Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday sick

like today soup sunny yellow colour :) combination of tomato, carrot, cashew nuts, flaxseed, mixed dry herbs. the taste? don't know yet, am so busy with my runny nose @.@

on the way to the train station, can't stand on the flu. stop at the roadside clinic, see doctor for flu, sore throat medicine. n guess what? the clinic charged me rm84. this is relatively high compare to normally rm20-35 charges of these kinds of symptoms. so, to me, no trustworthy punya klinik. the cost charged to my insurance card, but still, pls be honest in doing business.

so hardworking me, sick still go work? hmm month end closing, better settle it ad this is my responsibility. next week, I will take leave to bring Eva to see eyes specialist. yup, laogong n I decided to cancel our end July travel trip, to free my leave and our travel cost. promised to bbb, I will take a day off to bring them to theme park, maybe, before Eva eyes surgery (if it is really necessary for the ops).

this is the normal eye ball position when the eyes focus on the camera hole.

so this is Eva focusing the camera when her eyes are normal - focus correctly, eye balls at the center position, and single image of object she sees.

this is when her eyes are tired. squint eyes u can see. in fact, she is focusing to my camera, but you can see the eyes are not lively. and the hidden secret - she sees things in double images. the double vision always make her to close 1 eye, so she sees only 1 image and not to confuse herself - which is real, which is shadow.

ok, this time closing I am feeling pressure, coz I want to do it fast, right at the 1st time. and am non stop thinking of Eva :( when she showing me the peace-victory sign with her 2 fingers, I feel heartache. coz she does this when she sees 2 me :~

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