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Sunday, October 11, 2015

1010 flying to tokyo

At last, finished off what to be done and I am ready to get out from ordinary schedule for few days..

Again, I switched off my laptop till the last minute before I heading to the airport.

Breakfast at 1pm. Laogong served me a cup of soya milk in the morning when I was completing the report for the office. Hungry look of me ><

Ready to fly~~

Eat while waiting for boarding time

My mum liked this pic, she said from the pic, look like my dad asking for the yum yum and I didn't want to offer it hehe

So this round, we have 6 in a team. The more the merrier.. The more tense moment too

Sis trying on her phone camera shooter button.. So I am medelling kaka

Spot the guy behind us haha..

Reached Tokyo airport. It was not 10.30pm local time

Japan. Endless discovery

Your heart will race

Well, my gogo started the fun too..

Was feeling tired...

Reached the cabin hotel at the airport

To the cabin room

Good facilities and clean environment

Coin operated washing machine

The cabin room - cheaper range, smaller room

More spacious, higher class

My cabin N13

Sis came to my cabin. I am wearing the hotel prepared cloth

We used the tag as access card in the hotel

I like this floor map

Got a good night sleep before we started the sight seeing journey at Tokyo. The wifi connection is at satisfactory good speed, but it was too tired to ride on the speed.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

gold coast - day5-6

can see my face n hair is dry :(

day5 breakfast, the mushroom is yummy! tired look of us.. sis is sick. me have not enough sleep @_@ but still drag ourselves out, coz we want to go morning beach walk. oopss.. we don't wait for papa n mama, so they are mumbling about that :p

morning view of the beach, the water, the sky is different from evening. for evening, we see BLUE. the sky is blue the water is blue. the sand is so soft! the water is cooling. happiness happens here ^^

I write shonejay angels on the gold coast sand. reminded me did the same thing in Macau :) my sis writes poohmehmeh, finish the nice words, the wave wipes it off >.< 'oh no! oh no!' she can't accept it :p the rewrite it again, n quick snap of photos before the wave comes again :p

we go to harbour town for shopping. many branded factory outlets are there. everything seems cheap in Aussie dollar. but if we want to convert it to Malaysian ringgit, my heart bleeding >.< lunch at there, chinese foods. I like the honey lemon chicken. sick patient eating kueh tiew soup :p

3 pillow cases for bbb. $3 each. cheaper than Malaysia. thomas train from royee, princess snow White for angel. Dora is definitely for Eva :D sometime, I accidently call Eva as Dora! coz she is away carrying the Dora doll :p

some souvenirs for bbb. trying to cheer them up with those souvenirs before they jealous my trip. when I call back home to share with royee 'hey baby, I met tweety bird just now! batman too! then I see stunt drivers racing cars..' royee said 'why you don't bring me there?' :( how I wish I could. now mama got no enough money ma. that's why I snap many pictures on what I see, so we share some of the memories n view.

night time, papa goes casino with friends, so we bring mama out for dinner. Thai food staff. hmm not really nice food. dry n tasteless. but it is filling lo. after this meal, we go to Starbucks for reduced fat apple and cinnamon muffin and blueberry bagel and 1 short cup of hot mocha. then we go to the supermarket to buy chips and nachos :p and then, we stop by kebab shop to buy a large kebab and triple sharing :D makan makan n makan ^^

pack luggage. then put on a facial mask. then sleep. sis is really sick. morning wake up at 3am+ (Malaysian time 1am+) and we are ready to go back home. sis said luckily we are leaving soon, or else she may die in gold coast @_@ big hot flask n dry body. and her nose bleeding in on n off.

well, currently I am in the flight typing this blog. sis is reading ebook with her iPhone. see, I am flying n blogging :D the weather is hot outside, n the passenger sitting beside me is having hot temperature too :p

gonna post these few days travel log when I reach kl airport. suppose to share picture with my bbb everyday, but in gold coast, wifi is not everywhere, and it is not free. in the hotel lobby we have Internet access with computer of $2 per hour, but all my posts and pictures are in iPhone. when I decided to wifi at gold coast airport, $4 per hour, buy the wifi card there is not accessible for time being :S

hehe this is the 1st time I don't delay in sharing travel story :p the flight is landing soon, need to prepare to off my phone. see ya babies, mama miss u all so much!! and I miss the Thai and china massagers! whole body aching >.< miss my laogong massage so much! my sis said, only time like this only I think of husband good :p

17:03 flying from aus to my ^^

fb album

gold coast - day4

very fast, day 4 story comes..

morning breakfast n waiting for the coach to bring us to movie world. wearing shorts today, n no big bag for coat, sunny day at the world. enjoy the breakfast in the hotel - toast + bacons + scrambled egg + pan cake + earl grey hot tea ^^

reach the movie world, wahhh my papa is so excited! can see him really very happy :D got chance to see looney tunes cartoon, the tweety bird is cute! I videos few live shows of the cartoons, so I dont need to bring my bbb here la, they can watch the show at home too :p kekeke stingy mummy ^0^

lunch at movie world. sandwiches again n again. this time, we share a burger n orange juice. so u can see from the picture, burger became half size :p my mama bought pop corn. n the pop corn here is added with salt. hmm I prefer sweet pop corn.

