Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday sick

like today soup sunny yellow colour :) combination of tomato, carrot, cashew nuts, flaxseed, mixed dry herbs. the taste? don't know yet, am so busy with my runny nose @.@

on the way to the train station, can't stand on the flu. stop at the roadside clinic, see doctor for flu, sore throat medicine. n guess what? the clinic charged me rm84. this is relatively high compare to normally rm20-35 charges of these kinds of symptoms. so, to me, no trustworthy punya klinik. the cost charged to my insurance card, but still, pls be honest in doing business.

so hardworking me, sick still go work? hmm month end closing, better settle it ad this is my responsibility. next week, I will take leave to bring Eva to see eyes specialist. yup, laogong n I decided to cancel our end July travel trip, to free my leave and our travel cost. promised to bbb, I will take a day off to bring them to theme park, maybe, before Eva eyes surgery (if it is really necessary for the ops).

this is the normal eye ball position when the eyes focus on the camera hole.

so this is Eva focusing the camera when her eyes are normal - focus correctly, eye balls at the center position, and single image of object she sees.

this is when her eyes are tired. squint eyes u can see. in fact, she is focusing to my camera, but you can see the eyes are not lively. and the hidden secret - she sees things in double images. the double vision always make her to close 1 eye, so she sees only 1 image and not to confuse herself - which is real, which is shadow.

ok, this time closing I am feeling pressure, coz I want to do it fast, right at the 1st time. and am non stop thinking of Eva :( when she showing me the peace-victory sign with her 2 fingers, I feel heartache. coz she does this when she sees 2 me :~

Monday, June 27, 2011

monday drizzle

cooling Monday. raining n raining then ppl drive so slow. again am in the train station, when I suppose to be in the office at this time 9:26am :( traffic slow, then I miss the earlier train.

made myself the pumpkin + tomato + onion + 10grains + black sesame and steamed chocolate cake for breakfast. the cake is moist n light, no butter added. I use the cocoa powder that I bought from Indonesia bali, tastier? can't figure what's the different, but I know the price is expensive :p

over the weekend, seem like a long weekend to me :) feel like not doing much thing, but still many activities done ^^ our Saturday morning routine 9:30-11am is bbb weekend classes. royee-drawing, angel-ballet, Eva-music.

bbb always rushing for the classes, always 'u take bath 1st, u first..' @_@

last Saturday, there is something different.

I tried new bah kut teh in this restaurant which is quite famous, even in credit card promotion list. 1set shared by me n sis while waiting for angel finishes her class. hmmm I prefer the ordinary restaurants that I usually go :p

after angel finished her class, poor girl, she fast grap the sandwiches in the car that I prepared for her breakfast. tired n hungry. we go to a close friend's house..

tada! Normah n her new born princess! got so surprise for this news, as I didn't know she was pregnant! her baby is pretty n I feel to have my new baby :p again congrates to anor :D

go to subway pyramid after anor's house. nice dessert at honeymoon dessert :)

ya got to see mob dance. so fun to see a group of ppl dancing together under hot sun ~@~

ya, megasale treat when u spend hundreds in the mall. I bought blouse and pants for myself. my usually wear shorts koyak ooo!! don't have many pieces, so normally my shirts n pants n even shoes are worn till spoiled >.<

we got this rm14.90 3 scoops new Zealand ice-cream for free with the voucher :D 1st time try, ok la, I prefer the ice cream in aus gold coast :p

Sunday morning, I prepared vege soup for laogong, maid sister n myself; then homemade soybean hot drink for my sis before we go for Sunday service at the church.

children having performance. teachers n parents are the one busy and pressured :p normal la tu.. children playing around, adults worry this n that :p

having our lunch at aeon bukit tinggi Vietnam kitchen. can see 5 of us in the pic? :D

guide bbb in completing the kinder homework, then I be the teacher mummy, teach them english n do English n math activities books. then.. don't know when I fall asleep! when I about to wake up, I heard bbb huhu haha preparing themselves to the swimming pool with laogong.

then me went out with sis to buy baking stuff. then go jusco supermarket for vege n dinner. then I make the chocolate cake and another round of hot soybean to bring back banting for my papa n mama. chit chatting with mama, then I slept at 12:30am.

ya, Monday, month end closing week.. another 5 working days before I can enjoy my weekend again!

Friday, June 24, 2011

love in the office

sometime I would think this way, 'Friday again!' time pass for fast, Monday to Friday is just a sec. then I can enjoy my weekend with my bbb and stay in home sweet home. then salary day again! have some pocket money to but things for bbb n pamper myself.

besides, sometime I do get surprise from the company eg nice notebook, goodies, vouchers, inspiring talks and learning, makan treat or recent one 'your share is here!' :p in addition, love from colleagues eg lunch time gossiping, parents talk, girls talk..

nice tea bags sharing..

10 multi grains from doreen..

