >.< if below, then I don't border. hehe sounds so tak bertanggungjawab to myself huh? :p I like the feeling of sweating the full body :)

just finished my 5km today with this book :) wanna take bath and good night!