Friday, June 03, 2011

last comm session

this is the final departmental communication session for my ex department. after this comm session, the head of department gone for early retirement (much more enough money :p) and our ex department dibubarkan.

this comm session held at mont kiara, somewhere in April or may :p nice food good environment and fun activities. simple and nice. quite informal so we have chance to do sand arts, creative balloons :p

me n my games team members

me n Jenny - my daily office team member. she is same name n age as my sis, so always wrongly send mail to her when I send some personal mails to my laogong n sis @_@

discussing on improvement plan with another team

I like this pic. I can see my hair smooth n long :D n this pic, 'wah, I am fair!'

nie, betul betul in action nie! hehehe

ok finished discussion, back to my iPhone :p

fun seeing ppl playing on stage. funny till forget to close my mouth ^0^

formal department group photo

the final one for ssd! spotted me? I'm in the middle, bawah the big boss.

taking about my long hair, last note I dreamt of laogong cutting hair for me. it was so short boy hair cut! I scolded him in my dream! oh.. wake up my hair is still on my head and I feel tired this morning because of my backpain n fighting with laogong in my dream :S

royee buat hal, no! you cannot cut your hair! I want you to be with your long hair! no har!
ohhh... kesian his future gf oo, apa pun control @_@

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