We are smart :p when there is an accountant with you, then you would find your money is BIG! we walk to the streets for about an hour, then we pay 2nd visit to 'seafood empire' for our dinner. 1 marinara pasta $10 n 2 sets of fish n chips at $9! this is so surprised! coz normally we get 1 set of f&c at $6-9, but now we get 2 sets :D yummy foods n I love potato chips here. sis falls sick, so I finished her chips too! :p but then, no matter how sick she is, non stop nose bleeding for days! n having fever n painful sore throat, still, queuing up for ice cream >.< so we bought red bull n passion fruit ice cream for day4 :p brought the ice creams back to the hotel room n share with mama. mama watching an Italian movie 'red like the sky' talking about a 12 years old boy got blind when he trying to get something from the store n the acid or some liquid that cause he has weak eye sight. from the movie, 'freedom is the luxury when we blind can't afford' a bit negative thinking. touched with the story end. make a prayer for those blind n handicapped ppl. God loves everyone :) then, continue with France story. slow story line, but the movie art is beautiful. well, I sleep at nearly 2am @_@

18052011 17:24 in gold coast vibe hotel room 908

fb album

gold coast - day1-2-3

e-ha! this gonna be simple travel log of the gold coast trip, pictures snapped with my iphone. more pictures n stories would be in my fb n my sis's blog ^^ sharing sharing ya!

at kl lcct airport. meal before boarding. the photo snapping session begins :p papa said, now I know why u need more memory cards for your camera, this also snap, that also snap :p

in the flight. 21:25 to 0710 we landed 15min early from scheduled, airasia repeated this few times :p 8 hours in the flight, feeling ok, don't feel boring compare to last time trip to perth. may be now I am 'ageing' can sleep tight in the flight :p oh ya, my doggie is traveling with me :D

reached gold coast, checked in hotel. feeling very cool if the wind blow. not all places n all the time feeling cool, so I don't wear coat, lazy ma..

1st day in gold coast free n easy before m after hotel checked in. we having breakfast at subway, $29 about rm95, 1st try for papa mama :) their evening our afternoon, we walk to the beach. wahhhhh... I love the BLUE! dinner we eat western food, steak n fish&chips n pasta, $57 or rm188 :p

1st day at gold coast. we have our yummy Australian nuts bar n hot tea at balcony n chit chatting. what we are talking about? we talk about craziness of youngsters nowadays can challenge everything exceed the max n they don't see the value of their precious lives. hmmm serious chat in this paradise city right :p

3rd day, dream world here we come! if u ask me, this would be more fun if bbb are around. those cartoon characters n ride games, more suitable for children. however, we enjoyed in the world too, can see wildlife, 3D movies (my mama tried to hide from the flying skull, coz it was too real :p) I love to see the baby kangaroo in the mummy's pocket :*

we went up to Q-deck or sky-point to have 360 degree spectacular view of gold coast. have free drink too! n it is really beautiful!

blue. cold. hot mocha.

2nd day dinner. my papa is very satisfied with this meal. he complained non stop eating sandwiches n chips. so this Chinese foods memang ngam la! 1fried rice + dish $10 consider cheap la compare to other foods and this is very filling.. very full instead.

you would see a loving husband looking for yummy tit bits for his tired wife who is resting in the hotel ^^ we shop at supermarket for cup noodles and tit bits :D n u can see I snapped pic for my children milk brand product. different design here n I like the mini packet design.

every night we pay a visit to pama's room, chit chatting :) but then, u can see us tired faces drag ourselves back to our room @_@ sis feeling guilty for eating much and her wedding dinner would be next weekend! she exercise in the room (secret revealed!) me normally do face mask n lotion moisturised my body skins. super dry!!

blogging from HERE! balcony if the hotel room in the good morning :)

completing this blog at the hotel entrance ^^

17052011 9:41 aus gold coast

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Singapore 2010 - flying~

hehe... another sharing

11.12.2010 5am KL LCCT

12.12.2010 11:30pm changi airport

some maxis ads in the flight - now we can make call in the sky :p