'good tea good time. drink within 2 hours for best taste. we pick the sweetness of dawn. in order to offer you the best tea everyday' - chatime from my supervisor..

homemade soybean soup for breakfast :)

see, think of all the sweetness n love from the work place, I would ask myself, is there the need to stop working? besides taking care children need, shall I concern about my need as well?

-happy Friday!-

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


from google page..

cute de neh!

having backache. last night I didn't sleep well. 2am+ royee came to my room 'mummy, I want to copy the lyric of "you raise me up" but I don't know how' hmmm... so I searched online for the lyric then guide him to write 1 by 1. after the lyric copying, he complete his homework. midnite with half open eyes, I checked his maths @_@

3am+ he went back to the room. I went back to my bed. Kejap he came 'mummy, I want milk' hmm.. bangun lagi to make milk. then pergi tidur. laogong asked 'where were you?' teaching royee do homework 'at this midnight?!' hmmm

don't know what time, angel came to me 'mummy, am having runny nose, the aircond is too cold' ok, wipe the nose n face, put on the blanket, switched off the aircond, open the window... then I sleep balik.

Kejap je, alarm rang! >.< and my alarm tone is 'you raise me up' @_@

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up...
To more than I can be.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

father's day

sekelip mata, it's June now. royee's music exam, sis's wedding, then father's day.

this year I cooked green chicken curry, fried fish fillet, fried wanton (by my sis) n brought 2L of fresh orange juice to in law house. all eating together then chit chatting with mum in law.

angel was busy button up grandpa n papa shirt buttons. reached home 11pm+

Sunday morning we go to the church. bbb having performance rehearsal.

surprise given when papa taking Sunday afternoon nap

:) royee feeling hot, so topless :p

from bbb

from me.

how about my papa? 4 siblings chip in money to buy my papa a soup maker ^^

there goes June celebrations. upcoming July - my mum + gogo bday, then my Digo gonna sign his marriage certificate soon!

Monday, June 13, 2011

just married ^^

finally, all dah over!

wish mehmeh n Bruce - loving and caring each other forever ever :*


more stories, pic n videos to share when I 'wake up' from the tired n blur zombie moving @_@

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


我们都忘了 这条路走了多久
让时间说真话 虽然我也害怕

谁还记得 是谁先说永远的爱我



以前的一句话 是我们以后的伤口

Monday, June 06, 2011



happy duan wu ya!

this season if festivals n wedding dinners, have chance to eat nice food, see more relatives, happy mood, eat more, fat gained, sweetie became lagi cute! :D

the sweet rice dumpling from my supervisor. the salty one with yummy n oily ingredient from my mama - she ordered from her friend, not cheap oo, rm4.50 each. so small one for my breakfast, big one for my lunch :D

last Saturday after the movie outing with bbb, evening we went for my cousin's wedding. time flies ya, last time she was small, now so tall n get married lo.

all just woke up from afternoon nap @_@

ok, sorry, the boy really has no mood to entertain mummy >.<

what are angels looking at?

ok, the wu liao auntie is up there ^^ with her home uniform :p

in the restaurant. cousin Natalie.

papa n 2 angels. ppl say daughters are lovers of father in previous life. hmm.. my husband got 2, so greedy ish ish ish!

if say son is mummy's lover, ya! my boy treating me nice n lovely. everyday sees me only go to sleep, morning come to see me when open eyes :)

I love this pic. Eva n papa. they are playing finger number games.

what number is this? 'three!' :p

oh my boy, 25kg! now carry him har, really feel the whole body is imbalance :~

angelina. my gals getting taller but slimmer :( they still wearing 2-3 years old dress and cloths. like this dress, for 3 years old, still loosing, only get shorter. see her arm hmmm. Eva is slimmer than angel @_@ why mummy is so fat?!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

mini holiday outing

decided to bring bbb to cinema on Saturday - 1st Saturday of 2 weeks mid year school holidays.

reached aeon bukit tinggi :D bbb know to wear long jeans n jacket if need to go the cinema ^^

so excited! running in..

happy in the lift :p

with their favourite cars. our next movie outing title :)

today we are watching - kungfu panda2.

at cinema 6. can pose at mana mana saja :p

lunch time. while waiting for our seat.


at Kim Gary. angel n papa.

mummy n royee n eva.

well, they are on the table @_@

hero! hero! they want to take pic with papa hero.

time to go back after 3+ hours.

royee n his new Thomas set

gal gal chose their Disney puzzles too. we went to jusco for toys (I have rm100 gift voucher) then popular book store for angels colouring book an royee activity book.

reached home, take bath, drink milk then sleep.

sing to make them sleep coz night time we have wedding dinner to go.

I enjoy the outing. can feel bbb really grow up and am not that difficult to bring them out. but still, even near or far, expenses for children won't reduce. so, papa n mama need to work more harder to earn more ya.